Two projects for everyone!

The ultimate goal of the 2projects4all project.

The purposes of the 2projects4all project.

The end of, the purpose, the finish line, all terminologies of pure social climbing, concepts that indicate the final point but not the route. The route of our destination, surely will not be without obstacles, with certainty we will pass in some wrong way and we could also get lost, but, turning to look back, surely we will not dislike, because the important one is not what our path will be, what will matter is undertake and venture until you reach the correct destination. We have to trace a route that will surely be studded with thousands of breaking waves, but, like good sailors of an ancient epoch, we will face wisdom and appropriate participation, which will be for us the most congenial.

The points.

Remember that passion, joy and smiling faces have to be just some of our points of strength, from us we have to remove all the negativities and obstacles that will show up along the way, and believe me if I tell you that they will be true enough. This does not mean that we cannot be bothered in the difficult moments that arise; only that human consciousness must always be overcome along with extreme positivity. As they always ask you to have unconditional faith in the God you must believe in, you have to believe in yourself and everything you want to do and create in this life.

No one has the right to intrude and convince them that they are wrong or that they are doing something wrong. Each of you, has come in this world to do something extraordinary, this is true, as it is true that each of you has a special gift, and it does not matter if you have not studied, if you have not graduated and you have never done manual works. Each creature of this wonderful World is born with a gift, and it is up to you to decide if you want to put it to benefit, express it or not. It is useless to cry over themselves or ever blame someone or the system. If you allow yourself to rain all over your back, without at least trying to change something, then it is right that you curl up on your side and spend your time crying over yourself. Remind yourself, however, that it will be a choice of your own choosing.

For those who spend their time repeating that: "then there is nothing to do", I say only that at least, avoid hindering who tries to do something to change their route. I do not know about you, but instead of giving myself for cattle in anything, I prefer to throw myself from a Bungee Jumping high 1,000 meters.
Errors and demonizations.
While I hate doing these types of comparisons (because it justifies in a twisted way to make you understand that war is a fair and good thing), you must imagine that it is like fighting a war, you have against the whole system, like a wounded animal to death, will try to drag them into their black abyss. The bad and envious people who do not understand these writings, will always be present to remind them that they are wrong, that this is not fair and that if you do not do as they say or what they indicate, it will be the final catastrophe.

On our part, we already know that we are not infallible beings and immune to errors, and if in case these occur, we will do our best to correct them as our intelligence imposes on us. Do you think that in my 30 years of career I have never been wrong or I do something stupid? Be careful and look well at the infallible human being, none is perfect! The problem is that to date everyone has learned that mistakes in good faith have to be judged, demonized, mortified and used as an extreme weapon to destroy the credibility of the adversary.

No one stops for a moment to reflect that we are all human beings, and that error is the first step to learning. None pays attention to this until you are not hit directly, and at that precise moment, you realize that the first one to make a mistake was you. This happens from the nights of the time, anyone tells them the opposite, is a liar or an indoctrinated, in other words, one of those poor people to what the media soaped the brain, causing irreversible damage in its way think.

All the best scientists, Nobel prizes, presidents, industrialists, popes, men of law, business, lawyers, etc., have made scandalous and unspeakable mistakes in their lives, only that the system accustomed you since childhood, to paint them as beings perfect and immaculate, true and unique models of inspiration for a possible competition in life. The 2projects4all project, deserves its consecration and participation, so that many of you can offer the best of themselves, and above all because with our success, we will have the opportunity to replicate this conquest exponentially in each part of the world, expanding the co-participation of thousands of people who can finally build a job tailored to the human being.

As I write to you, the rain falls, and I, like in the picture of a Flemish work, write in front of the window while the rain hits the glass without making too much noise, and if I look outside, I see the trees between the houses that begin to emit the first signs of autumn, giving more pleasant passion to write in the warm home. You imagine being in a mountain chalet, sitting on a comfortable sofa in front of a fireplace, with the fire burning, while reading this romance, with a cup of hot chocolate in hand .. These, for me, are the real ones pleasures of life and not the purchase of a cell phone last cry that everyone craves.

Wrong market and consequences.
Before everything, we must analyze something and what are the events that make us mature the idea and what result we want to reach. Surely, as you have already understood, we are talking about undertaking new industrial realities, and we must also understand what manufacturing operability these two new realities will occupy.

Different as the other entrepreneurs decide, I analyze for first, what the human being could need in the short and long term, both in the field of daily life, than in the lesser exalting of adverse events. In the last 15 years, for all my clients I have developed (unfortunately), many products that today are found in national and foreign markets, and that have been made for long consumption, all with the same purpose of use, break, Discard and buy another. The 80% of the world's production of goods is characterized for this purpose, the customer is hammered with oppressive advertising, which convinces him to buy and buy the same product or other items of the same brand although they do not last and conceptually they do.

I'm sorry, but the global market is like that, and particularly since the Asian countries have invaded the planetary market with their goods. I also want to update them, which is not true that in Italy you cannot produce at a low price, yes you can, the problem is that entrepreneurs always choose quantity over quality to always be at the pace of competition. But what are the key factors that compromise this mechanism? Two: advertising, and not giving the client the possibility of recovering part of the investment made with the purchase of the product, with the direct consequence of the lack of customer loyalty.

As for advertising, each year, industries spend hundreds of millions of Euros for media brainwashing. This method, I miss every human being, the ability and ability to reflect and make decisions, also the simplest. Although now I will hear a great cry exclaimed from you for my affirmation, I will tell you that in life everything that is complicated can be solved in a very simple way. Most of the time we are ourselves to complicate everything, simply because we have been taught and educated to behave like this, further complicating our existence. The human rationality is based on simplicity, only that with the passage of time and with the deviant indications of who is at the command, have pushed us to the total frenzy, this argument, which is the complication of all human activities and relationships.

