Two projects for everyone!

Exclusions from the 2projects4all project.

The most valuable part of the projects is the voluntary collaboration of all. The volunteer is one who is engaged passionately, devotedly and selflessly to give the best of himself, leaving an indelible imprint of his friendship and wise knowledge as selfless help to others. Very few people certainly, but I am sure that they will take pleasure in their possibilities, of helping me to try to change a small part of this wonderful world. The words of gratitude are never enough to compensate for the selfless help of a volunteer, in all cases, send to all who will engage and work or just engage me a thought, a hot and warm embrace for their support, and that the Mother Earth offers you all your positive energy.

The Collaborate section is divided into two parts: the first is financial and reports on the way in which the project is disseminated, the second is for purely structural assistance to translation, the preparation of multimedia content for evolution of the site.

First part.

First point. The financial contribution is divided into two points.

In the last 2 years and 8 months, I personally provided the financial support of this project with the expenses of design, search, printing of projects, electronic instrumentation, creation of prototypes, modeling, purchase of raw materials, electronic material, expenses of transportation, office, energy, rent, water, condominium costs, employee costs, consumables, web server rental, domain registration, cloud services, automobile, insurance, gasoline, highways, air travel, hotels, metro, meals and an endless list of economic voices that in the last 3 years has lengthened excessively.

In front of tens of thousands of Euros spent so far, and with the abandonment of operability, of course, now the money begins to be scarce, therefore, all those who believe in these projects, can collaborate helping me to support these costs, emphasizing, that these expenses have nothing to do with financing or Crowdfunding, the objective of these projects. Please try not to confuse the two things. The donations that they will make will be applied in a unique and exclusive way to the expenses described above, which unfortunately need to be continued for the continuous development of the project.

Trying to develop the work in two continents is not a joke, and as you will read in the Projects section, we are already at an advanced stage of development. They can donate what they can, just remember that the money they will send does not have to be misinterpreted for any reason. The donation does not entitle, in general, to any priority, no preference, no guarantee of hiring of employment, no preference over corporate positions, no ownership over any activity or thing, etc.

This to be very clear, if they will make a donation, it will be because they believe in me, in the project and they want to help me in the development of it. I am emphasizing this argument enough, because I do not want to find myself in the unfriendly position of having to repeat it every time, and especially to waste a lot of time to clarify it.

Second point. Collaborative help.

Collaborative help refers to the dissemination of the project. You can do it in different ways, the first by sending classic email, quick to use because a single message is prepared and then sent with a simple click. The recommendation that I make is that if you have a well-filled name file, it means dozens of emails, send only 10/15 nominatives at a time so that they do not end up in the Black List, by junk mail and repeated called Spam.

Then they can convey the message through social networks, of which the main ones are: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Renren, Google+, DisqusSnapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twoo, MyMFB, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Vkontakte – VK, Meetup, Medium, Myspace, Vimeo, Foursquare, QZone, Baidu Tieba, Sina Weibo, Hi5, WeChat, Viber, Snapchat. These, of course, are the most used and in different languages of the world, so that when the site will be translated into several languages, users from other nations will use the link they are most fond of. Through these means you can share the direction of our site 2projects4all.com, the various interesting links of the projects, the most interesting pages and, at the same time, you can invite all your friends to do the same, reading and supporting the projects at the same time.

However, be careful, making sure you are not ignored, writing a minimum explanation of why it is important to participate in the project, the fact that no operation of this kind has ever been attempted on the web, for the quality of the projects, the articles in which are explained the financial aid events that can be done by making a donation (writing the truth of why I can no longer bear the costs alone) and the fundamental help they can provide to the project.

This I do notice, because if I saw on my Facebook page, a simple link without any description, even if it is a friend to share it, I would never click on it, simply because it would not attract my interest. If, on the other hand, he describes me, that on the site he has read this, he has found that other one, participated in this and invited him to do that, then, curious, it is obvious that he would go and see what it is.

In addition to this, they can also communicate with close relatives and friends whom they can ask if they know someone, friend or entrepreneur who may be interested in investing in this project, and who obviously has sufficient financial resources. In short, the dissemination of the information they wish to transmit, they must imagine as a spider's web, must be transmitted to all so that it extends as much as possible and especially as far as possible. Nothing is overlooked, even the most insignificant contact, based on my experience, can sometimes be the most valuable.

For those who are expert navigators in Social Networks do not forget the use of Hashtags to give more incisivity to the propagation. In short, a very important point, devote a lot of attention to foreign friends, especially if they have a good bond of friendship. This is one of the cornerstones of why we have to translate the site in many languages as much as possible, to have many more additional possibilities with a more considerable group of users, if by chance we have to resort to our personalized Crowdfunding if not We could find funders.

Through their help, through social networks, they can spread the message even more, without forgetting to recommend that they do the same with their friends and family, as explained above. I finish, leaving a description type, as an example, to spread the project on social networks. You can use it if you wish, although it would be better if it were written in your own fist. I only ask you to eliminate the line referring to the donation, if by chance you did not do it. Nobody obliges them, they know this, and they do not have to feel obliged to do it, it's just that I HATE the lies and I cannot bear to receive something that comes from a lie or deception.

