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Motivations of an election.

"Every human being has been given a great virtue: the ability to choose. Those who do not use it make it a curse and others will choose for it. "

This quote from the Brazilian poet and writer Paulo Coelho has always been one of my rules of life, and I must also emphasize that under some aspects, we have in common many characteristics of intolerance and repulsion to the imposed rules that regulate our society and the spiritual life of each one of us.

Always his, it is a phrase that in my existence has highlighted many crucial moments, both to leave me indelible and incisive memories in my mind and in my soul: "The magic moment, is that moment in which a yes or no, can change our entire existence". I have used the words of a great and long-suffering poet, to make them feel and understand some of the tools, which always have to be part of their own baggage of life, but, I also want to share with you, most people, He does not have the slightest idea of the meaning of these citations. To affirm that "I also think so" is denied in 90% of cases, by the facts and errors that in the life of each one of us is cause and effect.

"The most difficult part of an election is not deciding on the same election, but concretizing the same election."

When the decision is made, to make profound changes in our life, you always and in all cases, have to face thoughts, actions and gestures that have conditioned our entire existence for many years. I refer, of course, to everything that in our deep interior, we have always felt as negative, sensations that we have always tried to reject from our conscious I, and that we have never managed to completely dominate or expel. . Each of our daily actions is always surrounded by thoughts, such as "I have to do it so much", "nothing is going to change", or the worst of all and the most famous "and what can I do alone?"

These are some of the most serious mistakes that the human being has always made the isolation and the selfish arrogance of doing everything thinking only of ourselves. Community, sharing and brotherhood are principles that in these modern times, intentionally has been taught to new generations. These are values, which would have to be injected immediately to the human being, from the day of his birth, when he grows and evolves with a fresh and clean mind.
The last 3 generations, have been obsessively educated by the media, giving deep relevance to a concept, which they want to become their rule of life: competition. Behind this clumsy word, which has sport derivation, born the worst iniquities, carried out in the business field, and do not talk about the social, where it has a disastrous impact. You have heard many times, that in business there is no friendship, well, I have seen recently, families of centenarian generations of entrepreneurs, destroyed in a few years, by the greed and internal competence of the same children, against their parents, who they conducted the companies with the so-called traditional methods. Sons grown and educated under the new directives of modern professionalism, where they teach you to fight wars and not to see your neighbor as a possible friend.

Trust and Honor.
I grew up in a business environment, where business was conducted with elegance, with reciprocal esteem and concluded with a strong hand shake. The word of honor was synonymous with guarantee and reliability of the person. In the modern age, to make these values decay, we have been taught to constantly hesitate, the one that still prided itself on being a man of honor, was mixed with mischievous uses and bad habits of the Italian mafia and at the same time they have pushed us to denigrate our brothers of southern Italy, the so-called meridionals, classifying them with the well-known and shameful name of terroni.

And finally they succeeded! Slowly they have inculcated us, that giving the word of honor was a clowning, that without a piece of paper, the given word was just ridiculous. I have seen with my own eyes, emigrants, send money to their own friend in Italy, to keep them for the purchase of a house, and at the time of purchase, this friend, depository of money, has become guarantor, putting out of his pocket the silver that was missing, so that his companion of adventures, finally got his dream of having a house. Returning home, he honored his debt, compensating in part with his work and partly with the money earned abroad without any problem. The word was respected. What unique case will you say? I do not tell them.

This is just one of the many and real memories that I have. Like the one I had with great satisfaction, when I finished a business with a handshake and a smile, with those words that made you breastfeed with pride and that warmed your heart: "We have the maximum confidence in you, we know that it is a man of word". Nothing more beautiful made you walk up front, and it is for this reason that never in my life have I lowered my eyes in front of anything. And this happened to me also with businessmen abroad, professionals, men of law and credit. All this, terribly disappeared, and people did not realize what he has lost, these values strengthened you becoming a Man, a Woman in an independent, firm and self-confident being.

The moment of a decision.
All these lost and missing elements, take you to the point, to have an overabundance of bitterness in the mouth, see and live in first person every day, garbage that is presented to you in companies, banks, lawyers, notaries, region, municipality, collection agency and all the nonsense that is invented, to prevent you from working with the rules and criteria, that the good sense that lies in each one of us pushes us to do.

