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The projects of 2projects4all - Project 2.

This is the section dedicated to the second company of the 2projects4all project, that is, the one that will be used and configured for the production of wooden houses and, later, for other artifacts of the same material. The paragraphs already described extensively in the pages of Project 1 will not be repeated, therefore, in the corresponding part, they will have at their disposal the link Read that will take them back to the corresponding part if they need to read the text again content.
The main article of this establishment will be the production of houses in the true sense of the word. Main construction material: Wood. In the 2projects4all project, it is essential to achieve all those possibilities that can allow the achievement of the desired objective, which is to be as eco-sustainable as possible. Unfortunately, in our days, these green words leave the time they find, to a reality that is not really ecological.

A bit like the speech I gave you about Hydrogen for cars, that is, it is the story where they exalt you and tell you that it is clean, not polluting, it is ecological, but they do not tell you that Hydrogen does not exist in nature. It is extracted from natural gas using polluting processes, it also requires a large amount of energy to produce it, it is very dangerous due to its high flash point and explosion. Then you need special and expensive containers for storage, distribution systems are expensive and unsafe, have problems because of low performance, releases nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere, etc.

No exist purely ecological procedure; it would be fair and honest to say that everything possible will be done to respect nature, bearing in mind that this does not mean to be ecologists. All these great words, which have mainly an advertising and commercial value, will have nothing to do with us. The project 2projects4all, will guarantee in the maximum of its possibilities, do everything possible to preserve Mother Nature, but offend the very essence of creation, telling true lies, will not be a feature of our project.

That said, the wood that will be used by the establishment, will have to be from PEFC certified forests (Pan European Forest Certification) and then reimplanted, also the new project company 2projects4all, will belong to the FSC which is a global non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management throughout the world. This organization provides support to companies to make informed decisions about purchased forest products, and to request positive changes using dynamic market forces.

It is understood, that from our side, our company will participate actively, with investments of part of the tools, in reforestation programs, supporting and actively participating in these operations. The money will not be handed over to anyone, we buy the trees and we plant them, this to avoid these unpleasant deceptions perpetrated even today, to the harm of those who think that their money actually serves to plant a tree.

Any initiative to donate a water well, donations to help children or any other humanitarian operation, will be carried out under the direct control of the project 2projects4all, nothing will be entrusted to Onlus (Non-Profit Organization of Social Utility) or any other be also guaranteed by the government or the European parliament. We will buy, perform and deliver directly into the hands of those in need. No intermediary will intervene in any of our humanitarian initiatives.

The houses that will be produced, beyond the operational techniques of construction, will have the characteristic of being able to be conceived with the required style, such as tents, farms, villas, house to well, terraced houses, colonial houses, English cottage, Walser house, Dacia, and in short can be done according to the style and taste required, there is no limit to the imagination.

Inside will fit a construction typology that is a mixture of method and ancient wisdom, together with the new modern criteria, which result in a robust and durable set in time. Along with the flexibility of the house against earthquakes, it will also have the robustness to withstand the meteorological phenomena that will proliferate in the near future, such as tornadoes, hurricanes and storms.

As already mentioned in the section The purposes, the house will have an excellent resistance to fire, it will be totally isolated against noise (including those internal), it will be internally balanced with external temperatures between +50°C and -60°C (122°F and -76°F), and can also be ordered and constructed with shield against electromagnetic pollution. In this sense, remember that from the inside of the houses with protection shield, you cannot make phone calls! Do not worry, the houses are configured to be able to install landlines such as cars with antenna, or alternatively they can activate the transfer of calls on their landline number.

The entire electrical system will also have a shield against electromagnetic pollution, up to the electrical outlets, and customers will be taught how to minimize any possible radiation propagation inside the house. For those who immediately will show, that the radiations also pass through the windows, then I tell you, there will also be windows protected in the same way.

All rooms are soundproof; therefore you can safely make love without danger that the neighbor of the side room can hear screams and squeaking several. All houses will be equipped as standard, with video intercom circuit and other exclusive electronic peculiarities, also to prevent incidents due to excessive isolation between the rooms.

All the drainage and water supply systems are designed to reduce almost all possible faults to zero in case of movement of the house, caused by telluric shaking. Another special feature of these homes will be the self-sustaining, which will start from conventional solar systems, to finish with other innovative treats, also these exclusive project 2projects4all. The tiles, also if they have the traditional conformation of use, are of new design and can support hail of 8/10 cm of diameter (3/4 inches) without breaking, and with the relevant characteristic of being equipped with a special type of anchoring, to reduce to the maximum the possibility of being lifted and uprooted by the force of the wind.

I am also studying a specific method for the removal of snow and ice, without the need to always climb on the roof, something that always has a certain degree of danger especially if it is frozen. I also designed the foundations of the house with special characteristics, which will allow the assembly of the house with or without anti-earthquake vibration reducers.

One of the weakest parts of a wall is where there is an opening, then where there is a window or a door. In the 2projects4all project, special care has been taken in the design of these delicate parts, which are generally the first to yield under seismic flexion. The designed walls are dimensioned in this way, and construction techniques have been used to minimize the possibility of structural failure of the wall.