So if you have not made the donation, delete the line that says: "I already made a small donation to support it". It is a personal favor that I ask of you and at the same time I ask you to respect it. Let it be clear, that not making a donation, does not exclude anyone from participating in the project. I know what it means to be without money, believe me, so I fully understand if you cannot. There is nothing to be ashamed to be without money and full of debt, walk always up front and looking directly at the face of the people, the real culprits and miserable are those who have reduced us to this. And now the text:

Hello people (or the name of the person)! I just finished seeing this site, where they talk about a project that I found really interesting. It is a new way of approaching the world of work on the part of a businessman who has decided to involve everyone, in two major projects for the opening of two new industrial realities. It is worth reading everything because it clarifies many things about the work in the manufacturing sector, and also, I have acquired diverse information that I was not aware of and what is happening to our beloved planet. I have decided to follow him and help him to spread the project, it would be good if also you (or you) join (you) to me to be successful in completing the project. It is not a Scam site, scam or cheating, it is an Italian that speaks clearly, trying to act for a better future for us. I already made a small donation to support him. Do not judge, just let me know what you think. Imagine, we could have a different way of adding ourselves, to cope with the problem of work and have a different future built by us! A hug to everyone!

Of course, you can change this text as you wish.

Second part.


The configuration that we have to give to the communication, is similar (but not identical) to the current one that is used by the media to fry our brains, only that our messages will be very different from theirs, because we are going to make the things differently. Henry Ford said: "Advertising is the soul of business!" Giving the start to what would be the most invasive means of coercion in human history. Harry Truman, in those days, subtly suggested: "If you cannot convince them, confuse them!", a phrase coined for the noble art of politics, and which was quickly adopted by all the media to spread its verb, changing in a radical way, the honest path with which the era of true communicative advertising had begun. Since then, in recent years, things have gotten worse and worse, reaching a point where only false stories and chilling lies are heard, only to convince them to buy the garbage, which, every day, is transmitted hammered to our ears and our eyes from radio and television.

The wise minds have always alerted us to the damage caused by false advertising messages, such as the fantastic creator of aphorisms and citations Edgar Shoaff, who said: "Advertising is the art of creating lies from half-truths", nothing more true. Carl Sagan, surely many of you will know, was one of the most famous astronomers, astrophysicists and astrochemists of the Nine hundred, and in my opinion has supported a great truth: "There are huge advertising budgets only when there is no difference between the products. If the products were really different, people would buy the best. Advertising teaches people not to trust their own judgment and teaches people to be stupid ". This citation summarizes in its entirety, what is happening in this failed modern era, where people do not understand and do not know what they are buying.

Herbert George Wells, a writer born after the middle of the 800s, considered to be the true founder of science fiction, imagined a future based on the technological advancement of his time and was happy to invent with great ease new and brilliant plots thanks to his Inexhaustible imagination, and with clairvoyance, looked beyond his own imagination. Imagine that even then, it was he who realized the deceptions perpetrated against the consumers of those times, and declared publicly that "Advertising is a legalized lie", so imagine how long we are deceived, from each vehicle of communication, past, present and surely we will also be in the future.

Objective data.

We have to go in a diametrically opposite sense, we will create a new aphorism, that is, "What is affirmed, it has to be a fact!", But in this case, as a specific principle, it will not be a philosophical knowledge, but what we have lost from time, that is, we have to have a moral principle. The address that I was referring to when welcoming on the home page, is partly also this, you have to make a big investment in "U" and be pleasantly coherent again, gain credibility and confidence of the people, to be appreciated not only for the high quality of the products, but also for the soundness of honesty and sincerity in relating to the human being. The famous Quality Guarantee that we loved so much when we were children (for the youngsters of my age!) When we looked at "Carosello", has to become a fact again, and not just a phrase worn out and crushed by the hammers spot machine guns that are propagated every day by the media. This phrase should be supported by the facts, such as the production of excellent and durable products, a qualified and real assistance, the constant availability of spare parts, finally is able to communicate with real people on the other side of the phone and, finally, stop breaking the cornets of the phones, getting angry with answering machines. We live in a society where now all elections are done by pressing keys. All this, for us, must become a ridiculous memory and a powerful tool of struggle to compete against the outdated competitors.

The message.

Therefore, we must give a message, wonderful, cheerful (always), to convey a true joy of living and a real human contact, explain well and peacefully any message we want to give, without haste, without speed and of course, the whole flavored with catchy music (not deafening and stupid) and that fills the heart. All the signs of violence are enough, it is enough to insinuate that "you cannot live without that", it is enough to exploit children falsely with maternalistic and lamenting spots, it is enough to make you believe that you can become a superhero, it is enough to deceive people, enough inculcate in the head of people who, if they do not open their wallets to help children, will have to feel guilty all their lives (knowing that money never ends up in food in the mouth of children), in short, all the stupidities and the falsehoods created to rule of art from the commercial businessmen, like those transmitted by all means nowadays.


