Two projects for everyone!

The work created with the 2projects4all project.

Introduction, characteristics and notes.

The weather will pass inclemently, and surely we will not remember the steps taken on the road, but we will certainly remember the footprints we will leave.

In this section, I am not going to do a long and methodical cast of the necessary labor for the two plants that are the object of the 2projects4all project, instead I prefer to explain figuratively, as if they were in front of me, what I want to say and what I ask of future employees, of each establishment that will open up in a chain, if we work hard. However, as attention requests, have already read in advance, the type of labor required, in Project 1 and Project 2, so now, we will see first in general and then at sector level, what is required of the employees of the 2projects4all project.

If you have skipped immediately in this section, just because you have read the word Work, you have already made a mistake. As usual, to avoid the two famous phrases, repetitive questions, without meaning and without any connection, I invite you to read the entire site, in order to fully understand the message, start to understand the subject (myself), and have a complete picture of the situation to help me promote the 2projects4all project.

However, even if it is something unpleasant, I will repeat again, as already explained in the sections Collaborate and Exclusions, that this is not an operation, or a site of collection of nominative, here will not be sold numbers of phone, here will not be captured plans and ideas of others to obtain profits elsewhere, this IS NOT an agency that seeks or offers work, this is not an interim mediation site or in any other way you want to call it. Do not send money in donations, in the hope that it will provide you with names, addresses and / or reports that you present to someone or take them to a company that is looking for employees.

The voluntary donation to support the project 2projects4all does not give, in general, any priority, no preference, no guarantee of employment, no preference over the positions of the company, no ownership over any activity or things related to the project 2projects4all, or its affiliated companies.

Once this information is clarified, I will illustrate how I intend to proceed, in relation to the formation of the first team of personnel that will be installed in the first company, which is the one that will have control of all operations. Start with the presupposition, that all those who are reading are people endowed with intellect and reason and then they will understand perfectly my modus operandi.

The first team must be strictly formed by people already trained and competent in their field. What does this mean? This means that the first team will have to work like a clock well synchronized, will have to be prepared and know how to carry on their shoulders the enormous responsibility of achieving in a very short time, install, start and immediately make productive the companies that will open with the project 2projects4all.

It is not something to be taken lightly, I want to be very clear, if you are also super competent in your field, but are not able to withstand the enormous initial pressure to start the project, do not get ahead for any reason. They must realize that, in case of failure due to their failure, they will have the responsibility that other people lose the opportunity to have a job. They should never lose sight of the fact that the project 2projects4all is based on the criterion of helping everyone, so if it is due to several people who overestimate themselves and then do not complete their task, the project fails, and everyone goes to lose the hope of being able to create a job as a human being.

In the other sections, I spoke of wanting to create a different way of working, that's true, but keep in mind, if you want to enjoy peace and tranquility in your home, before you have to take a palette and cement and build it before Get to the point. This is a small example for you to understand, that someone at the beginning has to sacrifice for others, and this someone is going to be the first team, the first crew, who will go on board and try the new ship, it will be the first one that will to teach and transmit to those who will come later, will be those who will leave a seal. This is the meaning of the title of this paragraph, a small thing with a huge and imperishable meaning.

These people will be, therefore, strongly responsible, dynamic, open-minded, must have a different vision of the world, passion to build, invent and design, imagination, fantasy, joy, dreamers, innate bearers of peace and feeling, willing to questioning the obvious and the physical laws, in other words, must be the opposite of what today's modern industries ask tomorrow's future employees.

These peculiarities should be the basis for all; no one is excluded, even for those who will be hired in the future, from the secretary to the chef, all must have these characteristics. I do not care about your nationality, race, culture, sexual orientation, if you are a graduate or if you only have a primary license, I am interested in what you have inside and what you can give. We were created with three basic tools, hands, brain and heart, if you are human beings capable of using them and have the gift of knowing how to synchronize them as imposed by Mother Nature, then they were born for the project 2projects4all.
The warrior, who believes in his way, does not need to prove that others are wrong (Paulo Coelho).
I repeat again, do not take this adventure lightly, do not allow yourselves to be transported only by the enthusiasm of beautiful words. Be concrete and solid. As I have written before, I do not care about the qualifications or degrees of study, I have the middle school certificate, I attended electronic professionals until the second year, and yet I learned and studied myself more than a traditional student humanely can do.