Calmness and reflection, key elements of life, do not exist anymore. The consequences of these choices of existence are the causes of the worst conditions of life that at the most complicate the material, collapse the mental and physical health of human beings.

How do I buy a blender?
I give you an explanatory example. A potential customer is in front of his television, first look at the advertising of a blender "My" brand of Asian production at 39.99 Euros, 150 W motor, beautiful colors, plastic cup, many functions, nice package in cartonplastica a colors, with the contest to win the "X" award, holidays for the "Y" award etc. Then, look at the advertising of the "Your" brand blender of Italian production of 160.00 Euros, built with steel, fire-painted, 430 W motor, glass cup, caps and engine hood in 100% recyclable Hemp plastic material, multifunction, repairable electronic plates, solid warranty, spare parts to life, package in recyclable material, real Instruction and maintenance manuals etc.

According to you, our potential client, which one will you buy? Obviously it is easy to guess, the first one! The first thought that the user will do, will be that both liquefy and then this already cuts the head to the bull, the other reasonings will be the saving on the price, after that it is beautiful, that has a beautiful package and that has the possibility of win some prize Finally, in your mind will resonate the messages already stored for a long time, so it will not be long before the new model comes out, that both last a short time and there is no convenience to spend more.

Do these types of reflections, according to you, leave a bitter taste in the mouth? Does not it make you understand that this potential client, did not stop for a moment to think and compare the two products? Articles of Asian or European origin at low prices, are designed to last from 6 months to a maximum year in efficiency, then begin a rapid decline of their parts, then, calculating that a person will spend an average life working in kitchen 20 years, do yourself the calculation of how much a customer would spend to buy blenders of 40 Euros in the next 20 years.

To the rest, the client has not minimally thought that these products at low prices almost never have spare parts, also because if they were available, they can be certain that their cost would not be justified for a repair. Then the best option would be to buy a new one, thus contributing to this waste and continuing to pollute more with products that are not totally disposable and recyclable.

By way of clarification, the amounts indicated are only for a practical example, also because if you surf a bit through the network, you will find blenders of mega brands that are sold almost up to 2,000 Euros, but if you look at them well, you will realize that almost all made in plastic, even the glass, have an indecent ergonomics and my way of seeing too much electronics, which affects heavily on the spare parts and for an eventual repair or repair. Now we are taking the blenders to a technical level at the same time as a spaceship.

I would like to see who is buying a computerized blender, and verify effectively how many functions you use for your requirements. Two? Three? Even blenders that have a simple 6-position rotary electric switch are used up to the 4th position. Imagine getting to 6a! Eye, that is commenting them one that would put electronics also in a plate of red pasta! This means that those who spend a similar amount of money do so only to be able to say: "I have it!" And not because they really enjoy or need a computerized blender. A household appliance or any other device to use during their lives must be useful and not become useless.

Assistance, a big question.
All the customer base, you have to realize, that whoever spends, spends more. Of this they can be certain. These products at low prices, have little or almost no assistance, spare parts practically nonexistent, there is no possibility of talking with any of the famous green numbers, and if they succeed, it is only to hear that they have to spend for anything you ask ( to the rest of the expensive waiting calls), and if they manage to send their beloved appliance to a repair center by a miracle, they can be certain that when they will call them to remove it, they will find bitter surprises.

The last beach is a specialized technician, who apart from inventing anything to cover the lack of spare parts and the massive use of glue, bill them at least 25 Euros every hour of work, leaving them with the agonizing question, if you do not have the convenience of buying a new one, and not spend that way to have a used and patched product. They will save, but rest assured that they will always lose.

And for those who might think that not everyone can afford to buy a blender of 160, 200 or 400 Euros, I reply, that if the Italians buy 500/900 Euros cell phones and pay them in installments, they can do the same for an essential product like a blender, which you use to prepare food and drinks. With the cell phone you do not prepare anything in the kitchen, and the rest you throw it away after a couple of years, while a quality product you lull it all your life.

An example of the gratuity.
Through the media, in the commercial field, you always hear only two words: Free or Gift. Even in these charming terms, the client, after 50 years of television, has not yet learned that the industries do not give anything away, and that the things that they give or give to them for free, in any case you always pay them.

Cars, cell phones, travel, jewelry and any other good of God, are shaken in front of their eyes and ears to convince them to buy. But, I apologize, some of you, have ever seen one of these gifts? Have any of you met people who received these gifts? I never. Clearly, you can tell me that a friend, friend of one of your friends, heard of such a guy who won a prize. But I want to repeat myself again, did anyone see any company give a car or another gift to the winner of a contest? I repeat myself again: I do not.

It's not enough for me to see brochures and dépliant, or to show me a long list and photos of winners on the company's website. The games to prizes are under the control of the State Monopoly where you have to register the public prize contests that you intend to do, but you think and believe that there is someone who controls if the declared prizes are actually delivered? In today's world, with the tricks and scams of the media, where they invented complete terrorist attacks, with many photos and movies, how can you expect to believe that someone wins a prize?

Surely, in one or two competitions of serious industries, there is a winner. One over five hundred thousand or maybe more? You have to accept, that the laws of the industries are worse than those of politics, it is not at all that at present they control everything in each nation and the people are not more sovereign, but only the mega industries. Imagine then if these naked cats allow themselves the luxury of giving us something. They will always give them the illusion of paying homage to some products, but they can be certain that their cost is already well spread over the sale prices.

