Two projects for everyone!

The projects of 2projects4all - Project 1.

There are two establishments to build, and they are practically identical in almost all their parts, apart from the cost lists, which will be different due to the different types of equipment. Keep in mind, that Factory 1 will also produce everything necessary for the many details, for the activity of Factory 2, what will be prepared for the production of wooden houses. In this section, we will see more specifications, the execution procedure and the costs for the realization of the two companies of the 2projects4all project. Let's now analyze the projects, examining in more detail the various characteristics and functionalities in situ, ending with a preliminary study on the costs that will form the amounts of the investments.

Method and objective data.

The main objective of the 2projects4all project is to create something stable and lasting, noble and valuable at the same time, to return to a vision of the past when the Made in Italy was truly recognized throughout the world for its originality and genuine quality, and not like now, where all this has evaporated with the illusions of honest businessmen, who believed in their potential and in the support of our false government. Another of my objectives is to give a real contribution to society, donating all the knowledge that this company will produce, and that not only benefit a few, but all.

This is one of the reasons, why I have never supported my colleagues and professionals who are all first ladies (as expressed in Italy), with this type of people I have stopped working for years, and every time it is presented before from me one of these, believe me I have a lot of sympathy for him. Knowledge must be shared with all, we must encourage ourselves to convince people again, that welfare is not referred to money, but in knowledge and culture. Without these support pillars, we are nothing, and that is why politicians and evildoers make us what they want. The money will come; they are only the consequence of a healthy, wise and educated mind that, when it shares, is remunerated by the donated aid.

My concept of how I conceive the patent and the Copyright© is, without a doubt, the best protection for the company from any attempt at fraud by other competing companies, but this does not exempt me from feeling morally bound to teach, make learn and share all the ideas born from my mind and from all those who will work in the companies created by the 2projects4all project. I am of the opinion, that it is much more valuable that I leave my children, my family, my friends and my employees, a lot of knowledge and teachings, instead of just leaving the insensitive money.

These are the things that fill your heart and soul, and at the same time fill the spirit with joy, knowing that I will continue to live through them when I am no longer on this beautiful planet. Feeling that extreme satisfaction when you see a child or a beginner who repeat your words, explain and reason, give an incisive indication that the young people have understood, and you can let them go quietly in their own way.

This is one of the basic concepts, why there should be companies of this type, any client, friend or other human being, you can learn everything you want from us, besides, this is the right way to encourage young people to be interested in all those work activities from which they moved away, showing them that there is another world besides computers and cell phones. The novelties and inventions are born, (as already explained in the section Motivations) simply because they have absorbed, felt and tested, an indication created, elaborated and tested by another.

It works like this since the beginning of time. If this were not so, there would be no evolution. Therefore, it is necessary to transmit to all the new generations, those filaments that are so mysteriously called industrial secrets. I am already starting to talk about this now, illustrating these lines as I am doing, it is a method to start customer loyalty, and as a guardian, if by chance a competing company took into account to copy any of our initiatives, activities or our products. It is enough to have spoken first, to have begun to teach and to share first. The client does not forget these things.
The groups and the main purpose of the 2projects4all project.
In addition, let's not forget, that another of the main objectives of the two companies is to invest the benefits, to be able to open one behind the other, in collaboration with other groups that will support the project 2projects4all, twin companies in all parts of the world. In each nation, they can form groups like the one we are doing now for the first time, so that all of us together, establish the new realities to give more work to those who will participate.

The new companies, in turn, will cede a part of the profits, which together with ours; will give us the opportunity to open other companies and so on to open others in cascade. As already mentioned, this methodology will be included in the contract. This operation, I am not organizing to convert these creatures into machines makes money for the exclusivity of a few, the goal is to return to be human beings with healthy and certain values. He who is only hungry for money, who sees nothing but profit, who lives only for himself and knows that he will never get rid of that disease, avoid joining us.

In this way, a redundant business and collaboration will be created, which will make companies safer in terms of the type of management, more protected on the economic side, collaborative in production, quadrupling the internal planning activity and multiplying exponentially the research and development, latent heart of knowledge.

In short, I and the main company that will be born here in Italy, we will donate all the patents, ideas and projects to the new nascent companies, so that from the first day of the opening, they are immediately productive. Even the whole work method will be replicated, the new staff will be trained in the original structure, the teaching will always be intensive and well structured, even with the theory, that flanking the staff working in the different departments. To be hired permanently, they must pass the most severe test to learn everything that is transmitted to them and this will be tested with the appropriate ad hoc tests.

This is imperative, because each employee must also become an instructor, especially if they are personnel from abroad, because in turn, someday they will have to be teachers for new beginners and for all those who want to learn. Then, when the trained personnel will leave the parent company, they will have their qualification and proof in hand. The employee can also acquire multipurpose qualifications, depending on their learning skills.

Instruction and method.
Another objective of the 2projects4all project is that the parent company is the founder of the opening, a true University of study in all fields used by the company itself. Alliances with schools will be established to organize study and training cycles at an early age. The University will be open not only to students, but to all those who request it.

This concept comes from my experiences as a young student, which led me to hit the harsh reality, that everything I was taught in school did not help me at all at work. Otherwise, it was when, always very young, I began to teach everything I had learned in the workplace. I always hit hard with all the Professional centers to which I was directed to evaluate young people, possible employees for the work forces of my clients. Every time I read the pages of the curriculum of these young people, I was horrified to read a lot of things that had nothing to do with the field of work, and the thing did not change even when I got to the point of preparing the plan myself of studies, illustrating all the subjects with the specific ones and the methodical ones used by the Italian industries.

Was it the classic rubber wall, you know why? Simple, teachers could not teach because they had taught themselves differently, to say the least. The result is that today, these shortcomings of the education system are still being passed on, with the result that young people who leave school do not know a cucumber and are fucked in job interviews with the classic label: "He has not got experience". Still have not understood that the Divine Comedy cannot be taught in a professional school, but you can invite, and not force the young, to approach other methods to read these texts. It must become an additional enrichment, and not be imposed as it is done today.