I did it out of passion, I learned several artisan crafts, I planned and built computing, I designed pure electronics, I created and developed industries for clients, I taught students, engineers and artisans, in short, everything that gave me passion and joy I achieved with my hands, mind and heart. This is to tell you that if I have managed to get where I wanted, despite having done and maintained myself since the age of 16, I am sure many of you have this innate passion for learning and creation. The secret is this: passion, this gives you the burden and the impulse to achieve, express and share with everyone.

Be warriors, learn and transmit, and if you decide to undertake this adventure, do it because you know that you will fight for your neighbor, for this planet and for doing your job well, to offer another opportunity to your colleagues tomorrow.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing (Edmund Burke).
When they watch television, they will listen to the nausea, always repeating the same things, I mean above all how, when and why you need to change things, but you do not know why, these things never change. It is absolutely necessary to be marked in the brain, that we must lose this boring habit of always waiting for someone to change things for us. This will never happen. Changing things from the current state would no longer allow certain entities to economically enjoy their labor sufferings. This is a fact, whether you want to accept it or not. For things to change we have to wake up, each one of us in his little one has to make changes.

We live a paradoxical life. Why? Let me give you an example and this time I will talk like a market analyst, with a hairy palm on the stomach, which advises large corporations on what product they have to bet to make money, as they say in the common way to talk

After having illustrated with the classic slide this new and phantasmagorical product called cellular, the client, as it happens at the end of each presentation, asks me: "If everything beautiful, .. but, this product has problems or dangers in general"And I, of course, I am obliged to give all the information and I cannot by law, hide anything from the client:"Well, yes, some small detail would have ... well, it is made of plastic that can be recycled, the contrary contains noble metals that are taken by force and deception in third world countries, it also contains many non-recyclable materials, then there are non-disposable toxic metals through normal channels, in addition to their electromagnetic emissions are carcinogenic and harmful to health, and finally, to work, it is necessary to build a network of radio links, which would flood with dangerous radiation all cities in the world. Apart from these details, there is nothing else. The item can be immediately placed on the market!"

It is evident that the client jumps on the chair and with frightened eyes asks: "But ... excuse me, there is no remedy for these things? We will not have any problem in marketing it?", I, understanding and reassuring, as my profession dictates, I answer: "No, you do not have to worry! It's the same as trading a car! People want it because it's comfortable and it's fashionable, but then they do not care if they get lung cancer and piercings, it kills the sea and nature! People do not care about anything! It's more important for them to have not to have, do not worry, everything else is secondary, even if the cell phone gives them a brain tumor, they will buy it anyway!"... And that's how the cell phone was produced and sold.

This is to make them understand once and for all, that those who are mainly wrong, are we who do not rebel against this kind of thing, then we should not complain if we hurt ourselves. To conclude, you should only imagine what will happen, when the new G5 system is activated soon, you have no idea of the effects it will have on human beings.

This anecdote, is another way to explain to you, that you have to stop pointing your finger at someone and always say; "It's your fault" or "it's the fault of that", even going so far as to repeat again and again: "look at those imbeciles what they do to us!" Until now, everything that has rained down on our heads it is because we have searched for it and we have allowed it. It is true that they do not inform us, it is true that they do everything to mislead us, it is true that the industries are deceiving us, but all of us are endowed with the gift of intellect, then, then, either by laziness or lack of desire, or hiding behind the excuse: "I do not understand any of this", we are always the ones who allow all this.

Our old people, those who have always been accused of being left behind, of being old, of being fossils, were the only ones with a vision of the future, who always used a single phrase: "I inform myself and then I tell you". Imperatives dry and clear. You did not fool them with a thousand advertisements or with a lot of television chimeras. We have all always thought that just because some of them were stunned by the Telenovelas in front of the television, they were not able to understand anything. Meanwhile, now they are the ones who help us, support the family economically and always give the just not heard advice. How many of you miss the hammering phrase with which they obsessed us with all the holy days, repeating us always: "Think of tomorrow..." According to you, who is wrong so far?