A bit like the free Wi-Fi in your city, yes, it's true, you have free access and nobody asks for money, until you realize that the maintenance costs of the facilities include them in municipal taxes, on tickets or in any other nonsense. The only one who enjoys the free Wi-Fi connection is the tourist, who goes through your city and then leaves; obviously it is clear that you also paid for it. But do not worry, because if you have any complaints about this matter, they will tell you that when you pass through their city, they will recover the expense!

In Italy it always works in this way, first pay and then maybe it can be that you recover. What can you expect from a government that asks you to pay up front taxes on next year's profits?

Step back.
To anything in this existence they have given a value in cash, even to our own life they have given an economic value. This is an absurdity, contradictions that should make us reflect, to put ourselves in a position to enforce the human being, a decisive change of course in this atypical and harmful commercial culture. Take a step back, it is never a defeat, in fact, it is synonymous with intelligence, because it shows that a man or a woman who are making mistakes, understand the magnitude of their mistakes and try to remedy them.

This, can only do honor, obviously in total contradiction with the smart transformists who are completely blind to their mistakes, and those who always say to you: "Yes, there was an error, but ...", but they continue to do them and never think about remedying them. Then we will have to guide consumers by hand, to take an alternative route that allows them to look with different eyes at their method of reasoning and buying. It is necessary to understand, that it is time to follow again a traditional and safe method as it used to be in the past. We have to get to the point where consumer associations cease to exist, because it is the same company that must protect the client without the intermediation of third parties, which, unfortunately, are a clear symptom of little solidarity with our neighbor.

One of the main bases of this operation will be to implant two companies that have a constant and calm rhythm, the haste and technological exasperation that overwhelms all humanity, must end with us. There will be a rhythm, which will allow us to infuse our customers, tranquility, kindness, a rich flavor of a peaceful future, brotherhood and unconditional support for loyal customers.

To achieve all this, it is necessary to re-educate the clientele with the old values, for the young, it is necessary to indicate an alternative to the hectic life of today, with the hope that they themselves, in turn, will be promoters of a Better option. We will try to make people understand that returning to quality is the main objective of a more serene life, with the confidence of always having the support of the producer whenever they need it.

Spare parts, recycling and contamination.
Do you realize that even today, if you look for spare parts for a product manufactured in the last 10 years you do not find one, while for those manufactured 50 years ago you still find them, although rarely? Do you understand the absurdity of this thing? Do you want to know about this particular?

A very simple example, leaving aside the foreign products, in our country, one of the thousands of modalities that our government has found to take away the money, has been to apply every year the tax on the warehouse stock of the industries. You simply pay taxes on what you have not yet sold. Obviously, the entrepreneur says: "Why do I have to lose money because of others?", then the best solution for him is not to keep spare parts stored.

The average ratio of industries to spare parts is 10/1,000, in other words, they have 10 spare parts for every 1,000 machines (of any type) produced. This average is valid only if it is about spare parts that are sold at a fair and correct price. Different speech is for the spare parts of cars, which are sold at a price like that of gold. Believe me that in some cases, I have seen recharges that can even reach up to 3,000%, then; well yes it is worth saving them because the lost taxes are recovered by charging them on all of us. If you want them, this is the case, if it is not the same; this is the fraternal thought of the industries. Someone will suggest that all this is nonsense, only that the truth is that they do not need to know about me, also because nobody has the truth in their pocket, just look how fast your money comes out of your wallet, to see how they are lightened elegantly from your money for every purchase made.

And above all, they buy items that are born with little hope of enjoying them for a long time and that cannot be recycled at the end of their existence. Have you ever wondered when a cell phone fails, how many are repaired? The world average is 5 every 1,800 for failures that concern more than anything, contact problems but not electronics, the rest is not repaired. Almost always, mobile phones are rejected with the definition irreparable and with the offer of withdrawal for the purchase of a new one. These are reconditioned and otherwise sold in emerging countries.

Then, in our country, everything is discarded and nobody decides to have any object for a time longer than 2 years, and that is already a lot. Just to let you know how informative note, at the beginning of 2017, the data collection was completed, to know how many SIM cards for mobile phones were sold in the world, well, we have reached the astronomical figure of 7.5 billion cards telephone Imagine that a cell phone is one of the many products in the world, built with the most toxic materials that exist and that most are not recyclable. Try only to imagine, when they are discarded, the ecological damage they cause to the ecosystem.

Remember well, that the culprits are not only those who produce, but also we who buy them. If we asked for greener products, and did not buy more than those that are not, we would force the industries to adjust in the right way to sell eco compatible products, and do not be fooled, believing those who tell you that mobile phones are recyclable, because only gold and other noble metals are recovered from these devices, only that for their recovery, they will cause even greater contamination, because they turn to special acids and various grinding, which then do not know how to get rid of that. However, there remains the mystery of what they do with the remaining waste of the phone, many beautiful documentaries to watch on TV, about how these treatments are carried out, but in the end they always tell you what they want, making sure they always recycle.

It's a bit, like the story of the Hydrogen for cars, where they exalt you telling you that it is clean, it does not pollute and that it is ecological. Everything is totally real, simply omit to tell you that little detail, that hydrogen does not exist in nature, therefore, it must be extracted from natural gas through polluting processes and also that it requires a large amount of energy to produce it (an total contradiction is not?), it is very dangerous due to its high flash point and explosion, it needs special and expensive containers for its storage, the distribution facilities are very expensive and insecure, it has problems due to its low efficiency, nitrogen oxides are liberated in the atmosphere, etc ... and yet, the media around the world, they paint it as the panacea of all evils.