You of the Government, must put in the head, that a young passionate in electronics and who frequents a professional school to cultivate that passion, never and never will distract him from the joy he feels when studying his favorite subject, to force him to read things that They do not interest you minimally, and they do not allow you to realize their ideas. They must understand once and for all that method is needed and not constriction. A young electronic designer, he prefers to read a 650-page STMicroelectronics Data Sheet instead of reading Dante's masterpiece. Do you want an electronic to also learn the Divine Comedy? All right! Make an animated and/or spoken video, or even a movie, you can be sure that you will learn it immediately, quickly and without restriction problems. Why? Simple, because it is the most accepted and fluid method of this new generation.

The type of learning must go the same step with the new generations. This must be a fixed and immutable rule.

Let us now make a brief summary of the articles that we can mention, these already exist and I have improved and perfected them. It is a new generation of small and medium appliances (a dozen), medical equipment, seismological equipment and devices, products for the automotive industry, gas masks, nuclear and anti-dust radiations, which have a totally innovative, non-bulky and usable design for hours and hours without fatigue or annoying pressures, and with a protection parameter ranging from super fine powder to nuclear powder.

Then emergency descent accessories, emergency manual water and gas shut-off keys, emergency communication and radio positioning devices, emergency lifting devices, forcing tools, unscrewing and emergency folding, emergency cutting tools, anti-slip gloves cutting and multipurpose debris, protective and high-strength insulating tapes, blankets and protective sheets also in Mylar, impact-resistant and splinter-resistant visual protection devices, shock-proof and rocks thrown with force, disinfection and treatment devices of water.

It continues with sound and attention devices, gas and water shut-off valves with mechanical and automatic vibration sensors, emergency lighting devices, portable emergency electricity generators, seismic alarm sensors, Radon gas meters, meters Geiger, fall arrest systems, fall arrest systems for furniture and appliances, automatic coupling systems for closing drawers and doors in case of an earthquake (these are not those safety devices for children in trade), emergency lighting lights for internal drawers and compartments, emergency lights with a lighting capacity of 70 to 120 real hours, fast charge flashlights, protective cover for plugs and sockets, against falling furniture and heavy objects to prevent short circuits.

As already mentioned, these are only some of those that can be cited, and to which we must add those that are not yet protected by patent, and that belong to the categories of new small appliances, safety and prevention, energy, recycling and large events.

As mentioned a couple of lines back, many of the products that will be built, in these 2projects4all project plants, (especially in the first one) cannot be mentioned because they are not yet protected. Another very important reason is that many entities, such as people or companies, would not look favorably on the marketing of these items, because they are totally against their methods of durability, robustness, use and dependence. Buying products that would free them from the slavery to which we are now subjected by the industries, is not part of their commercial religion, therefore, innovative articles, for them, is not only synonymous with competition, but also the danger of to lose forever the flock that shepherds in its enclosures.

Your intelligence will make you understand why I use metaphors; therefore they do not need more explanations. The rich list of articles that will be produced comes from a deep market research, carried out with criteria, and unlike many competitors, it produced directly in the field, going personally to the different potential markets, and analyzing the logic of consumption of the native people. One of the mistakes that most market analysis companies make is to verify the data on the web, make a few hundred phone calls, verify the information obtained from the Ice (National Institute of Foreign Trade), verify what goods they are the most imported in the country in analysis, and from there they verify and prepare a report to be presented to their vision, obviously at a very salty price.

The hypothesis and the analysis of this type are useless, because they almost never reflect reality, (testing and burning of person) and make them make mistakes, which can also cause serious impacts on the company. The most attractive markets for the 2projects4all project, which would initially absorb around 70% of the first company's production, are the aforementioned South America, Russia, China and part of the Middle East.

South America.
Despite the problems caused by the interference of some governments, it remains a fantastic market that constantly absorbs assets that are relevant to the active and passive security market, in any form and type. The lack of cooperation of the forces of public order to maintain a certain balance with local crime does that the citizen has more and more experience in prevention and security.

The nations with the highest incidence of violence are found in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile. To a lesser extent, Venezuela, Bolivia and Uruguay. Contrary to what one thinks, that is, we are talking about poor nations, these people still conserve, no less than 4 social groups, from the very poor to the very rich with two intermediate strips. This means that the products that are for sale are cataloged with a multitude of prices, where the lion's voice is currently made by China, integrating largely in the medium-low market.

In the medium-high belt, we find American, European and, of course, those of the domestic market, where Chile benefits from the number of open hypermarket chains. Few are Russian and Japanese products, excluding electronic products, obviously. They love Made in Italy so much, so from a certain point of view we are very advantaged. In addition to the security items, the major results will come from the sale of small appliances, of which they are strong consumers and passionate.

In particular, one of the production of the project 2projects4all, which refers to the recycling of plastic, will be especially successful among the poorest population, because it will give them the opportunity to create self-employment on their own and in their need, profitably. Never forget the primary objectives of the 2projects4all project, work for all.

It is a market in full growth, the love for our products is unique, not idolatrous, but in all cases by fervent enthusiasts. It is a huge market, you know, and there are no problems to export any type of article, there is room for everyone. I believe that it is the only country, with less problems to maintain excellent collaborative relationships in all business areas. I answer beforehand, to whom can raise objections to embargoes and prohibitions, telling them not to worry about this at the moment.

Nation known, so much controversial. It has always been famous for its products of low price, low quality and above all quite dangerous, because they use substances and toxic raw materials that are prohibited by law. In recent years, despite being heavily occupied by its arms race, China is trying to decisively resolve many of these difficulties, succeeding in some cases.

Despite this, we are still far from a real effective objective. However, there is still and remains a ruthless competition from this nation regarding the supply of raw materials. This makes them understand, because in many of our national low-cost products, there is lack of resistance, durability and loss of color, all symptoms, of raw materials coming from the Far East. A small example, you can find it in the handles of the kitchen ladles, when they start to get sticky, and you cannot even clean them with pure trichloroethylene, or when your favorite cell phone charger begins to crumble in your hands.