Can you put aside for a moment, the arrogance and the pretext of always hiding behind the errors of the system? After all this, if there is the classic sly that takes advantage and makes money on us, this happens always because we allow it. Therefore, we are the first in which we must operate a substantial and radical change. As I wrote in the Motivations section, I decided and took the necessary change of route to pass the nausea conats I had every day, always doing the wrong thing, so now you have to do it too.

Everyone, we always have that damn hurry to get money to live, but have asked what kind of life do we do? No one notices, but most of their money, they spend it to hurt themselves, and after they have done wrong, and then they have done badly, they have to spend more money to heal, and after they have healed a little, take again to hurt. Of the salary, a good part goes in technology, that harmful one that I have mentioned before, and then it is spent on cars, fuel, motorcycles, cell phones, computers, tablet, microwave ovens, etc.

I ask you a stupid question, when is it that you really bought something natural for yourselves? I mean, a true pure cotton shirt, a real jacket made of cotton or hemp with real goose feather, a real egg with beautiful dark orange bud, a leg of dark yellow chicken etc. Are they convinced that they have done it? Well, I want to take away the illusion by telling you that these things do not exist anymore. Why? Simple, because we have allowed them to disappear, always buying cheaper things and of poor quality.

Again why? It is simple, because the main priority is to have all the technological crap that we depend on without brakes, and above all, there is always to have the last preferred cell phone model aside, and since one is not enough, it is better to have two, and obviously you have to recharge and that has to be rich and abundant because you know ... I talk a lot. And here I stop, because I already know how to be pedantic before their eyes, and because I could give them thousands of examples, to make them understand that if the world goes to ruin it is for us and not because of others.

Many of you have not yet understood that Paradise was here! That's why I ask you to have an open mind and a new vision to rebuild a different society, otherwise things will never change and evil and others will always triumph thanks to us who do not move a finger.

Never tire of waiting because the best day of your life can come tomorrow (Romano Battaglia).
With the action of forming the first initial team with people more qualified than the usual standard, it does not mean that the next assumptions will inevitably have to be so. This, do not worry, it will not happen, because all the conditions for which the 2projects4all project was born, that is, giving everyone the opportunity to earn their bread with a job tailored to be human, would cease.

As I said at the beginning of the section, I start with the assumption that all of you are gifted with intellect, so if there is a shortage in your cultural formation, you will learn it on the way, because another of the objectives of the 2projects4all project is to transmit to all what you learn by working If you have read all the other sections well, try to imagine how many crafts, they would be taught in the companies created by the 2projects4all project, many.

Therefore, pay close attention, because the assumptions will be made, not only by the specific skills you will list and demonstrate, but it will be above all by the way they are presented. This is a note that should not be taken lightly. The Curriculum Vitae that you will present must be complete in its entirety. You will be asked to write a lot and, above all, to count. I am not interested in the standard curriculum, in European format, or in any other sauce they have been taught to do. Your curriculum has to be created by you, you must express your personality, and being able to do it differently from the standard will mean that you have the basis for a possible change of route.

Find excuses, such as "I do not have time", "I have it ready and ready", "but what does this ask us to do?" Will mean that you are so fossilized in the received indoctrination that you will certainly not be open to decisive changes in your lives.

We continue, in any case, we still have not finished here. A presentation video will be attached to the curriculum, where it will illustrate the curriculum vitae brief, the work experiences, beautiful and unpleasant facts about the jobs, tell about parts of your life, even the beautiful, exciting or unpleasant ones, your ideas, your orientations (optional), their passions, their hobbies, their sport, their friends, the best friend, what they would like to do for their work, what they would change, what they would create or invent, other ideas on how to create a new job or invent one right from the start. In addition, your creativity, your zeal, the antipathies, what is exciting for you, the world today, society from your point of view, the system, climatic events, in short, everything that comes to mind and everything they want to say.

Those that I have anticipated, are a trace and not an obligation, more expressiveness will give, more evaluation instruments I will have. Allow me to clarify that it is not mandatory to send the video, but take into consideration that it is an excellent evaluation tool for me and a valid communication and expression vehicle for you. For example, on this last point, with the video, they have the opportunity to visually present their work, they can show their projects, whether they are work or social life, their inventions, their creations, the presentation of their partner life, his family and everything smart that goes through his head.

There will be no presentation standards, do it as you wish and know that there is no duration limit. To you the decision, this also serves to evaluate your autonomy, determination, expression and not least in order of importance, your openings to a change and a different vision on everything.