As already mentioned, the doors of collaboration are open to all those who are professionals, enthusiasts, specialists, keyboard fanatics, schoolchildren, university students, the elderly, grandparents, young people, unemployed, disabled, heterosexuals, homosexuals, anyone of any race , country or passion of origin. I remind you that this project has a global value, so let's add ourselves with a human spirit. In any case, if they have some moral uncertainty, it is better to read the rules of the project more so that there are no doubts about it. The Unique Regulation is at your disposal. Ethical principle before everything.

We need expert minds and hands, that can create clips, videos and graphics, for web advertising, promotion and support of the site and projects, and last but not least, we need the refined minds of the translators, who provide us a hand for the translation of the texts, in order to facilitate the expansion to oil stain of the project around the world. I respond to those who point out that Google Translate exists, surely, perhaps but they do not know that the translations made by this system are imprecise and impersonal. This site and its projects are trying to transmit again the human warmth, so there is nothing better than reading the topics translated with the heart and not from a cold and insensitive calculation machine.

Remember the words of the great Umberto Eco: "The computer is not an intelligent machine that helps stupid people; it is a stupid machine that only works in the hands of intelligent people". And we who are intelligent people, then we will use this stupid machine to do the work with the heart.

That said, we do not limit the amount of translated languages that we will host on the site, everyone has the right to know and if they want to participate, try not to be selfish in their thinking, do not judge and decide for others, then if you want to translate Nepalese site texts to carry the message to your compatriots, we will be happy to welcome you with open arms. We have this obsessive habit of solving this problem simply by telling everyone: So much is English!

This statement, to me, is not correct at all. Who has decided that it must be the universal language of all times? For example, I do not speak English and I do not want to learn this language just because the system forces me to do it. I consider it a very cold and impersonal language that does not transmit any kind of human warmth. Instead, I decided to learn Castellano, a language very similar to our wonderful Italian, it is warm, very expressive and, above all, passionate.

Everyone has their own tastes, there is nothing personal about the populations of other nations that speak the English language, this is just a method to choose the form of communication that best suits us, and if by chance there is a communication problem, for example, as when I was working in the United States, one is looking for a paid interpreter or a friend that is, and we will understand the same thing! I'm not the only one who believes it that way, so I do not see why I should be forcing supportive friends to visit the site to read a text in English when there is an opportunity to let them read in their own language. If one wants to maintain their idiomatic traditions, it is fair and appropriate that they be free to do so. Here we all help each other!

Now, honestly speaking, I do not know what languages to propose in the immediate future, even because I do not know who will be offered first or when help arrives. To begin, in addition to Italian, I will try to translate Spanish to the best, specifying that I speak it discreetly, but I do not write it that well, and then I will try to get something with English by helping me with Google Translate. The advantage of the English language is that a word has thousands of meanings so maybe that will help me! It remains understood, that later will serve two translators wizards to correct any nonsense that vanish from my fingers on the keyboard.

Meanwhile, the first languages that come to my mind like this are: Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, English, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, etc. Although we are not going to do perfect translations at the beginning, we can publish the same thing while we wait for a better translator and so on until we get a good result. If there is an error, there will be nothing to be ashamed of, we will laugh and with the same joy we will correct the mistakes made, so, do not be afraid!

With regard to the creation of clips, videos and graphics, for advertising on the web, they have as a script all the text I have written in abundance in all sections of the site. Your fantasy will do the rest on how to present the projects and / or the project in its entirety.

It is important to emphasize who is direct, it is necessary to send individual messages, for example to funders, sponsors, collaborators of translations, graphics and video clips, to donors to support the website, to future employees or collaborators, to projects in a specific way, what is happening on our planet, and what we want to do in our little one to change things and protect ourselves. In summary, there are a lot of things that we can put into motion as a message in the videos, and we will publish continuously, in order to sensitize those potential employees, workers, funders and followers. Do not worry; anyway, the messages will develop them together to me.

To finish, we need a logo for this project, which can be used not only on the web, but also at a promotional level of gadgets in the near future. When a certain number of prototypes have been made, and we will begin to have a certain number of followers, we will make a small public vote to choose the official logo that will accompany the presentation of the projects. Specific and I underline so that there are no misunderstandings, that this logo will not be the official logo of the company that will be founded, since I developed it 3 years ago, along with the name of the company and everything related to the advertising and marketing vehicle.

Reports on guardianship.

As a protective report, I inform you that any work sent, will be stored in the systems of 2projects4all.com, will not be transferred to third parties for any reason unless otherwise agreed with the author.

WARNING! Even if all the material sent will be created by volunteers who offer their support for the success of the operation, this will not be used for any reason for commercial purposes other than those of the 2projects4all.com project. In other words, nothing will be ceded to a third party and no one will benefit from their work.

The material chosen for the project/s of the site 2projects4all.com will be protected by Copyright to protect this important company. I invite you to read the Unique Regulation that is constantly updated. Clarified this important point, let's move forward.

For technical information on sending materials, see the sections Text and Multimedia.

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