Paradoxically, the perfect nation par excellence, which is Japan, competes with China, both in finished products and in raw materials, deceiving and falsifying product certifications, only to put them in any way in the market. Even with adulterated steel, cheating many automakers, which will probably lead to a scandal like the one in Germany for falsifying emissions in the atmosphere of the cars they produce.

In all cases, China will be a fabulous absorbent of our products; there are no limits to the type of items that can be exported to this country. The required strip is medium-high, but I am more inclined to spread the products also for the less wealthy population. Even here as in South America, if it also seems absurd in a country accustomed to copying everything, I believe that the products related to plastic recycling will be very successful.

If later copied, patience, fight against these giants of counterfeiting is time lost, in all cases, will never be qualitatively valid as ours. They have expressed a great interest in the technology that I have established for the construction of the houses; we will see the developments for the future of the 2projects4all project.

Middle East.
Talking about trade in the Middle East is something that hurts the heart. See all the devastation caused by the insatiable thirst for blood and conquest of certain murderous nations, leads you to think, that we humans are really an incurable cancer for this poor planet. I am not going to list you in that, also because you already know who I mean, in all cases, the devastation that has taken place in those countries is indescribable, to the point that everything must be rebuilt. What you may need, you can imagine yourself, so exports will be in all aspects at 360° and, above all, highly anticipated. Even the houses are a point of reference for the initial negotiations with some local entities. We will see the meetings how they will develop in the future.

These are the markets investigated in the last 3 years, until the initial phase of project activation. The great advantage of the 2projects4all project is to start immediately with a considerable amount of contacts, previous agreements and configurations already ready in the South American market. In the country chosen as the operational base in that territory, everything has already been verified, including the customs agreements, the offices and the stores necessary for the continental point of support. With reference to the Russian and Chinese markets, I have already started the first collaborative contacts.

Name and logo
The name and logo of a company are the recognition plaque of this entity that will be created. It will have to be explanatory and attach a message, possibly reflecting the particular moment in which this business was founded. About 3 years ago, I conceived and formed the name of the new company, which consists of the union of two words and the character and characteristics of a third. I have already created the logo, and I have stylized it in two versions, one with the name and the other as a symbol.

Before coining the name, I investigated if it had already been used by any company, entity, person or event, both administratively and on the web, but, fortunately, there is no trace of all this. Corresponding to this name, therefore, the domains of each nation of the world are all free; it only remains to decide which domain to register the extension. Even the research in the patent office and registration of the logo was negative, no problem then. Colors, sizes and official forms have already been configured. The 2projects4all project also contains all of this.

Of all the parameters that are difficult to calculate in an industrial project, space is one of the most difficult. The great unknown, is in the hypothesis of how much you really need space. The only ones who have never had problems of this type are those who, based on their supposed calculation of space, can afford to acquire an area with a large margin of excess according to their needs. In my experience, especially with those clients who must, rightly, calculate the penny for investments, they always find that the work environment is a bit narrow at the end. I know that for many of you it is hard to believe, but when you start to analyze the volumes you need, you often forget many things, some very important and sometimes even a little ridiculous.

A funny episode, it happened to me with a client from the north of Italy when he called me to solve a problem, where probably due to the rush everyone had to open the plant in record time, the architect in charge, working with the meter for several days, and perhaps due to the excessive fatigue, a very significant detail of the new shed was forgotten: the bathrooms. The prefabricated construction company, in charge of the construction of the building, did not object when it saw the project, because it probably thought that the new shed was used for other purposes, and since the bathrooms were also prefabricated, there would be no problem adding it possibly in a later moment and placing it where necessary. For this new company, the most important feature was the space for the storage and handling of merchandise, and unfortunately, having to carry out the hygienic services for an army of workers, they had to sacrifice a large portion of the warehouse, reducing This way an important element for the company, and being at the beginning of its activity with a decided lack of space. After a couple of years, the thing was solved with the construction of an additional wing of the shed.

This example is a goliard episode, certainly caused by an unexpected and unintentional event, but believes me; it is very easy to make mistakes, even in more serious things. There will be many who reading these lines, surely they will comment, that this architect had to be a real fool, well, I can assure you, that the moment of serious, ridiculous, pedantic and ironic error arrives for all. No one is exempt from this, and one day it will also be up to you and I do not think you would love to hear someone label them as idiots, perhaps because of an honest and in good faith mistake.

The 2projects4all project provides the location of these new realities, between 2,000 and 2,500 m² of production and administration area for each industry. These buildings will be in prefabricated structures of reinforced concrete, and designed by the General Designer of the Structures in a safe and optimal way, will have plinths, beams and columns sized to withstand high seismic efforts (plus the new records that I have devised).

They will also have such a height that they can eventually be elevated, and they must have pillars with fork supports for the installation of "T" beams for the installation of bridge cranes. The ceilings will have a load value and a useful inclination, to be able to install solar panels for heating and for the production of electricity, and they must have such robustness to withstand strong gusts of wind. The power distribution booths should be located away from the plants and, where possible, bury and fully protect the power lines.

Positioning of the plants.
Where will these buildings be located? Surely many of you will think that the ideal for me would be to build them close to home for my comfort, well this does not coincide with the truth. The location of the place must correspond to certain characteristics, first of all, it has to rely on the least alluvial territory possible, in a municipality that is not so expensive and that instead of hindering us, it should not be so far from the major highways and superhighways (no need to reside in industrial areas), should not have problems with water supply, and finally, should be near a city that offers all its employees, the opportunity to meet their needs.

There are no territorial limits for its location; the entire Italian territory is a possible candidate. For the choice of location, the exchange of information between all those who will participate and support the 2projects4all project will be of great help.

