Two projects for everyone!

Support and sustain the 2projects4all project!

Thanks in advance for the help given to support the financial burdens of the 2projects4all project. As I mentioned in the Collaborate section, the money donated by you will be used exclusively for the expenses of the development of the project, which of course are extremely substantial for the size of this idea. As you know, as far as possible and as far as I can, I supported these costs alone, but now I also need your support to reach this desired destination for all.

The main expenses are concentrated in the designs, legal fees, expenses of presentation of financing, electronic material, modeling, the purchase of raw materials, transportation expenses, office rent, energy, water, condominium expenses, prototypes, expenses of collaborative personnel, consumable material, research, web servers for Hosting, domain registration, Cloud services, car expenses, insurance, gasoline, superhighways, air transportation, hotels, subway, electronic instrumentation, meals, and in addition to other services.

One such company, for the creation of hundreds of jobs, has never been attempted until now, we must fully believe in it, and know that with the help you will offer, not only will you be able to achieve it, but you will also begin to give hope to all those who no longer know how to find a job.

Thanks you so much and a big hug!

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2projects4all Due Progetti per Tutti

Il Progetto 2projects4all è pronto per
essere sviluppato e messo a
disposizione di tutti coloro che
credono nelle loro capacità e spirito
di iniziativa, insieme a chi sa
condividere e crede ancora in una
ampia, unita, sincera
e fraterna collaborazione.

Leggete, approfondite, condividete e
sostenete il Progetto 2projects4all,
un nuovo inizio per tutti noi!
2projects4all Dos proyectos para todos

El proyecto 2projects4all está listo
para ser desarrollado y puesto a
disposición de todos aquellos que
creen en sus habilidades y espíritu de
iniciativa, juntos con los que saben
compartir y siguen creyendo en un
amplia, unida, sincera
colaboración fraterna.

Lean, profundicen, compartan y
apoyen el proyecto 2projects4all,
un nuevo comienzo para
todos nosotros!
2projects4all Two Projects for All

The 2projects4all Project is ready
for be developed and put to
disposition of all those who
they believe in their abilities and
spirit initiative, together with those
who know share and still believe in
one broad, united, sincere
and fraternal collaboration.

Read, deepen, share and
support the 2projects4all Project,
a new beginning for all of us!