Two projects for everyone!

Why not official Crowdfunding for the project 2projects4all.

The reasons.

Why did not I choose the official Crowdfunding channels to finance the 2projects4all project? Very simple, the project is too great and articulated, so that it can be handled in a traditional way, through the normal financing search channels on the web. I have contacted a dozen companies of all types, including the most renowned as Indiegogo and Kickstarter, here in Italy and abroad, and making a summary of all the communications I received, I can say that the problem is not it is the millions of Euros that the investment for the development of the project prospects, but its internal management, which should create the financial package for each article that would be produced in the future companies of the 2projects4all project.

Even for the cottage industry it would be a problem, because there are many constructive details, which would require the same procedure as the products manufactured in the first floor. In short, they want that I create an operation for each product, machine, tool or anything else that we need in the factories, to present the request for financing.

They will also understand that it would be a monstrous and too huge operation, where it would take at least 15 people to work, to classify, organize and create all the practices in the shortest possible time, and then it would take us three times more time, for prepare the texts and videos (that they want), of any particular of that we look for a financing. It would be a colossal waste of time, costly and risky because the products are not registered or patented, so it would become a truly meaningless procedure and a genuine commercial suicide.
Attempts with banks and financial institutions.
I would say that before explaining the methods, it is necessary to open a small parenthesis, to respond in advance to those who would ask why I do not use a banking group, or a financial company.

In my profession, taking care of the practices of clients, practically one spends the night inside the banks and financial companies, only that this is not synonymous of guarantee of being able to obtain help of them when one needs it. As I mentioned earlier, there are many people who do not want me to give life to these projects, for them, I could become a deep thorn in the side, and since they have very different plans to mine, especially with regard to the employees, it is obvious that we will constantly find ourselves in a titanic battle over everything.

Of course, I do not have to explain to you, that those who have so much money also have power in their hands. To the touch when I started looking for financing, as I imagined, I found myself ahead of me, more obstacles than in a horse race. Having some knowledge, I even got to the point of going to speak directly with some politicians in Rome, to see if I could get some help or advice to start the project 2projects4all, and to have those damn subsidies and concessions that would allow me to hire about sixty employees. I got to hear the answer of this handful of beggars, the only way I had to resort, was to ask a bank (obviously, telling them which group to ask), I answered very clearly, which was the first which I did before heading to Rome to talk to them.

Have I presented the projects to two national banking groups, and want to know how it was? At one point, as they realized that they wanted to manufacture products for the protection of human life, with operations in the field of energy and renewable energies, and in the realization of a new type of house completely outside the context of cement, immediately they gave the classic turn, the face turn, and in our second meeting, from the beginning where everything was a "Do not worry, there is no problem to give them the necessary funds" we passed in a pull after 72 hours in a "but there a problem". The problem is that from an initial loan of 16 million euros, which we would have been paid in 2 installments with support and guarantees from the European Union and practically zero interest rates, we have reached 16 million with personal guarantees, equivalent to 31 million euros guaranteed with real estate, gold or anything else of value, and with usurer interest rates. To these thieves, I replied: "Do you think that if I had million euros, I would ask them and I would get into debt with you?"

The most ridiculous thing that definitely qualifies the world banking situation, is that these unclean beings have told me specifically that they do not want any guarantees like stocks, bonds, or anything that has anything to do with the exchanges of any country, and, to my question "Do not want to guarantee even their own titles and bonds, or those of their affiliates?", the answer was disarming: "not even those". I leave to each one of you, comments and considerations.

I also had recourse to international banks in Germany and France, they went mouth-watering over the width of my projects and the entire structure designed for the 2projects4all project, especially for the establishment of the wooden houses, and said that there was no type of problem in financing the whole project, making sure with the European guarantees. The whole beautiful castle collapsed, when they realized that the company would be planted in Italy with a branch in South America, then magically the interest disappeared and everyone said: "... no! So, we are not interested, the projects are financed, but only if you decide otherwise for the locations"..???

Basically they would only finance the project if they executed it in a country other than Italy. Now, I know that abroad we do not enjoy a good reputation, and that may be fine, but what left me as a great doubt, was that when I asked for explanations for being so pedantic to open the establishment in Italy, they refused in giving it, not only, when I became more insistent, they dismissed me elegantly so as not to respond. What do you know in advance about what is going to happen in Italy in the near future?

Obviously, apart from the forecast of the collapse of the banking system, these guys know something else. What happened with the big international financial companies is the same and similar then I do not repeat it because the whining is the same. I am convinced that if I told them that I want to produce weapons or bombs, they would cover me with gold and also give me the keys to the safe. What bothers me most of all, is the money spent to listen to the idiocies of these demented people. I also turned to 2 Italian actors and 1 American film actor, (3 of those who cry so much, for the scandal of disasters against nature, ecology and human rights) and I do not even refer to you, the ignominious things you think in these beings that get fat with our money.

I have done the same with a dozen large Italian and international entrepreneurs, where, at least, they thought of not responding to any email (both personal and their secretaries) or my phone calls. Among other things, in this happened, I have rediscovered that here in Italy, in the third millennium, some secretaries still use the word commendatory! Terrible! And finally, in the perfect Fantozzi style, I did not even have the pleasure of seeing the read confirmations in the emails. Great! Keep in mind, they told me on the phone that they had read them and that they had confirmed it. They think we're all deficient!

Among all the entrepreneurs and secretaries with whom I came in contact, I must publicly break a lance in favor of an employee of a US multimillion dollar food company, who has taken the 2projects4all project seriously, and has been trying to make arrive and to read my proposals to the owner who, of course, finally refused because I saw myself as a possible competitor and not a commercial partner. He did not want to explain where the competition was, since he produces food and I houses and survival products. Not only did he not put the conversation to the test, about the production of survival rations that would be great business for him. In the end, he never answered again, and when one truncates in a brutal way a process has already begun, there is always the hand of a third party. In all cases, thank you Jennifer, I know you did it with your heart!

The positive note in all this sea of contacts with the food industries is that at least I have found three companies, willing to open with us a table of projects for the large-scale production of foods with a very long expiration date. I tried pasta with sauce and a lentil soup produced 6 years ago and I have to say they are a real treat. These products can last between 10 and 18 years before they expire.

Financing search methods.

In view of this obstacle, I am oriented towards alternative methods to seek the necessary financing. Given that the time factor is essential, as I mentioned in the introduction, I also need your help, not only to contribute with a donation for the maintenance of the costs of these two projects, but also with the main element, which is to help me spread the word message, with all possible means, to find financing partners for the 2projects4all project. For more details, consult the Collaborate section.

For the collection of funds, we will proceed with two different methods. The first is to look for the classic financial partner, who could be found by chance because he reads these pages, or else, because I have found it with my research in progress, or already active companies that want to expand their investments, business groups that believe in the project 2projects4all, and that they associate to join us, or if not found by word of mouth on social networks, friends, relatives or direct knowledge, and finally coming directly from private financial companies, where I will present the projects when we have collected the money to deliver the practices, which, in fact, are very expensive. This is the fastest solution since the time at our disposal is little.

The second method will be the last beach, the last attempt before finally leaving the company, because unfortunately without the contribution of capital, nothing can be done. At that moment, we will make ourselves in this portal, the activation of a personalized and global Crowdfunding, administered directly by us, where unfortunately we will need more preparation time and there will surely be a lot of work to do in the Crowdfunder network search willing to finance these Projects.

In both cases, their collaboration is essential and that is why I invite you to read the Collaborate section.

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