Company configuration.
Honestly, up to the moment in which we will find funders or if we will operate differently, it is not worth stopping to illustrate a possible corporate structure, which will invariably change depending on the mode and method of financing. So, this argument, for the moment we will leave it parked. I only mention that, regardless of the amount financed, no shareholder will receive the majority of the shares for any reason. To the potential financial partner, you will be informed in advance, so that you can make your decisions with all the available elements. You can find clear and more specifications in the Investors section.

The types of employees needed in the projects of the 2projects4all project companies are multiple, secretary, accountant, lawyer, doctor, translators, designers, hardware and software programmers, electronics designer, CAD, illustrator, graphics, cameramen, journalist , terminal operator, telephone operator, machine operator, mechanic, carpenter, welder, painter, tinsmith, cleaner, security officers and other special tasks that do not need to be published at this time. In this list, however, there are still many missing, but it is useless to make an endless list, when you alone, understand that this new type of industry needs personnel of all kinds.

If we are lucky with the availability of funds contributed by the funders, we will not have the yoke of the banks on our shoulders, which would obsess us every month with the installment payments. In any case, for the financial operations of the company, you cannot avoid having one. Fortunately for us, we will not even have to do classical ballet, to listen to dozens, to see which one has the best treatment.

In the course of my career, I tried a lot of them, and finally I joined a banking group, which many years ago also incorporated the bank where I had my account as a young entrepreneur. In the last 10 years, I have worked intensely with them, I have very favorable conditions for all types of operations, from current accounts, to the "Ri.Ba.", national and international bank transfers, letters of credit, cash flows on time, and above all, I have excellent conditions to open accounts at zero expenses for employees. To date, the conditions offered by this credit institution remain valid.

This group can also fully support us abroad, in anticipation of having the base of support in South America. You know, I have to omit the name, always to avoid problems, because with the more detailed descriptions, it is easy for someone of my colleagues to understand who is organizing this project. Believe me, I feel really ridiculous to behave like that, but if we want to get as little as possible, we must act in this way. Blessed is the day, when one can speak freely in this poor country.

Investment of profits.
In recent years, I have completely changed attitudes regarding how to save profit reserves, Tfr or, in any case, all those amounts necessary to create liquid reserves of the company. All this is due, precisely, to the precarious banking world today, where you cannot really rely on leaving the money in the hands of banks. Since March 2006, when I started to smell the smell of crisis, with the consequent decision to start throwing the oars with the banks to avoid problems, I began to sell all the financial investments of the clients, bought as a form of supply, converting them all in solid instruments.

Operating in this way, none of my clients suffered any loss, both during the crisis, and when banks began to fall as ninepins. I only regret that when in January 2015, Switzerland decided to distance itself from the Euro, nobody paid attention to me when I advised them to invest in the Franco, which in fact made a good blow, making a lot of money for those who invested in it. . In conclusion, the supply of profits and other activities will continue also for new companies, and will continue to be transformed into solid instruments. I specify and underline, that I do not have any financial specialization, nor high-sounding qualifications to draw these conclusions. The only thing I use is the good sense taught to me by the wise teachers who were our parents and grandparents.

To prevent such problems, it is not necessary to have emblazoned beings that spend their lives sitting in the Bag, cursing all day in front of a computer, hoping that the irreparable thing does not happen losing all the money of the clients, and finally arriving to get a heart attack at 30 years old. Tranquility and reflection are the only elements necessary for this type of operation. Those who are subject to such financial disasters are usually the sharks who live only for profit and the bloody desire to get rich no matter what the cost. This form of storage will give solidity and the sure guarantee of always having the funds to invest in the other companies of the 2projects4all project.

After a constant skimming that lasted several months between different insurance companies, I was paused with three companies, two foreign and one Italian. With them, we have developed a comprehensive plan of effective prevention and broad spectrum, with coverage that includes many voices throughout the park of the company, such as buildings, personnel, machinery, vehicles, products in transit, warehouses, extraordinary events, electrical disasters, and electronic, etc. For the time being, the risks considered are the standards.

Special attention was paid to the intrusion, with a significant reduction in costs, when they saw the project on the active safety of the factory, to prevent thefts and fires. Another voice addressed in a particular way, was that of electronic coverage, a voice that is a little difficult for insurance companies, coverage will pay for the damages caused by each event and will also cover the electronic spare parts of the equipment.

Excellent coverage for means of transport, with high amounts of compensation. They have also offered, with the promise of an additional reduction of costs, pension packages for the labor personnel, but, since I am totally against this stupid thing, they will not be taken into consideration at all. If someone asks why, ask all those who have signed these contracts, and how much they have collected at the end of the policy.

In terms of advertising, speaking of newspapers, the priority will initially be given only to specialized magazines in the security sector, given that the main articles that we will produce will be in the field of prevention and survival. The advertising in newspapers and magazines, is money that in a second time, it will eventually be reversed, even, it is my opinion that it is not worth it, except of course to mega deals that can be made, given the scarcity of the lack of sales of the newspapers.

I already reviewed, and made the first agreements, with the bimonthly publication A&S Italy that is part of the magazines of the Group A&S, world leader in specialized publications in security. This magazine is an excellent springboard for us, with its special placement in the field of distribution, which makes it an excellent candidate for the knowledge of our products. With them, we will also have excellent support for our representation in public events, such as conferences, national and international fairs. The other channels in which to direct our advertising will surely be the public radio stations, which lately make very attractive offers for packages with national distribution. In addition, I personally know some owners of foreign radio channels, with whom we can establish excellent business relationships.

These are the initial points of the advertising plan, then, depending on our needs and the planned investments, we will decide the best for the dissemination of our reality. Public television is not taken into consideration initially, because it is extremely expensive, especially for those companies that are taking their first steps like us. Did not they know about this? They should know that in Italy everything works the other way around. Instead of helping the nascent, only those who are at the head of the food chain are favored!