When you see that after a life of work, you are robbed of everything, and that it did not come out any longer to keep a Lira, you get to the point that you have to say enough! I, that point, I've been through since time, and that's why, one day I sent everyone to the devil.

The decisive moment has been in recent months, where I found myself for a long time, to study, make evaluations and find solutions, in order to improve the business strategies of several of my clients, in a way and manner that could suffer the least losses possible in the coming future years. Instead of getting ahead, customers eager to be interested in innovative solutions, with the preservation of the park employees and the improvement of cash flow, I found myself ahead, a group of insane, who, convinced of the latest (false) news, propaganda of all the national news, they made the decision, that the best thing for them was to fire the employees and relocate abroad, just because that's what everyone does!.

Obviously, thus doing, they took advantage of the opportunity, that I, working in several nations, could facilitate, exhaustively, the problem they had of fleeing the country. The thing that has made me angry outside has been that these companies are healthy, and part of some small adjustment interventions, absolutely do not have the need to relocate companies, losing more than 300 jobs to poor families, reducing them all to poverty.

It is not a necessity, it is a fashion, a deviant culture that the entrepreneurs of today, have absorbed as sponges and without moderation, and the deep selfishness that macerated in the depths of their souls, does not allow them to go beyond a Reasonable common thinking. "You have to run away because Italy has become a shit!" But, I apologize, what does Italy have to do with all this? What has this nation done to deserve this? In all cases, it is the Italians who have made this land unlivable, the Italians who have passed the point of no return, totally disinterested of their own land, their history, their future, who governs and all the rest.

Endless egoism.
I do not want to continue with this plan, because I have already said that politics is excluded from this site, but reflect when you hear "I am not going to vote, because in all cases nothing changes!" Of the same type, are the excuses evoked by the businessmen, and that are always the most absurd and comfortable. When do you already have 3 houses, 4 cars, 3 motorcycles, 2 boats, 3 moorings for boats, 1 wife, 2 lovers, endless whores and an impressive amount of money that is not enough 6 lives to spend, what more do you still want? What more do men want of power? Simple! Still more power!

But, despite all this opulence, they look good in replenishing this wealth in companies, to give everyone the possibility to have a more dignified life. In short, everyone forgets that when they die, here the money will leave. It is a shameful thing, to see, as it has happened to me, accompanying a client to a work meeting, that past a mendicant covered in lice and dirt, I have been offering something to the poor man who was hungry. I gave him 10 Euros in hand with a word of encouragement and encouragement; the client wasted throwing 3 in the box on the floor. It was evident, that those 3 Euros, was the return that the Mercedes left him, when he paid his new AMG.

Support and dignity.
I still want to belong to the industrial world, but without these people and their absurdities. Let it be clear that not all are like this, those few who are saved are in all cases small realities, which try to survive billing from 500,000 to 2/3 million Euros every year, only that some of them will have to close, also for lack of collaboration on the part of large and monopolistic industries.

With my clients, I have always structured their companies, opening a range of collaboration with many small realities, which orbit the main industry, always receiving work and strong ties of friendship. After, I have always pushed these small companies, to replicate the collaborative method to cobweb, in a way that no one will miss work. The method always worked and with significant advantages.

For example, one of these small collaborating companies found itself in difficulty due to bad management, I intervened, restructured the debt and the productive operation, and the primary industry together with the small companies of the web, financed the company in difficulty, in a way to help her get out of the matter. In this way, the company has not had to ask for loans from banks, with the consequent advantage of not having spent a cent on interest, thus saving one company and several families from ruin.

Whether or not they believe this anecdote does not matter to me, these are the real facts, people of good sense understand where the good is located, and if things are made with the heart. How do you feel after? You will sleep happy! Believe me, there is nothing better than that. Do not think only about money, I know you need to live, but living for money, does not make us Human Beings. Unfortunately, now that I have moved away, these small companies are left in the hands of the enterprising capo of the network, I can only hope, one day, he does not lose his reason and sends them all upside down.

It seemed right to me, to manifest to you the discomfort that I have always had these last 15 years, so you also have an idea of the character that is presenting you and writing all this. Be very clear, that I am not a paladin of the workers and of justice. I am a simple man, who wishes to live as such, that is: a Man. Man with the capital H, man of dignity, heart and feeling. They have never achieved in all these years, to transform me into an industrial monster, and I will never be in the future.