Do not try to make a video, where they say everything that pleases me to please me; it would be a big mistake! Surely it would destroy the video. Be only yourselves. The video can be taken with professional tools, with a simple video camera, with a cell phone or with an old camera, I do not care, the important thing is that they express themselves. Avoid getting in the head that if they send me a video in poor condition, cut with scissors or send a resume written on bread paper, I evaluate their being from this, the fundamental thing is the content that you have inside.

I answer immediately to all those who will make the fateful question: "Why all this?", Simple, apart from the reasons I wrote above, the project 2projects4all, and consequently their companies, will be based mainly on the total expressiveness of who will work in that. Being companies based on multimedia and active communication (Attention! Not like the current one in the media!), everyone, nobody excluded, will participate in these activities, for which I must know about who to count to designate the work in any field.

Everyone will have this possibility, even those who do the cleaning or are the guardians of the company, noble and vital jobs for a civil company, and believe it or not, I also have many ideas for them. Our expressiveness will be one of the horsepower for these companies; therefore, this is the reason for all this.

I am very precise and very attentive to details, even to those who are insignificant to you and hardly notice hidden evidence. I cannot stand the lies and the liars and those who do not have the gift of telling the truth. If I simply realize that they are trying to show themselves to a different person than they are, their résumés will be immediately destroyed and classified negatively.

Genuineness and honesty are the key words. Finally, it is clear that there will be many people who cannot be hired, at least in the immediate, all these people, I say in advance that everyone who has sent their curriculum, participated in the promotion, dissemination and economic support of the project, will be given the possibility of creating a job directly in your home, and that will give you the opportunity to work directly, without intermediaries, with the companies that are born from the 2projects4all project.

I am working on a work appendix that will be applied to the project and will be carried out immediately for the aviated companies. If you follow my instructions, it will be a remunerative and satisfactory work for you. This is another reason why your help to spread the project to oil stain, both here in Italy and abroad, is vital. This is a good way to create a clean and proper job for yourself, without anyone overloading your backs.

Who finds the previous information boring, pedantic or too strict, has already found an enlightening motivation to get away from the 2projects4all project. Those who already give up, who only know how to criticize, or who encourage others to find decadent allies, obviously have a lot of anger and negativity inside, which I do not like to have around me, so who is full of these terrible qualities, please sail for other shores and treasure a particular reflection "what am I doing with my life?". To all those who have their pockets full of truth, they are asked to go and extend it elsewhere, we do not need it here.

I would like to reiterate once again, to all those who want to participate in the 2projects4all project, that these companies will not be stripped with the arrogance and greed that characterizes most of the world's industry. Therefore, all those participants in the frenzied race competition, the interplanetary wage phobia, the comforts of the posts at the top, know immediately that with the project 2projects4all, this cannot be done, and that they will not do it .

As you have already read in the Investors section, not even those who put the money to found these companies and can enjoy and enjoy these privileges, even though they have more rights than you. What they will do later with their money, are things of them, in any case, for no reason, these comforts will come from the nascent companies of the 2projects4all project. Anything will be said and written in advance, so that misunderstandings do not arise and recourse, as usual, to the use of the two famous phrases.

Next to me, I only want real human beings and not calculating machines without anima. For those who will decide to put their human warmth at the disposal of others, participating in the project 2projects4all, follow a summary of the different jobs, to the examination of the project. I would like to point out that this list is only a draft, where it is possible to make additions or cuts, according to the presentation of the project. It would be a liar and a bad strategist to say that the list, that's the way it is and will be, especially without considering all the variables involved in the production chains.

The general characteristics of the categories of ALL the workers of the future companies of the 2projects4all project, are a trail to try to create in a very united way, the first crew that has to get on board this fantastic adventure. Then they will have to be people of pulse, of vigorous spirit, maximum positivity (those who do not have, must be willing to let themselves be helped), always things and special events, mentally open to new innovations, be socially conscious, have a predisposition to grasp things and special events, concrete and coherent in exposing their ideas, cooperating with everyone, still wanting to learn and teach, being generous, available for a healthy debate, reaching out to the needy, knowing how to comfort others, sensitivity to problems of others, to be available to a real change, especially with respect to their customs, to be willing to believe that this is a battle against evil and total falsehoods, and finally to be a person who is aware of how we are destroying the environment and our world.