Regardless of the jokes, the project 2projects4all plans to have in, a radio and a television channel that will work 24h/24h on the web, with worldwide dissemination. In these two channels, all kinds of news about our production, how to use the products, how to do the maintenance, how to order the spare parts, how to open and maintain the products will be transmitted, we will explain how they are produced and the quality level of the articles. They will also be taught how to use them to the extreme, they will teach urban and extra-urban survival techniques, they will teach how to survive everyday life, recycling techniques, they will interview the best experts in the various sectors, there will be programs with the leading experts In the environment of the world, seismology and nature, the preparation of natural foods with very long expiration and, why not, delicious dishes from around the world will be illustrated. Also in the palimpsests, the news will be present 24 hours a day. In other words, instead of buying advertising, it will be us who will do it and spread it.

This way of creating the advertising part, to have an independent evaluation form, I have illustrated it to several journalists, scientists and various entities of the academic world and almost all of them are enthusiastic about the project, and are willing to donate their free participation in the diffusion of knowledge through our television radio channels. Bear in mind, that I have already reported a possible collaboration with 2 national private television networks, so that they can connect to our channels in real time, with some types of services (not all), for the diffusion of programs, interviews, etc.., this is one more possibility in the short future. Multimedia will be one of the strengths of the 2projects4all project.

All the administrative and accounting management of the company will be managed internally, initially providing the hiring of special personnel and with all the qualifications of the case. The contracted doctor, will have to pass several exams to which he will be submitted, by a team of specialists I have known for many years and who are among the most prestigious studios in the place of Milan. Along with additional staff, you will also be responsible for managing payments and employee contributions. Everything must be under control, having the opportunity to work in real time in the company.

The 2projects4all project is very clear, that for future expansions with the opening of other companies, other accounting sections will be created in charge of the management of each company, these will be under the direct control of the senior accountant, who will change position, supervising all the branches that will be connected to all the open companies. Proportionally, the staff will increase. In addition to the management of the company, the administrative and accounting part will be responsible for helping and advising employees on all their needs, including the compilation and presentation of their tax returns. The financial part of the administration will provide the same consulting and assistance services for employees who need support for banking transactions, such as mortgages or loans.

Legal office.
For reasons of fashion, custom and favoritism, we still insist today, to think that legal support for a company is a detail of little relevance, without thinking, that, owing to the evil that is spreading throughout the world, to tell with the unconditional support of a legal assistance, it guarantees greater security and survival of the company itself. It is useless to hide your head under the sand, now you do nothing but cheat, steal, cheat and commit crimes in every way, and from this, the industrial world is not exempt, in fact, the worst part that plagues the world comes from there.

Due to this, the project 2projects4all foresees in its internal, a legal office that will have multiple tasks and that unfortunately are constantly needed for an industry. The costs of relying on an external study are very expensive, I would say excessive, so much so that there is all the convenience of hiring a professional within the company, so, being intrinsically aware of all the problems that can manifest in the course of Commercial operations, the latter quickly, will be ready to carry out their tasks. Depending on the unforeseen circumstances that may arise, a company can spend tens of thousands of Euros a year between advice, assistance, disputes, litigation, contracts, etc., provided there are no major problems.

The high costs are always attributable not only to the already known problems of the courts, but also to the lawyers with their magical arts always in progress. You, who are intelligent, know very well what I mean. That is why it is more convenient to pay a lawyer internally, in addition to having a safe ally in the courts and accelerating all practices to the maximum.

You will have to be prepared on a variety of topics, including contracting and international law, and you will have to be perfectly synchronized with your two counterparts already working for me in South America. The Spanish language will be mandatory in addition to English. The legal office in South America is the same one that was occupied with me, to develop research throughout the continent, and was responsible for the creation of the first operational base of the 2projects4all project, in the nation chosen for this purpose. Obviously, the jurisprudence staff will also have other tasks within the company, in addition to the legal one.

Employees are subject to many medical procedures and controls, as well as specific regulations with ongoing compliance. The project 2projects4all, in view of a total change of the decrepit modus operandi current, will have in its organic, a doctor responsible for all mandatory governmental procedures, also taking charge of the health of employees, taking care and attention of all their needs

Within the company, the medical staff will have available a room used as a study, first aid room with all the necessary equipment, therefore the doctor will have a preparation in general medicine, surgery and first aid, will be specialized in resuscitation, and finally he will also have to deal with the healthy nutrition of all the company's staff. You will have to give informative courses with fixed intervals, refresher courses on accident prevention, health, etc. In short, you will have to deal with 360 degrees of the welfare and safety of the company.

Together with the personnel with safety orders, it must constantly follow all the possible operations at risk of the workers, who will try to prevent these events, with direct interventions, reports, warnings, etc. They will also collaborate together with qualified personnel for this task, to the preparation of documents subject to legal obligations, such as risk, safety at work, noise in the workplace, risks in the use of equipment, electrical systems, use of electronic equipment, etc.

For all that concerns, the furniture of the offices and others, having direct contacts, we will turn to industrial colleagues who will allow us to buy everything we need. The guidance will prevail for durable and quality products, ergonomically correct, organized and easy to maintain. Special attention will be paid with the seats, which will have to be orthopedic, especially for those operators forced to sit in front of a screen for many hours.

It will not be necessary to buy desks with electrical and electronic pre-wiring, since these will be equipped with modules designed by me and will be produced directly by the company's staff. These modules can be assembled and disassembled from each desk in less than three minutes. This arose not only for practicality and ergonomics, but also for the fact that the entire company will be wired in fiber optic, something that requires delicacy and special equipment for its assembly.

Each station, regardless of the type of operation, will have a basic equipment and stationery, so that, since the employees will be versatile, they will adapt to substitutions and alternations when necessary. This goes beyond the conformation of the desk, the importance that the operator always finds, a replica of his desk with the same configuration, to have to learn only a few possible differences to alternate with a colleague. In any case, low quality furniture will not be purchased, especially as cupboards, drawers and the like.

All these parts, being always subjected to a constant stress on the part of the users, degrade quickly if they are of low quality, and must be replaced continuously. As they will not be taken into consideration, the shelves that yield immediately to the considerable weight of the paper. I do not reject the idea, produced directly by the carpenters on the second floor who will build the houses. At the right time, depending on time and costs, we will see what is most convenient for us.

