Two projects for everyone!

Who I am.


For the motivations that I explained in the introduction, I feel downcast in which to have to use an artistic name, to get to baste this project. I do not have the time, nor does the desire to hope that the contracts to which I still have links expire in order to use my real name. Time Mother Nature does not give us more, and then we must move quickly to develop the project 2projects4all. I cannot go into details, including dates and particular references about me, since I am, as I mentioned before, still tied to privacy and secrecy contracts.

In the middle of this sea of clauses, which obviously guarantee more than myself, it is very easy to make behavioral mistakes that are also trivial, so I would not like to be in a position to infringe these clauses, finding myself later, not to receive more competences they still owe me, and see me fall on my back complaints of contractual violation. For those who do not understand this mechanism, it is enough to know that we consultants, many clients (not all), we do all the real work and the owners of the companies are attributed all the merit, this is the real juice of the privacy contracts. We create, invent, plan, make, select, analyze and they buy us all the work done, including the paternity of the creations (correct from a commercial point of view).

The Work and skills.

My last job is as an Industrial Consultant, in a national field that international, working in the last 15 years in two continents. For clients, I have opened medium / large companies, industries, chain stores, assembly lines, distribution lines, design, experimentation and research centers.

By realization, I mean from A to Z, starting from pose of the first pylon of the factory, to the realization of all internal and external structures, plants, pavements, energy, machinery, lighting, security, hardware, software, evaluation, examination, test and recruitment of employees, creation of market networks, contact of large clients, price planning, market studies, design and product development, systematic analysis and software flow, banks, credit institutes, etc.

The range of work starts from the small reality to the strategies of industrial production. To reach this level of competence, since I was young I have done all the necessary craft work, I am capable and I can build anything with my hands, wood, metal, plastic, polymers, I have collaborated with primary industries in the field of painting and of the composite materials, my studies are of electronic design, analysis, systematics, strategies, hardware and software development, computers and networks.

The work area includes design of active and passive security systems, telephony, collaborations with editors in the electronic field, design, development and implementation of innumerable products in the medical field, seismological, automotive, domestic, security, alarms, sector submarine, robotics, automation, controls, radio controls, remote controls, energy, special communication systems, survival and prevention, and others in reserved fields.


I would say that as a contribution is more than enough, also because, I cannot stand brushing, making endless casts of things done, or not, to look to give five years to the person that I am not. The things I say when the opportunity arises, can be talking, and to the rest, pass me the annoyance, because until today, I have never presented a Curriculum Vitae in my life.

They just need to know, what I want to share with you, everything I've learned so far. As I said in the Motivations section, you could write a romance if you had to illustrate my entire educational path, besides, on top of working life, you would also have to combine work and sports life.

I have always had little, materially speaking, I have given so much, but I have received a lot of this wonderful life, which many come to despise. Unfortunately no one has noticed, that Paradise has always been, and will always be here on earth and not elsewhere. We have never understood this, but at least I have no doubt in my mind. I would very much like the human being to see life as it really is, and not for what it is.

"The difficult thing is not to find a way that takes you far, but to find what will make you return home ..."

(Languages spoken and written: Italian and Spanish.)

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2projects4all Due Progetti per Tutti

Il Progetto 2projects4all è pronto per
essere sviluppato e messo a
disposizione di tutti coloro che
credono nelle loro capacità e spirito
di iniziativa, insieme a chi sa
condividere e crede ancora in una
ampia, unita, sincera
e fraterna collaborazione.

Leggete, approfondite, condividete e
sostenete il Progetto 2projects4all,
un nuovo inizio per tutti noi!
2projects4all Dos proyectos para todos

El proyecto 2projects4all está listo
para ser desarrollado y puesto a
disposición de todos aquellos que
creen en sus habilidades y espíritu de
iniciativa, juntos con los que saben
compartir y siguen creyendo en un
amplia, unida, sincera
colaboración fraterna.

Lean, profundicen, compartan y
apoyen el proyecto 2projects4all,
un nuevo comienzo para
todos nosotros!
2projects4all Two Projects for All

The 2projects4all Project is ready
for be developed and put to
disposition of all those who
they believe in their abilities and
spirit initiative, together with those
who know share and still believe in
one broad, united, sincere
and fraternal collaboration.

Read, deepen, share and
support the 2projects4all Project,
a new beginning for all of us!