With reference to negativity, NO must be sexist, racist, fussy, greedy, bellicose, aggressive, presumptuous, with the irony that leads to sarcasm, malicious, controversial, arrogant, divas, caustic, sports fans, intolerant with those with disabilities, with sexual orientation different from yours, or with different religious beliefs, those who find an annoying and unpleasant hug, who obsesses others with their religious or football beliefs, and especially being idiotic and envious.

Know that I cannot tolerate disrespect, generate states of anxiety and fear, insults, heavy appreciation, obsession and persecution of women. All of these inappropriate behaviors will cost immediate dismissal and removal from the company, even if they are hired indefinitely. We all have the gift of the intellect; therefore we have to show that we know how to use it.

On the other hand, a very important note: who believes that once hired, will be sure to take root, manifesting a behavior different from that requested, deceiving everyone with appearances and lies, both about their work skills, and about behaviors, know that they are wrong. Whoever makes this mistake should know that it will immediately be placed outside the door. In this project, to safeguard all those who participate honestly, for deception and lies, there will be no work forgiveness and defenestration from the hatch will be immediate. Men and women advised, half saved. Scurvy is not allowed on this ship.

Continuing in the field of notes, I emphasize that the selection of potential employees will take place in different phases. The first one will be the revision of the curriculum and the video, then they will be sent by email a first test to complete and send by e-mail. Immediately afterwards, a first interview will be conducted in person, to analyze your CV and the test by e-mail and where you can eventually complete your file with other information. After the first selection, they will have to hold the exams that will be prepared Ad Hoc, for each branch of the work sector of belonging. By overcoming all this, they will be hired on trial, and so on as imposed by the absurd Italian law.

The final objective is permanent employment, which is one of the foundations of the 2projects4all project, for the creation of work at the human dimension. The compensation will be leveled among all the employees of the two companies, even if the law requires an engineer to win three times more than a cleaner, this will not happen with us. There will surely be a difference, but rest assured that all wages will be fair to all ("4all").

I wrote two or three paragraphs above, with us, the mega salaries will be banned, so the first ladies in search of the cursed treasure, they are asked to sail elsewhere. When I handled the assumptions of my clients, I have always been blackmailed by these people who believe they are God who walks the earth, engineers, computer scientists, programmers, designers, always think that they are the ones in power, all of them empty people and without a soul if it is not sworn to god money.

These people have never thought of it as a first thing, if they have received a gift to share with everyone, the only objective they seek is to obtain an exclusive benefit for themselves. However calm down, you can be sure that in the world, there are many good people willing to share a dream and a project, and they will undoubtedly join us. In any case, in order not to waste anyone's time, I immediately respond to those who will be tempted to ask: "What salary are we talking about?" The answer is: "Look for the answer in another place, because with that question, he stressed, that they have not understood anything about the message, then they cannot be part of the 2projects4all project".

Before jumping head to read the required skills, remember that if you have doubts, before jumping with a thousand questions, I invite you to read the footnotes.

List of professional figures.


Required skills, spoken and written languages: Italian, Spanish and English, excellent communication skills with clients and suppliers, and excellent teamwork skills. Good computer skills, perfect knowledge of the Microsoft® Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft® Office Professional package, especially Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Good basic knowledge is required for Access, Publisher, Project and Visio. It also requires writing skills in different media, optimization of working time, independent ability to solve problems, excellent ability to create, manage and coordinate work groups, ability to receive and welcome customers, writing of the day, meetings of organizations and video conferences, organization of telephone correspondence, writing of reports under dictation, translation of texts in the required languages, entry of data on the company's website and social networks, creation and management of spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations for the offices of research, promotion, development, marketing and planning, preparation of daily, weekly and monthly reports, management of the manager's agenda, reception and classification of internal and external correspondence, paper and online, and availability to travel.

In this job, the figures that will support the accountant of the company are included, therefore in addition to the above; they must have competence in contract management, ordinary accounting, payroll management and contributions and be familiar with the use of the programs of proper management. For all the figures, the capacity for continuous learning is required.