Dining room and ambient.
The commensal environment is of vital importance, because it is the backbone of the revitalization of the staff, so that they quickly recover their strength and grant them a moment of relaxation and distraction. It will have a particular dislocation; the furniture for the consumption of meals will be comfortable and cozy. There will not be huge tables, but tables of the right size. There will be no distinctive tables, all staff will sit side by side, regardless of order and grade.

The meals will be varied. If the food of the previous day advances, after the approval of the doctor, it can be presented at the counter with the specific phrase "from the previous day or yesterday" nothing will be wasted. Depending on the medical prescriptions, meals can be prepared for those people subject to a special and particular diet. In any case, the basis of the preparations for all will be healthy food; completely free of gluten, saturated fats, dyes and anything else that may harm the proper human nutrition.

All meals will be prepared in specially prepared kitchens, with the utmost care and sanitary hygiene. In no case, the preparation of food for the staff will be delegated to external companies. The kitchen will work in perfect symbiosis with the company's doctor. All equipment and furniture will be installed as needed, such as refrigerated banks, chillers, freezers, refrigerators, tables, etc.

The programs to use within the company will be divided into two groups, the first consisting of commercial programs for normal automation, the second more specific, for programs developed entirely by the same company. As a former programmer and electronics designer, I can tell you that there is not a 100% secure program, from operating systems to other types of software, these programs are created to give the programmers the opportunity to do many operations on the machine where they are installed, from the small and legal operations of maintenance or detection of malfunction, to those with the pure intention of controlling the information that transits in the terminal object of the installation.

For those deluded who think, that by installing powerful software or hardware firewall, or other types of protections, you can solve the problem, I say they are wrong, because in the world of computers and telecommunications, all security is in hand to the programmers, and when there is human intervention, you can be sure that there will be no honesty as a priority in their minds. In any device that uses electronics and software, each programming line, each microprocessor or any other electronic part, can hide the specific trap to be spied on.

Whether they believe it or not, if they want to enter their devices there is nothing that can stop them. They have the keys to the doors to enter without problems. All the lies that they hear on television, when they say that such a government asks for access to the manufacturers of such phones or computers, to verify the information contained therein, and they hear that the houses are firmly opposed to giving access, or that the police asked such an electronics producer, to provide them with access to their products in order to investigate, you can be sure that all this is just smoke, only to give you even that minimum taste of security and privacy that no longer exists . These people do not ask permission from anyone, imagine if they are going to ask for access to the same companies that they fund.

It's as if I asked myself permission to take a look at my savings account or spy my own phone. I'm writing it, but basically nobody will believe these words. The only ones, who can do it, are those who have done this work, that is, the programmer. The same cantilena was, when some of my colleagues, spread the voice about 6 months before the commercialization, that they would put special chips inside the new generation of televisions, with the express purpose of intercepting communications. Everyone laughed, but now, these new televisions are a reality.

Therefore, since we too will not be exempt from the risk of intrusion, I have opted for the internal production of the most sensitive programs, which will be used for all those delicate operations such as accounting, basic data, projects, ideas, communications, etc. The intrusion is also one of the reasons why the company will make a particular Intranet network, which almost nobody uses in the industrial world, where the link to the web of the companies will be completely excluded neuralgic centers of the company. For others, a specific configuration will be used, which will allow us to use Internet, trying to use the maximum possible attention.

With reference to electronic equipment, these will be chosen and sized according to the work habits of electronic designers. As a matter of principle, I am against the purchase of multipurpose instruments, which in the same instrument are integrated different measuring equipment, this because in the case of failure, instead of remaining with a single tool out of service, you will find two or three missing instruments. Therefore, it is better to have only one instrumentation for each required function. They are very expensive tools, a problem that can be solved with the many possibilities of renting or buying used items. However, it is necessary to make a careful assessment of the rent, because in some cases, for some models, it is better to buy them to save money. These are options that will be evaluated at the time of need, because this market is in constant movement.

For electronics related to automation, this will only be acquired by trusted suppliers and proven in the past. It will be installed in the two companies, and subsequently, it will be replaced by those designed and produced directly by us. The same goes for electronic security systems, alarm systems and fire protection systems. Most of them use proprietary programs that bind them too closely with the provider, subjecting you to the big question of what is hidden inside them.

I think it is totally against the point that, being designers and developers of electronic products, we decide to entrust our security and maintenance to third parties outside the company, leaving them in control of the security systems. It is a paradox that makes the word security lose all its meaning. Access control will be active at all levels within the company.

Never, today and in the future, will in these two companies be taken into account, to make use of special individuals and specific procedures, for the identification of an employee, such as the new methods of subcutaneous RFID implants, which are taking their space in different companies around the world. There are ethical principles, a limit beyond which we should not go.

In the electronic instrumentation fleet, it is also necessary to add all the instruments that, by necessity, will be specially designed and built by us. These test, control, stress, measurement and certification equipment are such that they cannot be found in commerce, if not only at prohibitive prices. Therefore, the only option is to have to produce them internally.

Finally, there is the entire electronic park, such as computers and office equipment. Having direct contact with the 3 large distribution houses of electronic components and computer parts, these will be assembled and maintained directly by us, including graphic work stations. With all the money saved, avoiding the purchase from a store or a wholesaler, you can assemble more machines and equip the graphic stations with additional power.

Electrical network and facilities.
All Low Voltage (LV) electrical systems will be completely wired and manufactured by us, including the installation of armored conduits, all lighting, electrical accessories, self-sustaining systems and plants, solar panels, electrical inputs for vehicles, channeling and installation of video surveillance and alarms, and the development of all fiber optic networks. In addition, the water network will be completely built by us, both the sanitary and refrigeration systems and various utilities.