In other words, in order for the corner of a window to break, you must first have yielded the entire wall. Do not think that I invented who knows that, I simply mixed the old construction techniques, with modern construction methods of the present, nothing else. As I mentioned in the Motivations section, there are only a few things left to invent, we all copy and always mix hot water. The important thing is to do it with intelligence and extreme refinement.

The good thing about the almost total prefabrication of these houses is the possibility of packing them in a couple of trucks and sending them wherever you want in any part of Europe, without any kind of problem. In his next, there will be technicians who will provide their installation and those responsible for the finish, as long as the client does not decide to buy the raw and raw house and refine it by himself. Therefore, there are no boundaries that can be crossed for the dissemination of this product.

It is evident that, being the project 2projects4all, of wide scope, our objective is to open the next factories in other countries, together with the participants that will form the different groups, for the realization of it with our help. In short, the houses, or we do them and we deliver them, or we do them in the place with an identical copy of our plant, as already mentioned in the Project 1. The brick market was huge, now its life cycle is about to end and what will advance in the future, will be a reconstruction of the existing buildings with the replacement with those that are already called Eco sustainable, word for me unpleasantly false, but acceptable from the point of view of a change, whether they want it or not.

When people will finally realize the limited value of a brick house, and the fact that with this new type of house they will save a lot of energy, they will see the rapid increase that this type of market will have. Ultimately, remember that the life of a wooden house, has nothing to envy a brick and concrete house, in fact, ask yourself why in many countries of the world, there are still standing wooden houses of more than 200 year old. I know that many of the famous know-it-alls will comment: "What does it matter to me if it lasts a hundred years? I'll be dead already!" This is the classic Italian negligent expression, which shows how much they always think only of themselves and never of those who will come in the near future. I think you have already understood that these people do not deserve even the slightest answer.

In conclusion, we do not have territorial limits with respect to the markets; I will only tell you that if we had the possibility of opening immediately a factory in South America, we would make large numbers!

Name and logo.
Positioning of the plants.
Company configuration.
The employees needed for this project 2projects4all company, are, as you have already read in the section on Project 1, very similar, only here the classic and fantastic artisans predominate, who are the backbone of this activity. The artisan himself is the one who gives the magical touch to this work and is a precious element that must be valued, not only in the field of wood, but also in that of facilities, which guarantees the real durability of the home. Its preparation will also be the precious knowledge that will be passed on to future generations, so that these noble activities of the past will not be lost forever.

Investment of profits.
Legal office.
Dining room and ambient.
Electrical network and facilities.
As already mentioned in the Project 1 section, in addition to the normal carpentry equipment, we will also need the support of special machines, because obviously, we will build the houses in series, which will have the characteristic of having pre-mounted walls on benches and have the ability to handle them in any way.

With the exception of the last minute changes, the most interesting companies in this type of machines are the Weinmann of the Homag group and that of the German Weinig group that pivots its production in the manufacture of machinery and processing plants of solid wood and related materials. The machines are designed according to the needs of the work, and not underestimated, they are interchangeable, that is, they allow the addition of accessory modules without substantial modifications, which is an advantage if changes are foreseen along the route of development of houses.

For accessory components, such as staplers and nailers, they will be selected among the best, to guarantee a long life of the tool. However, I am still perfecting its use, because as already mentioned, the assembly system designed by me provides other methods with other equipment.

In the project 2projects4all, the construction of special machines controlled by Cnc is planned, to carry out particular processes, this is because it is much cheaper and more practical than buying them, and the rest are tailored to the jobs they will have to carry finished. The rest of the secondary equipment is similar to the one in Project 1; therefore it is not necessary to repeat it.

As for the supply of wood, it will seem strange, but there is not a supplier park as large as it may seem. You have to be careful, because you can run into unscrupulous people and without any respect for nature. For my part, I have pre-selected two Italian and two Austrian suppliers who are very competent in the subject. I have already verified all your certifications and records, where they are registered, to have a guarantee about the seriousness of the provider.

Unlike our competitors who only use (for economic reasons) white wood such as Fir, we will use composite materials of various essences and that is why we also need foreign suppliers. These four names, also guarantee me a certification of the absence of radioactivity, something neglected by many producers, who could fill their warehouses, with very cheap wood from areas like Ukraine that suffered the worst radioactive disaster in history.

This attention should also be paid to the supply of metals, because like wood, metals can also be impregnated with radioactivity. The rest of the secondary providers are always similar to those of Project 1, so I invite you to read again the parts that interest you.

Operational vehicles.
The costs.
From the calculation of the expenses of Project 2, many voices have been omitted, since the different costs of the equipment have been supported by the Project 1, which will provide the many necessary parts for the construction of wooden houses, then so here you will find only what is indispensable and necessary for the realization of this industry that will deal with the transformation of wood.

In summary.

This second company, in addition to the different processing characteristics, will be the exact mirror of the Project 1 company. Why should it be like this? Simple, because that way it will have the perfect exchange capacity of the personnel employed, in order to provide total support among themselves, so that they can handle with all their strength all the problems that may arise along the way.

In addition, the production of these houses will certainly give life to other collateral jobs on different fronts, which will allow us to obtain more employment for those who need it. Always remember the evidence I have shown in the Motivations section, so as not to lose sight of the real objective of the 2projects4all project.

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