Required skills, spoken and written languages: Italian, Spanish and English, must have excellent communication and interaction skills with staff, and without writing a kilometric list, they must have all the skills of a doctor accountant. In addition, you must have the ability to control and manage in the context of the development of industrial plans, be fully competent in financial analysis, forecasts and investments, and everything that concerns a 360° management. Availability to travel and the capacity for continuous learning. This is a very delicate position, so if you do not know well their qualities in this field, do not submit your candidacy.


Required skills, spoken and written languages: Italian, Spanish and English, must have excellent communication skills and interaction with staff, experience in International Law, civil, fiscal and administrative, must be specialized in Industrial Law and Competition Law, intellectual property, confidential information, trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs, models, indications and geographical appellations of origin, software, databases, availability of travel and continuous learning skills. Who already has a career and is already affirmed, take into account, as I have written before, that in these companies there are no mega salaries, therefore, if they are looking for copious and desirable cornucopias, the project 2projects4all, is not for you. All the positions of the 2projects4all project are only for those who believe in a better future and not for those who still want to live in the current stale world.


Required skills, spoken and written languages: Italian, Spanish and English, must have excellent communication and interaction with staff, preparation of Basic Medicine, revival and first aid, injuries, surgical and traumatic skills, excellent knowledge of first aid medications and intervention, full capacity in the use of medical equipment and wise use of the defibrillator.

You must also be competent in the field of nutrition and natural and innovative care. If you are not willing to see this position with different eyes and, above all, if you are a doctor who lives only from modern traditional medicine, this position is not for you. The healthy and broad mentality and the real opinions about the true meaning of health should be its strengths. Also keep in mind that this task does not imply being in the office waiting for something to happen, as already mentioned in the paragraph Healthcare in the section Project 1, in addition to the above, the doctor will also have to take care of the medical procedures and controls of the employees, as well as the drafting of all the specific norms with continuous obligations required by the current unjust laws of our government.

The doctor will also have to hold informative courses, refresher courses on prevention, health, etc. It will have to deal with 360 degrees of the company's welfare, health, nutrition and safety. Together with the personnel in charge of security, they should follow the risky operations of the workers, trying to prevent these events, with direct interventions, reports, warnings, etc. Together with the qualified personnel for this task, it will also work on the formatting of documents subject to legal obligations, such as risk, safety at work, noise in the workplace, risks in the use of equipment, electrical systems, use of electronic equipment, etc. As you can see, surely there will not be time to get bored.

Finally, a minimum of basic pediatric knowledge to help nursery children in case of emergency would not be bad.

Firmware programmer.

Required skills, spoken and written languages: Italian, Spanish and English, excellent capacity in the creation of prototypes and products, tests and support, must be able to convert the specifications of the client, into precise specifications of the product, verifying especially the viability.

You should know the serial protocols such as RS485, RS232, I2C, SPI, ModBus, etc., they should be able to manage clear and complete technical reports, they should be able to design and develop the product independently, also with the objective of obtaining the certifications Fcc, CE , CSA, Tuv or in relation to the countries where the product will be marketed. You will have to know how your pockets, the C / C++ / C# languages and being able to develop firmware for integrated system microcontrollers, such as ARM or Microchip, will also have a good knowledge of analog and digital electronics.

Finally, if they also had the basic principles to use the Mathworks tools, it would not be bad. Low level programming and Assembly are very welcome. Clearly, these are the basic points, but what I recommend with all my heart is that they have a good predisposition to learning, because they will have to be able to acquire and learn with method and wisdom, about other forms of programming and use of market hardware uncommon, which is not mentioned in the 2projects4all project for security reasons.

Software programmer.

Required skills, spoken and written languages: Italian, Spanish and English. This figure, together with the firmware programmers, will be those who, in addition to their tasks, will have to deal with all the electronic and computer part of the companies of the 2projects4all project. These people must have excellent skills in prototyping and product engineering, testing and support. They will also need to know how their pockets, the C / C++ / C# languages, plus Visual Basic® or more specifically the Microsoft® Visual Studio® development platform from version 2010 onwards.

A perfect knowledge of the architecture, operation and limits of Windows® 7 and Linux® operating platforms, knowledge of the architecture, dimensioning and configuration of IP networks, domain and methodology of protocols and transmission techniques of Audio and Video on protocols is needed IP, programming knowledge in PLC and high and low level programmable machines, monitoring systems and Modbus industrial communication protocols and the like. These two figures, together with the electronic designers, will work closely to contact me. For your information, the predominant development will be, as indicated above, for the Windows® 7 and Linux® operating systems, Windows® 10 is not considered.