But I'm sorry; it's been over 20 years with car manufacturers investigating the use of hydrogen. So why cars that run on Hydrogen do still does not look? Why has not a distribution begun? Obviously, they cannot build them, but they go well with all the subsidies from the government, about what they eat for the investigations. In that they are very efficient. If it were in our hands, the funding money spent so far in research on hydrogen, we could open 50 establishments worldwide simultaneously, and employ about 4/5,000 people at the same time, with a work induction up to 9/10,000 units. Let's leave the subject, because if we do not address the famous argument of how we steal money, and this, as I have written, is not the right place to discuss these evidences.

The goal is not to see how long it lasts, but to try to make it last longer.
Continuing with the description of the first production plant, this will produce items developed according to a very simple concept, design, construction, assembling tailored to the human being, solid, robust, practical, technologically advanced, but repairable, beautiful, structurally intelligent, totally recyclable in the true sense of the word and assisted with quick and efficient spare parts.

Try to remember something very important and basic; if a product is built with all the rules of a correct and efficient engineering, it will be very rare that the product is spent. Spare parts should be used for the wear of the parts and not because the product breaks due to manufacturing defects.

When a person is so frustrated with advertising, she herself does not even realize what is being taken by the backside of the industries, which first claim to be an incredibly advanced company, have superior technology and then their products do not they last almost nothing or are full of problems. Do you notice some contradictions that you never pay attention to? They are the best and produce the worst.

Returning to our example of the blender, when the customer will decide to buy it, you must have the satisfaction of your purchase, with the certainty that someday, if by chance you will not want that model anymore, or if by chance you reach the end of the cycle of life, you can return it to us, which eventually we will recondition or recycle it completely. The metal is re-melted, the plastic is rewound, the strings, the windings are reused, the electronic components are reused. The same quality of the products will be announced by itself.

As I mentioned before, we have to reconnect the client again, the pleasure of returning to savor that old past of purchases, which gave us so much security (the oldest like me will remember). If you are wondering what kind of products we are talking about, I tell you that there is no fantasy and limit for the choice of the products that will be made. You just have to take into account, that initially we will do those of primary need and, as the mechanism is in place, we will also do the less essential ones.

I already have ready, about 23 projects for long consumption, only that at the moment we cannot talk or see them, because of course they are not covered by any protection or rights, so it is better to avoid discovering our letters. In all cases, do not worry and in abundance, in total, we are talking about sixty articles, producible and framed in long consumption and about twenty six in the sectorial.

A note that I want to give in this context, is referred to the electronics that these establishments will produce. Unlike all industries in the world, this electronics will be designed and developed in such a way that allows us to reuse it and, at the same time, it will be repairable.

Then without hurry, no race against time, but a great quality casts with quality workmanship. For those who shout loudly, that in the industry this is not possible because it is too expensive, I answer that all this is a lie, first of all because if a circuit is well designed, it extends its life cycle considerably, (apart from the defects of the components themselves), secondly, if it is assembled with quality products, the case of failure is always very low and, thirdly, if a circuit is well dimensioned, the human intervention in repair is extremely minimal.

The duration and the unknown of the electronics.
They should not be surprised if they find poor electronic components with a short life in the market, these circuits are deliberately designed to have a short useful life and to decompose after a predetermined time. It sounds like science fiction, but it is exactly the same as in the manufacture of plastics, where they deliberately alter the mixtures so that they are mechanically weaker. However, it sounds ridiculous, but I personally experienced this.

About 4 years ago, when replacing different computers for 3D design and graphics, I bought 3 computers of the same model from a famous and emblazoned brand, last shout, powerful, memory avalanches, large hard drives and fast video cards like lightning and with a large amount of Giga memory. They were installed in the office, all protected by voltage stabilizers, automatic disconnections, network filters and covered by a solid network of redundant continuity groups (UPS). Now according to you, how many possibilities could there be, that in the three computers motherboards (Motherboard) were simultaneously spent?

Once it can happen, two can also be a case, three, it seems to me that it's something of a loved one, do not you think? Keep in mind that under the same electrical protection, there were 4 other graphic stations, and these are still fully operational today. Then, in the space of two months, the three died of the same disease, instead of the old computers that already have 8 years of work and still grind hours of activity to the maximum. Few people know that there are also different levels of quality in electronic components.

Similar to how the chicken eggs are bought, there are large eggs, with a thick shell, of soil rearing and with a big red bud, until the small egg, with a shell too thin as a sheet of paper, with white and transparent yolk coming from intensive breeding. In electronics for example, when they produce the processor of your computer (CPU), a process is used that leads to obtain from the same wafer, and from the same cooking process, CPU of the same model, but with different levels of performance . The strength of calculation is tested, the performance under stress, and finally each one receives a quality class that can go even beyond 5 (the sham egg). Also who is not competent in electronics, will understand that a large production company, does not even think about throwing away low-quality processors, seeing what it costs to produce them and, remembering, that inside they are full of precious metals like gold. The only thing they can do is sell them at a fairly lower price.

Now, if I put a low quality component in a circuit, this will have a low performance and almost certainly, a shorter life. This is how the world of electronics works in industrial production, clearly not all are like that, valuable companies that use quality components, fortunately still exist. Just keep in mind, that if a product costs little, it will be worth and can give irremediably little.

The events that determine a choice of products.
Now we will see to analyze, a typology of articles that will be made with the first project, and we will see the needs caused by the natural and artificial impacts, which in a sibylline way, continue to get stuck more and more insistently in our daily life and that will expand in the near future.

