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Exclusions from the 2projects4all project.

Who or what is meant by exclusion from the project.

Usuarios ocasionales.

For those who pass through this site with the sole intention of denigrating, annoying, leaving inappropriate comments, giving false reports, acting with spam and several trolling, spreading false and other news on the network, please go around wide of this site. This type of people, are born with the innate vocation of hurting human beings, taking advantage of the possibility of hiding behind the anonymity offered by the network.

To these perverse without balls, which are simply familiar with these practices, I cordially invite you to sow your illness, cowardice and resentment from elsewhere. You know it, recognizing the good is easy, then those who start writing meaningless things, can be two cases, or are born idiots, lived and raised, or are stalkers, then I will take all necessary measures, blocking their access, their IP, until the delivery of your electronic references to the State Attorney for all corresponding legal actions.

Here you work seriously, if you do not intend to behave as mature and responsible people regardless of age, avoid frequenting this environment, we will try to manage harmoniously, calmly and joyfully. In no case will they have as value the excuses like "I did not read this publication!", "I did not know!" or "I have ignored!". The way of behaving, in addition to being referred to in the Unique Regulation, must be rooted in their own intellect and human dignity, and even if it hurts to say so, they should stay away from all those who frequent and frequent the site, so that they do not remain impregnated by their poisons.


It is a duty in advance, to thank all those who will support with me, the economic sustenance of the site and the project for living expenses. Many websites that receive financial support from their followers publish their names, others do not publish them at all, only one thing they share: Great chaos.

I know several people who work in this area, and having consulted a dozen of the most experienced managers in this field, I have extracted some basic elements to avoid problems and waste time in the chaos that can be created. In fact, there are always problems with who wants and who does not want, who wants to see the name or who wants the name of the cat to appear, who repents and says he does not want to appear anymore, who wants to be put first because he gave more (according to him), or be put last because his wife does not realize that he spent the money saved for Valentine's Day.

In summary, the issues are many. Now, since I have nothing else to do but worry about this, and waste time trying to please everyone for this nonsense, in advance, unlike others, I will only publish the names of those who have supported the 2projects4all project at the end of all operations, with the thanks and eventual anecdotes. All those who might be frustrated because they do not see your name immediately in view more beautiful of the site, avoid making your donation because later I do not want to read telematics crying.

Remember to always use your heart (and I'm not talking about money). I prefer to know them smiling and happy, sad and discontented. In the Collaborate section, you will find how the money is spent, although since you are smart, you already know what is needed. In all cases, unless particular things do not come out (such as using them to go to dinner with Megan Fox), they will be informed of possible expenses outside the ordinary.

Future Investors Partners.

Certainly, some of you will think immediately, that it would be better not to write anything about who could offer your money to finance this cause. They are right! I am sure that there are so many fussy people who could get angry, because they are affected in pride, but I will confess that if it is that kind of person, I prefer not to have him as a partner. I continue writing that I want seriousness, intelligence, harmony and joy, it would be just that with all the responsibility that I have to assume and carry me on my back, I find myself a boring, weeping and fussy partner, or with other negative qualities.

As already mentioned in the Unique Regulation and in the Investors section, potential partners should avoid facing difficulties if they cannot afford the cost of the project. Since it is millions of Euros and not hundreds of thousands, trying to face this business alone is a true suicide, one tells them that they have invested their clients' money for years, for which I would certainly reject them and not it would allow someone so irrational to lose all the feathers with such a jump in the dark. If they cannot do it alone, the best they can do is make a partnership between people or companies, so that financing is a safe source of stability, because once the companies are in development, you cannot go back.

If you are not used to the industrial field, inform me in advance! Avoid posing as experts in the industrial field, because they would only make a bad figure, and I am the classic person who, although with a lot of affection and kindness, would throw in the face their petulance.

Having a partner with a virgin mind in this field is a delicate matter and should be treated as such. The positive note is that it can give an exciting boost, because we are talking about a living being that is not infected by the current industrial negligence, and that can learn to be an entrepreneur from scratch, without the crap and ugliness where I found myself nowadays. He would also be a person with a vision of the future and would lack the current prejudices that have always dominated this environment.

With those who are already navigated for this work, we will speak clearly, we will put the dots in the "i" in writing and they will have to converge to this new way of working. I know from experience that it is difficult to change the methodology, especially with respect to products, quality, the environment and employees, but this is what you should do if you really want to change things and create a working habitat new and nice.

Future employees and/or collaborators.

This is not a place to pick up people, here you will not get phone numbers, here there will be no plans and ideas of others to obtain profits in other places, this IS NOT an agency that seeks or offers work, this is not a site of mediation of work or in any other way they want to call it. They don't have to send money in absolute at all with the hope that I give them names, addresses and/or reports that they present to someone or take them to a company that looks for employees. Do not do that! Also because it would be absurd for me to do everything to create a new working world and you ask me to throw them in the mouth of sharks, unscrupulous people so I do not want to have anything else to do.

I know that the lack of work is a bad exhausting (to me they say it!), But I ask you to believe me and be patient to organize everything I can with my wisdom and to give an opportunity to all those who want to fight with me in the 2projects4all project. We immediately clarify this concept, so that it is evident that I am not here to find work, but to create it together with you. In this operation I am playing the last boxers that I have, so I am in the same situation as you.

If you believe and think what I mentioned above, it means that you did not understand the message well. As indicated in the Work section, you can send your Curriculum Vitae in the specified formats, you can send drafts of your projects to evaluate them and see their working method, you can send ideas to discuss them and possibly develop them with me, in short as I explained, we can always do everything from the perspective that everything is done within the scope of the 2projects4all project. I am NOT here to advise you and help you develop your work, the fact that you have many technical skills does not mean you have to work in your place, or that you devote all my time to advise them on how to do it. If you are individualists, this place is not for you.

Here everyone works for everyone, or as the Musketeers said: "All for one!" (We for 2projects4all!) And "One for all!" (2projects4all for all!). Love, brotherhood, unity and sharing should be your future constant of life, if you do not believe in this, this environment is not for you, as we already repeat it in other lines, change your course and sail to other shores.

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2projects4all Due Progetti per Tutti

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ampia, unita, sincera
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2projects4all Two Projects for All

The 2projects4all Project is ready
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one broad, united, sincere
and fraternal collaboration.

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