Electronic designer.

Required skills, spoken and written languages: Italian, Spanish and English. Excellent knowledge of the analog/digital and electric electronic field, perfect knowledge and mastery of Orcad® or Altium® development instruments, knowledge in the development of switching power supplies AC/DC or DC/DC and power, design of lighting components, and absolute competition over LED components.

Even the electronic designer must be able to design and develop the products to obtain the certifications FCC, CE, CSA, Tuv and in relation to the countries where the products will be marketed. The development of systems for ARM microcontrollers or Microchip must be known, they must also have experience in the design of radiofrequency devices and if they have the basis for the development of devices in nautical and marine environment, it would be appreciated. Also this figure must have an excellent predisposition to learning, for the reasons given in the paragraph of the firmware programmer.

Cad/Cam designer.

Required skills, spoken and written languages: Italian, Spanish and English. Full domain of 2D and 3D design, with modeling of solids and animation, high knowledge of packages such as AutoCAD®, Autodesk® 3DS Max®, Autodesk® Inventor®, AutoCAD® Mechanical, AutoCAD® Electrical, or SolidWorks® Professional, SolidWorks ® Electrical Professional, SolidWorks® Simulation. For Cam programs, apart from the one proposed by Autodesk® that I do not like very much, I would ask you to know the Open Mind hyperMILL® 5AXIS or SolidCam packages.

In any case, with regard to the Cam, there is a wide margin of maneuver for your choice. Keep in mind that we will have machines controlled from 3/4 axes upwards, that many parts will be built in many different materials and that molds will be built for internal use, for the injection of plastic, silicone, rubber with new raw materials, so think about this theme. No specific knowledge of 3D printers is needed, since it is a new field and with few possibilities for a normal user to experiment with professional printers, this space will be filled by you, learning directly in the machines that we will buy.

Cnc machine operators.

Required skills, spoken and written languages: Italian, Spanish and English. The operator must be able to perform mechanical machining of work pieces, using numerically controlled machinery, according to the drawings or reference samples, according to what is required. Must be able to equip the machine tools, make adjustments and maintain the machine at predetermined intervals or in a state of emergency.

You must have knowledge of the characteristics of mechanical tools and instruments, mechanical design, have the basic concepts of electromechanical elements, mechanics applied to machinery, hydraulics, pneumatics, elements of the CAD/CAM programming language, be aware of the regulations regulations concerning the protection of health and safety, quality control procedures, mechanical processes and measurement. You must know how to apply the positioning of the work pieces in the machines, how to apply the procedures of quality control, how to carry out the procedures for the control and operation of CNC machines, the adjustment of parameters, how to apply the recovery procedures of the functionality of the machines, replacement methods, tools and how to use the production data sheets.

Mold manufacturer.

Required skills, spoken and written languages: Italian, Spanish and English. The mold constructor will be the executor of the realization of molds and also maintenance technician, as well as responsible for the realization of all the details of his competence, in particular those of mechanical invoice. You can perform the task independently, you will have an excellent knowledge of bank instruments, will know how to use machining centers with an indifferent number of axes, EDM, milling machines, bench rectifiers, mechanical and CNC lathes, polishing, designation steels and heat treatments. Will be able to verify geometric compliance and all the strict collimation checks.

Who is really a mold designer, is able to perform any mechanical detail, so their tasks are not limited only to the construction of them. It will work in close collaboration with the figure of the Cad/Cam Designer; therefore, also the mold manufacturer must know how to use the same software tools in an excellent way.

Molding technician.

Required skills, spoken and written languages: Italian, Spanish and English. You will have to work as a technician through the use of injection molding machines, 3D printers and other types of equipment. Among the tasks, you will have to deal with changing molds, restarting injection molding machines and configuring. It will be autonomous and polyvalent according to the needs. You also have to know how to use the machines mentioned in the section Project 1, in the paragraph Equipment, and you will have the ability to quickly learn the new working dictations. When necessary, it will work together with the mold builder for the tests and studies of the molds manufactured within the company.

Graphic operator and video maker.