In the first place, we will try to understand what these decisive factors are, in order to reason about the methodology that should be used to evaluate the definition of a production guideline. I will also add reports, that surely many of you not only will not believe in this method, but also will not believe the facts that I will try to illustrate, this is because man is an animal party animal, and while everything is fine, there is nothing that can worry him or move him. Obviously, to solve all your questions with this information, you can solve it by doing a precise investigation, so that you can draw your own conclusions. They cannot criticize if they do not inform themselves before!

Here is not about believing or not believing mysticism, destiny, predictions or anything else, here only expose the facts, the information of which, a specific intelligence should use the best and not the opposite. In any case, I am for prevention instead of cure, so keep in mind that we must do ours and promote preventive prevention, a precious instrument that is used very little, but which is of vital importance in the near future. I have deepened my field of work in prevention to try to preserve the best human life in itself. This dedication was born, predominantly due to several factors, which I evaluated at one time and which I have been working on for approximately 8 years.

A logical explanation of why, surely will leave many of you quite puzzled, I mean an old saying: "There is no worse deaf than those who do not want to hear, and worse blind than those who do not want to see", in this simple phrase, it summarizes all our egoistic capacity to live, true sometimes without knowing it, but that does not take away the present reality.

Television and the media keep us in the dark of everything, there is always talk of money, debts, work that does not exist, of the daily slaughter and murder of the chopped day and recontracted chopped and repeated nausea to distract your attention. They never give us any other important event, apart from an earthquake there or a flood there (they stop commenting after only 2/3 days to avoid problems with the government that does not want to help the victims). The ability of the governments of the world to avoid or stop the news is amazing, and if they were forced to give them to us, they would distort them in such a way that they would make us understand that good is really evil, or vice versa, according to the message they want to infiltrate us in our brains.

Do you have any idea what it is like when you discover a pyramid in the desert under the sand? For first one is the tip (peak) and, according to the amount of sand that they remove, the pyramid is enlarged always more. They will not be able to guess its true dimension until they have reached their base and only then will they know and realize the large amount of information that has always hidden or lied to us.

This has happened to me over the years, continuing to investigate what was really happening in the world, I had the opportunity to speak with people of great thickness of many subjects, from the doctor to the scientist, aerospace and meteorological, just to understand ourselves, those cataloged and painted as liars, swindlers, visionaries and impious by all the televisions of the world. It will probably be because I am a direct descendant of St. Thomas, but I do not believe in the news until I personally review it. It is true that many of these scientists and researchers, with data at hand, have illustrated their deductions and conclusions, putting me at the forefront of the real evidence that has happened in the past (and has never been published), and that is still happening today with prospects for the near future. In summary, we talk about the next 3/5 years, so it is a sadly short time lapse and for which they themselves encourage anyone not to waste time in preparing.

Things all over the world are getting worse, and I'm not only talking about the war, because of the short irons between the US, China, Turkey and Russia, but also all the news that the mass media and the of the main stream are prohibited from disclosing. The news that smart scientists publish every week, in no way are reassuring, almost as if nature had decided, that the time has come to present us the bill, becoming hostile against us. They will increase exponentially in a short time, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, heat, cold, droughts and storms. I know that it is hard to believe and that they can accept all this, but I always hope, that whoever reads can give the benefit of doubt and decide once and for all to inform themselves as is due. Everyone is lying; I suppose you can imagine it. These are not crispy words collected from the web or shouted by someone, they are shared data that you can verify personally.

The Yellowstone volcano continues to wake up, the last seismic activity, updated up to 10 days since the date of publication on this website, has been 118 earthquakes in the last 30 days, 46 earthquakes in the last 7 days, 9 earthquakes in the last 24 hours. So read, these data seem few relevant, but if you knew that in the last year there were 471 earthquakes in Yellowstone, you will see things differently, and notary that the volcano had 1/4 of the annual earthquakes in a single month and continue to climb constantly. Do not forget that on 06/27/2017 at 2:00 PM local time in the USA, the famous and rare EQL or Earthquake Lighting was filmed on the volcano and its surroundings. These powerful and unusual rays of light are formed only as a prelude to an imminent and unprecedented eruption.

According to the scientists, this happens due to an unusual rubbing of the continental plates. In this specific case, the magnitude of the earthquakes is irrelevant, what to worry about is the sudden escalation of the frequency of the earthquakes, indications of imminent volcanic activity. You can verify this data directly on the website of the US seismological center. Probably, you could highlight better in front of your eyes, that since last year, Yellowstone animals are migrating, and nowadays, many species have moved away Kilometers from the park and, as you know, animals are the first to perceive and get away from imminent danger. In short, the asphalt of the streets around the volcano continues to melt in several places, this means that it does not take a great genius to understand what is happening.

It would be fun to know what they think would if, while driving down the road towards their homes, they felt the tires of their cars melt along the asphalt. What would they think?

In recent decades, it was rare to see an earthquake greater than 6th grade that could be repeated over the course of a year, nowadays they are practically a habit, thanks also to the practice of the media, which always play by minimizing the data of the detectors. In simple words, they do not tell the truth. From July 18 to 21, 2017 there were earthquakes in Peru of 6.4°, Russia 7.6°, two in Turkey in 6.7° and Greece in 6.7° in the Richter scale. Then, there were 12 earthquakes above grade 6.3 in the entire Cinturón de Fuego del Pacífico until September 8, 2017 with the earthquake of 8.0 in Mexico, and continuing with two others of 6.0 and 7.1°, then 6.0° in New Zealand, 6.2° Japan, 6.3° in the Vanuatu Islands, Mexico again with 6.2°, New Guinea with 6.0°, Tonga with 6.4° and so on successively to date.