In the 2projects4all project, there are many basic machines that will be provided by the two companies. From the presses, to date, the orientation is towards the electrical ones of the German Arburg, machines of high precision, fast and with a value MTBF (average time between the faults) very high. The assistance, like its competitors, is very reliable and spare parts are always available.

The availability of models varies from 5 to more than 2,000 tons. The initial average parameter of our needs, in relation to existing projects, is from 70 to around 1,200 tons. They will be direct injection and bi-injection for bi-color handling of raw materials. One or two presses to mold silicone material, will have as orientation the Austrian Engel, which par excellence are the best for the transformation of this raw material. Cost higher than the average, but re-paid with the same characteristics of the Arburg, as well as for assistance.

The machining centers for turning and milling, for the construction of the molds, could be the machines born from the fusion of the German-Japanese technologies of Dmg Mori or those of Mazak, precise machines for multitasking with 5 axes. They are two brands that have an excellent and certified pedigree. Last, but not least, in evaluation, is one of the oldest production companies of CNC machines in the world, the Japanese Okuma, producer of powerful instruments since 1898.

With reference to the machines for the EDM and robot manipulators (collaborators), I am oriented for those produced by Fanuc, precise devices, of excellent quality and well attended. For equipment for the treatment of raw materials, such as drying and dehumidification, we will use the Italian Moretto, which I consider one of the best for this type of machine. Its long experience and business strength, makes it the ideal partner for these specific teams. Their isolated hoppers are very popular among colleagues in the industrial field.

The forklifts of the Austrian Jungheinrich and the American Caterpillar are undoubtedly the first option, notwithstanding that; there are still two Italian brands to give a precise consideration. The first two, however, are proven strength and solidity, argument that gives more guarantees instead of a possible new product, even if it is of the Italian brand. Always with the same brands, you could buy manual and electric pallet trucks.

Finally, not to make an endless list of brands, for everything that concerns the machines of wrapping and winding, vacuum packaging machines, thermoforming machines, thermal heaters, refrigeration refrigerators, cleaning machines, storage shelves of pallet, storage of static or dynamic small pieces, intermediate floors or picking platforms, shelves of high capacity for the storage of molds, mixers, all the equipment for crafts such as carpentry, plumbing, metal, painting, sandblasting, etc ... will be 80% Italian production, the rest foreign.

Machinery for the second establishment, are the special ones for the assembly, manipulation and storage of the walls of the houses built, where we will probably rely on the devices of the Weinmann of the group Homag, specialist leader in the sector. The machines are designed and built to measure, according to the needs of the work, and thing gives not underestimated, are interchangeable and allow the addition of accessory modules without substantial changes, which is an advantage if changes will be made along the way in the development of houses.

With regard to staplers and nailers, we will select them among the best, so that they can last for a long time. In any case, I am still perfecting its use, because the assembly system I designed provides the use of other methods with additional equipment. Therefore, we have a specific track, with respect to the necessary equipment. For most of these, I have already had a preliminary contact phase, with regard to technical characteristics and installation requirements; it will be verified together with our specialized personnel.

Finally, in the project 2projects4all, the construction of our part is planned, of particular machines controlled by CNC, to carry out special processing; this is not only because it is much cheaper than buying new ones, but it is also done to adapt to the work that will advance over time. In the calculation of the prices, the costs of the bridge cranes have been omitted; this is due to the fact that until the shed has not been finished, the definitive measures, their actual size, supports, cannot be known, etc.. then it is impossible to make even a single cost hypothesis.

After having worked with many suppliers for years, there is no problem to maintain the link that still accompanies me, and in the same way with commodity traders. The same applies to consumable materials, of which we can choose between three Italian and one foreign distributor. The positive note is that when buying all-electric presses, the need for hydraulic oil is drastically reduced to zero; therefore, it is good for disposal and the environment. As for the supply of consumables for office activities, there are more than four Italian distributors and two foreign distributors available to choose from. In any case, the 2projects4all project foresees a wide range of suppliers that already exist and that have been known for many years.

Operational vehicles.
The total number of means necessary for the management of the two companies is purely indicative, since they are mainly based on the operational plan of the two industries. Initially, there will be 2 cars, 1 small van, 1 medium and 1 large Iveco, at least 2 trucks to transport the houses and 1 medium-sized truck to transport equipment. I repeat, these are guide numbers for the beginning.

As it is in the prerogatives of the project 2projects4all, to create companies with a human dimension, available for staff, to cover the preschool age, a kindergarten will be in operation, assisted by qualified personnel and standards. The furniture and the needs will fulfill all the requests of the children, guaranteeing also all the special needs. The medical coverage will always be guaranteed by the health personnel of the company. The children can also use the structure outside the working hours of the parents and, in any case, during all the opening hours, for possible commitments of the parents outside working hours. The meals will be prepared inside the company; they will not be given food from external sources and / or from industrial production to the children. Everything necessary for the entertainment of the children will be included in the asylum.

The costs.
Although it is somewhat unfriendly to do, I report in advance, some notes for celebrities "I know everything", for those who always have the "truth in their pocket" and for those who are called navigators and experts in their respective fields. The underlying shopping lists are with indicative figures and from the completion of the survey (07/18/2016). These figures are likely to be subject to change, since many of these teams could, at the time of purchase, be out of production or suffer a sharp increase or fall.

The prices are a verified average between several brands, as an example, you will see, that for a press of 1,000 tons the producer was not indicated, but an amount that is the average between three manufacturers of different brands. In addition, these prices do not include accessories, transportation, installation and commissioning that are calculated at the time of purchase. For many teams, you cannot have a defined price, until the moment you decide to buy it. The only certain expenses, usually are the transport vehicles, even, these, if one wants to be precise, could need equipment of the last moment, thus varying the final expenses.

One last example (this refers to the "I know everything"), we do it for the purchase of computers, where an indicative figure of around 1,800 Euros is reported. The purists would surely want the details of all the parties, because they could object that the PCs are also 400 Euros in the market, therefore the amount indicated by me would be expensive. To these gentlemen I answer, that in this I import everything is concentrated in hardware of a workstation, powerful graphics cards, faster memory, the necessary discs, screen at least 27 inches, in a word, full of everything, including the parts that nobody takes into account such as, for example, the network stabilizer.