Required skills, spoken and written languages: Italian, Spanish and English. Must have an excellent ability to communicate and interact with teamwork, be autonomous, manage and conceive, shoot, interviews, assemblies, graphic devices in the creation of television services, promotional campaigns, reports, documentaries, short films and corporate videos. It is necessary to have experience in the configuration of interior and exterior sets, to know how to manage a production department, the costs and the identification of the location.

Possibility of organizing stories, spots and events, even for online distribution. It is necessary to know how to develop the guidelines of a brand or design, to implement the digital creativity of the contents, that is, it is necessary to have an excellent creative attitude. You must have advanced knowledge of the Adobe product line, such as Adobe® Premiere Pro, Adobe® Photoshop, Adobe® Illustrator, Adobe® After Effects, and other professional programs. The good thing would be to know how to use FL Studio's Image Line package. This figure will work in close contact with the multimedia communication center of the two companies of the 2projects4all project.

Telephone operator/receptionist.

Required skills, spoken and written languages: Italian, Spanish and English. The task of this figure is particularly delicate and not all people are brought to it. In charge of this person, there is the complete image of the company, so it must have all the characteristics that I described in all the sections of the 2projects4all project, it should be cheerful, smiling and instill human warmth.

It does not matter if it is a man or a woman; the important thing is to understand the value of being the first essence that a user addresses when he comes into contact with the company. The first impression for a customer is fundamental; therefore, availability, focus and securities are the basis of the success of the company. I repeat, this is a task, (as for the others in the 2projects4all project) only for those who have the vocation, and it is not suitable for those who only look for a salary.

Therefore, you will have a great experience in the initial reception of clients, registration and control of user input/output, you must be competent in back office and front office activities, you must know perfectly the organization chart, you must have experience in the field of data storage and mail management and must have computer skills in the field of Office Automation. With referral to the switchboards, where the procedure will be highly computerized, you should not worry about the use of these communication equipment, because you will learn about the new systems directly in action.

Craftsman carpenter.

Required skills, spoken and written languages: Italian, Spanish and English. The carpenter must have the basic knowledge in the construction of doors, windows, furniture and carpentry constructions. Will have the ability to use the tools properly, respect the order and cleanliness in the workplace, will be organized and ready to use tools and auxiliary materials, will be expert in the use of art tools of bank and machinery portable

It must also be effective in the control and reporting of measurements, be equipped with wise recognition and attribution to the various construction systems of structural features, will be efficient in preparing the material, excellent connoisseurs of cutting, brushing, gluing, tracing rule of art, execution of drilling and milling. In addition it will have capacity in the preparation and the treatment of surfaces, application and assembly of tools, assembly and finishing, help to the assembly, preparation for the transport of the elements of assembly, protection and preparation to rule of art of the place of work and the cleaning of the same.

It will also have to be skillful, in learning, in the use of particular Cnc machines, widely described and mentioned in the section Project 1, in the paragraph Equipment and in the section Project 2 of the same paragraph.

Mechanical craftsman/welder, painter, tinsmith.

Required skills, spoken and written languages: Italian, Spanish and English. Artisans who must have complete skills in their attitude. Unlike other tasks, these must have a broader competence, since they will have to, according to the needs, cover different roles within the company, especially in the company of the Project 2 that deals with the construction of the houses.

These are not secondary positions, but they must be fully prepared for collaboration and learning, to expand the potential of the workforce that will operate within the 2projects4all project. The care, precision and scrupulousness of the details are welcome features.

Various operators.

Required skills, spoken and written languages: Italian, Spanish and English. In a second phase, the details of the remaining positions will be published, such as pedagogue, terminal operator, cleaner, security officer, additional employees in the multimedia sector, radio, video, communications, speaker, driver, etc.

If they lack some technical requirements, they can complete them by informing and documenting themselves, and then learning the rest in the field, working. If they lack language requirements, as I wrote, they can begin to learn them in the months prior to the presentation of the curriculum. From the date of launch of the project on the website, it will be several months before you start receiving the curriculum, therefore, if you are interested, you have enough time to prepare. The same is true if you have deficiencies in the requirements to use the software, get trial versions, which can be downloaded from all manufacturers' sites and put to practice with learning. You have to use this method for every lack of requirements, and, on the way!

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