The cadence, with which they occur, is disturbingly reduced compared to the past, and each day that passes the frequency is shortened. Here in Italy, the most feared volcano, is not Vesuvius or Etna as everyone believes and announces (this, of course, does not diminish the danger), the most dangerous in the world, like Yellowstone, is that of the Campi Flegrei, near the city of Naples, where almost 1 million people live. It is a huge volcano that is under the sea and that in recent years has raised the bottom of more than 3 meters (13 feet). Government scholars say that it will never explode; intelligent scientists say that if it is not this month, this year or in 5 years, but the sure thing is that it will come back active.

Campi Flegrei is about 25 km in air line with Vesuvius, so maybe we could also suppose, that these two boilers, are connected by the subsoil in a very direct way, then if one wakes up, so can the other. In the world there are more than 1,200 volcanoes between active, inactive and dormant, the assets at full pace to date, are approximately 22, of them, only in the last year and a half woke up 8, and as the best volcanologists say, this It is not normal at all. Without bothering the Yellowstone or Campi Flegrei volcano, you just need to know, that the only Vesuvius in full eruption, could darken the half-planet sky for months and months, apart from the destructive material effects. This would mean the end of the life cycle of plants and the end of many animal species.

This is just an appetizer of what happens seismically every year, if we add all the hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, hot and cold weather, droughts and storms, they will also understand that the situation is not happy and is not normal. Nobody, governments, scientists (to anyone's salary), universities and the media want to consider the messages Mother Nature sends us. Any.

Here in Italy, we have a thermal circuit between day and night, between 8° and 10°C (46°F and 50°F), and this you know is not normal. The climate is increasingly similar to the desert (for those who do not know, the anticyclone of the Azores no longer exists).

For artificial events, do not forget that there are other indications, such as the appearance in January 2017, of a huge and mysterious cloud of radioactive isotope Iodine 131 that covered all of north-western Europe and northern Italy. It is not known why the appearance of this substance, although it seems to be of provenience from the Norwegian seas. This particular isotope, is used in the construction of atomic bombs, nuclear power plants and radiotherapy, choose what you prefer. As a final note, we must remember the incessant floods, not only of us, but also of India and China, where in some places the water reached 4 meters in the cities, also taking concrete houses.

However, history teaches, and you know it, only that nobody wants to open your eyes, the most recurrent phrase is: "And what can I do?" Especially in Italy, we have become extremely good at getting rid of annoying back thoughts. "And what is the use of doing something? If there will be a nuclear war we will all die!" "If a great earthquake will happen, finally we will all die!" Well, unfortunately, not always one is so lucky to die at the first shot in case of a catastrophe, and if they allow it, there are so many people who are ready to fight, save their lives and that of their loved ones, trying to prepare themselves and equip. Yes, in this case, I speak to the elegant egoist on duty, the one who always says "so much we all die", and if then we have the bad luck that you survive? What if we are so pineapples to meet you after the catastrophe? Of course, we have a ball in the foot, one that we have to take care of, because you did not even buy two bottles of spare water, and you do not even have a small torch to make some light.

Lift your shoulders and repeat the usual stupid cantilenas, represent the true Italian selfishness against their peers. And it is useless to think about the help of the government, the government has nothing to help them in case of an extreme event. Do not you see that the earthquake victims do not even help? Do not you see that after a dozen days since the events, just as long as the centers of television attention are turned off, they are left alone at their destination? The only ones who kill themselves with fatigue to help are the poor volunteers and the Firemen who now use them for anything. They just need to send them to war and then they did everything! No gentlemen, the Civil Protection in Italy, has no reserves or resources to provide help in case of a higher level event, you think that if there was a violent eruption of Vesuvius, have at least 500,000 gas or dust masks to give to a million citizens of Naples? At the most they will continue with the paper small mask. Thermal blankets? Individual emergency lights and other tools for the first emergency? Nothing.

Unfortunately, our mind quickly erases any unpleasant events and that is why we have forgotten, that only here in Italy (leaving aside the rest of the world) have catastrophic earthquakes, in 100 years we had a fortnight that caused more than 100,000 deaths, for what you can see, that we are not different from other nations. Do you remember the eruption of the Eyjafjöll volcano, located in the southern part of Iceland that happened in 2010? This volcano, compared to Etna or Vesuvius, is like a child, but with its screams, it has darkened the sky of ashes in the north of Europe, it has reached the coasts of the Arctic and Canada, and in the eastern direction it has expanded to a third of Russia.

They should definitely be inculcated in the mind, "that everything they think cannot happen will happen" (ask the Italian people affected by all kinds of geological disasters) and that "everything that has happened in the past will happen again", this is an immutable reality and part of the same nature. The Italian indifference ceases at the same time that you are to be beaten, and only then will you realize the mistake made, but it will be too late.

If after you think, that all the stories given by the media, are a solution for all evils, and to live in a reveler way, I will be happy for you! Therefore, you can avoid continuing to read and sail sailing to other shores with the wind of your certainties in the stern. In any case, it is true, that in the near future will happen a revolt of nature, and none of us will be exempt from this.

The first plant.
In short, the first plant of the 2project4all project, will have a wide range of products to choose from. It will manufacture items of common use, such as small appliances, medical equipment, seismic equipment and devices, automotive products, for home use, security systems, alarm systems (not classic alarm systems), underwater devices, special robotic systems, automation products, controls, remote controls, systemic controls, power generation systems, special communication systems, etc.

Along with the above, for those in the prevention and human protection sector, there are survival backpacks that nobody prepares, with special characteristics that no product in the world has, and designed not only for immediate support, but also for the long term. There will also be radio locators, special lenses, electric torches to fast and durable recharge, emergency lights from 70 to 120 hours of real lighting, communication systems, physical anti-earthquake survival systems for houses, locators (not like those that are already in commerce), family tracking systems (without cell phones), special sensors for seismic detection, water purifiers, etc.