This particular neglected detail will be an electromechanical voltage stabilizer with electronic control, with an accuracy of 1%. This smallness does not cost two Cents and saves a lot of money by preserving the duration of the computer's electronics for a long time. Always anticipating the answers to the "I know everything" that could be objected, that could save money by installing a single UPS unit to power all the PCs in the network, I answer that a UPS unit is a device that provides power with voltage equipment in the absence of electrical power, and that a voltage stabilizer, instead keeps the voltage constant against surges.

Also, if a centralized device breaks, I would find 40 unprotected computers, while if everyone has their own, a maximum of one or two computers will be turned off. Always try to make a perfect distinction between commercial computers for the home and those for professional use. How I am against the purchase of multifunctional equipment, are also contrary to the purchase of integrated units, such as centralized UPS that do as a buffer in the absence of electricity and much less as voltage regulators (remember that the work costs like gold !). Always remember that the use of multifunctional equipment always involves risks, such as printers, faxes and scanners. If the printer fails, they will also be without fax and scanner.

In industries, all computers are subject to hyperbolic stress, computers almost never shut down, power supplies are burned, I have seen keyboards with an MTBF (mean time between failures) of more than 70,000 hours of work, go to pieces after a single year, I saw hard drives dig in and not start anymore, if you were unlucky enough to see the PC turn off due to lack of electrical power, I have seen operators, who with their fingers drilled the membrane keyboards of controlled machines, after only two years, and many other operational problems.

One account is when these problems happen to you at home, another is if it happens to you in a company. To complete this note permanently, remember that the power source that you have at home (which is commonly called current incorrectly) if you had the opportunity to see it displayed on the computer, you could see it as a simple horizontal line, where occasionally, you would see a small wave caused by the ignition of a washing machine, the iron or a hair dryer. In an industry, this line of tension is marked by huge waves, worse than those of an earthquake, caused by the thousands of electrical impulses that occur every day in the production departments.

Believe me, there are machines that cannot even get close with mobile phones, because besides not being able to make calls, there is a serious risk that the phone will be burned due to strong electrical interference. All this was due in advance, to avoid answering tedious questions like those previously reported; In addition, these parameters must be taken into account for many equipment objects of these shopping lists.

In summary.

This new reality will have the characteristic of being, in an intelligent way, as autonomous as possible, the necessary equipment will be built, the molds will be produced internally, every mechanical and metallic detail will be built in its workshops, including all the necessary details for the construction company of houses. Always inside, master will be prepared for prints, posters, brochures and catalogs, videos of learning, assistance, courses, advertising and documentaries will be produced.

The technical department of development of electronic products will also be in charge of all the part of computers of the company, it will have its reserves of water and food, it will have in addition to the existing plant, its fire-fighting tanks and auxiliary power generators. In summary, whatever we can achieve inside, will be done, in this way, the survival and continuity of the company will be more stable without having to depend totally on third parties.

The new company will have a solid structure, with each human component in the right place and based on the skill of each one. It is not a way to go against the trend, but rather the result of proven experience in the production departments of my clients. This does not mean that I am opposed to automation, on the contrary, only that we must bear in mind, that a robot, however sophisticated in today's world, will never be able to refine a product with art and mastery. When the robots are transformed into cybernetic beings, we will talk about them again.

Unlike how Industry 4.0 is pushing entrepreneurs to believe, the exaggerated robotization of production lines only and exclusively serves the industries that produce unique products, that is, those items that do not require any human intervention and that will be produced well for years. In recent months, they continue to try to convince us that Industry 4.0 will save companies a lot of money. This statement has a false basis. The costs of automation where they push us are very high, then, instead of having art masters at work as a staff, we will only need computer technical engineers to keep the robot park alive in its entirety.

These characters cost a lot of money, both in salaries and in training and updating courses. As a paradox, when a robot breaks into a production line, everything stops, therefore, you always have to have a robot to replace or have cards and spare mechanical parts to reactivate the line, and obviously the time and costs increase In a mixed line, where the prevalence is human, it is enough to shout to the operator of turn, and at the touch we immediately have a substitute to reactivate the continuity of the chain, and if it is human, we can replace it if it has been done wrong or has They run to the bathroom because of the parties the night before.

There is nothing to do, because an employee can cost, today is an element that cannot be replaced, is and will continue to be a fundamental element of a company. So automation itself, but not exasperated. I prefer to invest in human personnel, instead of throwing money in dozens of robots, and do not forget that when the energy is lacking, a robot stops, a human being does not!

In addition, precisely because of the serious crisis, the manufacturers of industrial machinery have a serious lack of assistance and this causes serious delays in the restart of the production lines. Everyone advertises the intervention and assistance online, but you can be sure that when something does not work or goes wrong, look at the case that even the line of communication will not work and then ... more time lost! It happened to me, with a very unfortunate customer, who in two months, the components of two presses for molding plastic material have failed, (this because of not wanting to invest in the correction of the power factor and the stabilization of energy which feeds the machines), and wait for the spare parts and the technical assistance personnel, for three weeks before the problem can be solved.

Cases like this are many, and the moral is to always have spare parts at home and teach their employees to repair equipment; they will save a lot of time and money (apart from the fatal inconvenience!). Not only! Remember, that the same equipment manufacturers do not keep the parts of respect for the machines sold, due to the high tax burden and the capital investment; therefore they will find themselves in such situations, that after a few years they will not have more spare parts for your team.

As already mentioned, many tools, particularly those of test, will be created by us, since they are not available in the market. Making them do, would cost much more than building them at home, therefore, the employees, who have the ability to do them, will design and assemble them in the company with my help. Another of the strengths of the production of this company will be in the field of energy, where I am working at full speed in the development of different products, which, whether or not they will be the market of the immediate future.

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