I am very sorry, but as I said before, I have to be generic in the descriptions and omit to talk about enough products, because the new ones are not protected by rights or patents, however, know that only for the same field of survival; we talk about 34 more projects and other 7 ideas on the way. After these specific items for survival on land, always in this same establishment will produce special nautical survival devices, including two exclusive systems of civil and military rescue, which can be used on any type of boat and currently do not exist in commerce.

The second plant.
On the second plant of the 2project4all project, prefabricated wooden houses will be installed and conformed. Four words, which unlike the first floor, immediately give an idea of the final product. Because prefabricated houses, which are already produced in northern Italy and Austria, you ask? The explanations are many, so we will see the most outstanding ones, to give you an idea of why I designed these new types of homes.

First of all, I tell you that after having seen them, having visited the production plants and following the execution of the buildings, I came to the conclusion that it was necessary to go back to the design table and review the constructive method, because this, In my opinion, it could be more refined. When the first prefabricated wooden houses came out for the first time in the market, due to the scarcity of commercial diffusion, these were built with the wise knowledge of resistance and durability; they were built with ancient craftsmanship, resulting in very robust houses, that involuntarily became even anti-seismic.

As time passed, and the expansion of the sales of these rooms, production volumes began to increase and those that were once former carpentry workshops soon became true industries with assembly lines. Unfortunately, as always in the industrial world, the desperate search for the largest productive number began at the expense of quality. Now, I do not say that they are not beautiful and cannot withstand an earthquake; I only affirm that after having seen them build, they have become something very different from the antecedents.

Although the factories of today are all computerized, the cuts and the carvings are made only and exclusively to allow a quick assembly. The reverse side of the medal is that it leads to the result of obtaining a fragile wall and with a high probability of cracking, when it will fall under the push of seismic waves or the shoves of the strong wind. These cracks usually point to the weakest points, such as the anchors to the foundation, the corners of the windows, the doors and anywhere there is an opening. All these marks and the fact that they are made of wood, does not exempt them from becoming even more fragile with the passage of time.

What I have noticed in the design of these walls, it seems almost as if the designers did not take into account the basic laws of physics, such as very simple leverage. The old saying says: "Give me a lever and I will raise the world!" Right? Well, try to imagine some strips of a wall under the same principle, and imagine that tremendous force they have to sustain. The first thing that comes to the ordinary person in thought, is to provide adequate reinforcement in the stressed point in question with another wood, right? Well, nowadays they do it, only to make it faster, this piece of wood is against perforated with nails and screws, with the firm conviction that it will surely resist in the effort. Unfortunately, it will not be like that, because due to too many nails and screws, this block becomes fragile and subjected to a strong pressure of the law of the lever, it will break.

Obviously, it is a rough and coarse explanation, and to understand it better, it would be necessary to talk about it in front of the project on the wall; I just hope I have given an idea of the method. For the assembly of these walls, long use is made of guns shoot nails, staplers, and few screws are used, my objection is that the indiscriminate use of these tools, solely and exclusively to hold together a set of pieces, cut without strong carvings, as a former craftsman I can definitely say that they are not made to rule of art.

Other factors, which will bring in the immediate future, the spread more of this type of homes built with renewable materials such as wood, are several. One of the main ones is the wild cementification, the cement is an element that I have never appreciated at all, cumbersome, cold, dark, unmanageable when it collapses, recyclable with exorbitant costs and is highly polluting.

Concrete, as a child, I have seen it useful only in the field of large structures, retaining walls, dams or any building where titanic structural strength is needed. Apart from its duration (which is not eternal), cement, for me, also has a bad characteristic, that is, when it breaks, cracks or decomposes, any substance or material is used to repair it, this will no longer have the same resistance, unlike the wood, which once repaired, always maintains its integrity. I have seen several experiences of some friends and colleagues in the matter of cement, they have made enough repairs on walls of buildings and pillars with many special chemical mixtures prepared for the repair of cement, but the result has always been disappointing.

However, these were only purely personal notes and I know that several engineers and architects laugh at this reading. For my part, I can only say, that what you think or do behind a desk, will never be like what you try or see in the field. Believe me, in my entire career I have seen terrible things, made by high level engineers.

One factor to keep in mind is that future governments will probably ask that, when houses start to be demolished due to old age, they were rebuilt not completely in concrete, but in renewable materials such as wood. For those who believe that the houses will one day be built with 3D printers, I tell them that nowadays, this method is quite archaic, since the structure of these buildings is insufficient and not very robust. In any case, unless tomorrow they do not try to invent a new type of material, the printers would always use paste cement, so the result would not change the same, implicitly they would continue using polluting materials.

Another factor is the resistance to seismic shocks, brick and cement houses, although built with anti-seismic criteria, are always very dangerous and are subject to cracks and breaks, and then meeting the usual problems of repair, so it is difficult that a house in concrete, can be maintained perfectly integrates with a pull of degree 7° in those conditions. For those who might think that these facts are not true, because on television they have seen 80-story skyscrapers that resist tremendous earthquakes, I say that it is easier to fall a house of 3/4 floors than one of 80. I'm not going to descend in details with long technical explanations; I just tell you in a simple way, that it is a factor of the reverberation of the seismic waves depending on the height of the affected building. Figuratively imagine a beautiful young woman dancing belly dancing rocking and you will understand what I mean.

The vast majority of the skyscrapers have a steel skeleton that supports and holds all the bricks, this prevents the skyscrapers from falling, but does not avoid seeing broken or cracked concrete. Cement has a different resonance factor than wood and this is not an insignificant element. Deepen a search for information on the close correlation between resonance, vibration and materials, a field that is very specific and interesting, and that helps a lot in the selection of anti-earthquake building materials.

Due to the considerable increase in temperatures in the Mediterranean, we find the sea full of sharks and other tropical fish that are damaging our marine ecosystem, southern Europe is becoming like the Caribbean and the Americas, in other words, every time more often, typhoons and hurricanes of all kinds continue to form, and in a very unusual way for this planet. Now, as measured by the contained moment, these events are beginning to form on the mainland, something that perhaps scientists did not even imagine could happen to our latitudes. In the last 2 years, winds have been measured that have exceeded 150 km/h, and believe me that when one of these tornadoes passes, little or nothing remains standing. I could continue to make long lists of everything that could happen as a climate event against a home, but I think the concept is now clear.

The houses that will be produced in this establishment, will be of new conception, the final characteristics will be such that they will be able to support an earthquake of 8th degree of the Richter scale without any problem and to overcome this limit if there are no failures in the soil. Also the foundations are specially designed to avoid defragmentation, which would compromise the structure of the home. It is also in the process of being studied, a particular type of foundation for those homes that are in sandy or clayey soils, and that have the ugly characteristic in case of earthquakes, of being affected by the phenomenon of liquefaction, that is, when a floor is subjected to pressure and vibration, at the touch it loses strength and behaves like a muddy and dense liquid, transforming little by little into real quicksand.

The shape of the houses will be such that they can withstand class 3 hurricanes of the Saffir-Simpson staircase, the walls are designed to withstand strong frontal, lateral and diagonal stresses, which happens almost always when a hurricane takes the objects by the air and throws them like bullets. To avoid the idiotic phrases of idiots, of course we are talking about reasonable objects, and not a 2 ton car thrown like a baseball. For such a weight there is no house that can withstand such an impact. Simply calculate the ratio of mass and velocity and see how much a car launched at 150 km/h will weigh.

Continuing, the roof is structured in order to prevent eradication, remember that a house collapses when violent jets of air find escape routes, hitting anywhere in the house, therefore, the main objective is to try to avoid any type of cracking. That is why the roof with the walls is a contiguous homogeneous, robust and versatile at the same time. The tiles for the roof are of new conception and can resist hail of 8/10 cm (3/4 inch.) In diameter without breaking, and not least, are anchored one by one, preventing them from being lifted and eradicated.

It is evident that the windows will also be dimensioned for maximum robustness, the windows will be the best producers on the square and, to protect them, there will be shutters and shutters, all armored to mitigate the shoving and shooting of events. As you have already guessed from this description, the house has been designed to withstand weather events incisively and, thanks to these characteristics, it will also protect you from intrusion attempts. Many are convinced, that just because it is a wooden house is easy to penetrate, it is just the opposite. For a brick house, with tip and hammer, in a minimum time can open a gap, especially if you are lucky enough to find a pure brick wall, while for this type of walls, you need to work many hours with special cutting tools before opening a gap, and the layers of materials that are ahead will be a major obstacle against drilling. Flour first trying from a window or a door, only to do so, they have to force the armor, and this would take the same many hours. The only drawback is that if they lose the house keys, they will be in big trouble! But do not worry; to solve this problem will be the services of our company!

The last note is that the house is fire resistant, totally isolated from noise (even internal), balanced for temperatures between +50°C and -60°C (+122°F and -76°F), and is possible to require it even with protection against electromagnetic pollution, commonly called Electro smog.

The only characteristic that we share with the houses produced today is the ability to install the house in 24/48 hours. Do not be fooled as always by advertising, they announce that in 24 hours you have the house done and finished, this is a colossal lie, first because if they really did, it would mean that the assembly is done with the feet, second because the term assembly refers to the installation of the walls and the single roof covering. Then they are left to do, all the water facilities, services, hydraulics, painting, installation of tool and accessibility, tiles, finishing all the external parts of the thermal shelter, insulation of the junction of the house to the foundations, tiles, pavements, etc..

Therefore, if you want a house made properly, this takes the right times. If I had to buy a wooden construction, to be completed in just 24 hours, I would not buy it, if it was a tool shed, yes.

The golden rules of my beloved old people, those who taught me everything about the ancient art were: "Reason calmly, designs calmly, build calmly if you want what you are doing to last over time", and believe me are words saints!

Those that I explained earlier are the outstanding features of this project, obviously there are more substantial ones that refer to other constructive features such as electronics, mechanics, energy self-control, etc ... and that we will make them public once covered by patent and protection. For those who are wondering what kind of houses will be produced, I answer, that the houses can be built of all styles with the same construction technique, this means that each client coming from any country can order their personalized home. Of course, do not forget that with the 2project4all project, the goal is to take the work where necessary, with the groups that will collaborate with this initiative, so in the latter case, for the project of prefabricated houses, these can be produced directly in the welcoming country, with the same technique and style of the host nation.

I would say that at this point, we can conclude for the moment the end section of these two projects, two production plants that can live on their own, even if they are separated, but combined with a triple objective: Work, durability and security. These projects have been created with the main purpose of creating jobs in chains and tailored to human beings.

These companies should not only be generators of money, but money should aim to create solidarity and share everything with our peers and, at the same time, teach the method in all parts of the world. In addition to this, the purpose referred to the artifacts is that they last as long as possible, that they have a solid guarantee, that they can be repaired, regenerated, remanufactured and finally made with truly recyclable raw materials. Even the houses that have been produced, if by chance, extreme events could damage or destroy them, all their pieces can return to the company to be restored and irreparable parts, 100% recycled. In a word, nothing will be thrown away.

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