Relationship of human collaboration among all is fundamental, and it is for this, that I have always taught the entrepreneurs who have wanted my services, that the complete detachment of everything that surrounds you in your company is totally deleterious. Making the manager does not always mean delegate, command and feel on a pedestal. The latest generation entrepreneurs think that only power and money will give them a reason to live and a valid compendium to reach happiness.

We are all prisoners of what we think we know.
Look at the movies that always give us in the cinema in television, all have the same theme, competition, money, power, women, careerism and where to get to all this, you also always get to kill. The American school is a specialist in these methods. Have you noticed that in Italy you always speak more English and always less Italian? All our words, little by little, are replaced by American slang and advertising with a marked imprint of life from the other part of the ocean. And everything about how beautiful we were in Italy? What, the others are better than us?

Suffer, repress, annihilate, destroy and why not submit. I'm sorry, but I do not accept it. We Italians, we are a people of history, culture, creativity, ingenuity and mastery! I cannot tell you totally, what really hides behind the scenes of the industrial planet, but what I can tell you, is that we Italians have done things that you cannot even imagine. No form of prominence has been given to these types of news, because behind these are huge financial interests at stake.

Actually, they have to know, that in most cases, we have made products, projects and news without receiving a miserable patriotic recognition that an intellectual merit. Only in the field of arms specialties, I regret to say that more than 60% of inventions come from the Italian ingenuity, constructions, in the medical, chemical, pharmaceutical field, etc. Only that all these technologies are sold, Censored or by the major are suddenly sneak (or rather stolen), and all in a moment et voilà, there it is, the mysterious technology, which miraculously comes out in another country abroad, and appropriates of the paternity of the incredible invention! And do you know what is the most disturbing and humiliating thing in the same time? That we who have made this technology, to be able to have it and use it, we are forced to buy it back from the country that now owns the invention.

This happens and it continues happening in continuation, always and only for the same reasons: the damn money and the thirst for power.

Inventions and patents.
Precisely, from 1947 to today, they do not have the slightest idea of how much our potential welfare has been subtracted from the Italians. It would have been much more pleasant, sharing all those technologies with everyone, and not just for the fortune of a few. Only with the excuse of patents, do not have the slightest idea that a river of money is passing into the hands of certain people. This celestial form of guarantee, conceived to prevent people from evolving, has been especially exploited in the last decade, to reduce the number of industries that could contribute to the entrepreneurial revival.

Also if no one confirms, they have to know, that if they achieve an invention, revolutionary or extraordinary, and you are a straight and honest person, if you also protect the invention with a patent, you can be certain that they will not let you develop the product. This I affirm, because I have tried it on my skin, then facts and not words. And if by pure case, this invention is so extraordinary that it can become attractive to the government, you can be sure that, first they will try to buy you, then they will go to the threats, then the accidents will start and finally they will make you the final party, with so much disappearance of your patent from the world archives. Think about it well, and if the old people look well in their minds, they will remember certain news on radio and television, which at that time they have ignored.

If afterwards you are forced to execute the protection of your patent, you have to know that these, for the greater one, are a legal farce, because, it is created not to allow someone to copy you, but because of the iniquitous international laws of each nation, at the end everyone will copy the same. Only the mega multinational industries, thanks to all the money they have, to make none can cause annoyance, small businesses can only suffer, since the international judicial cases of the products, cost an ocean of money.

I know that at this moment, they are making a mock face, but yes, the computer copy and paste method, used by other nations, is not at all protected, in any way, then, apart from the damage, we also have to suck teasing Eradicate from your mind, once for all, that the so-called inventions, in fact, have been exhausted since a very long time, then, who is flaunting right and left to have invented something never seen, in reality, is just a modernization and updating something that already existed previously.

He is telling you, one that since years also makes the inventor. The only procedures that can be defined as inventions are those in the biological, chemical field, etc., even though in reality they have to be called discoveries. The invention in reality, nothing is more than the copy of a previous product, with modifications and improvements, which improve the previous artifact.

This great method of inventing novelties goes back to the night of time. One took a fork with three teeth, adds one, et voilà, has invented and patented the new fork with four teeth. The media have used us for years to inform us who has invented something, but never found, someone who explains exactly the fundamentals of inventions.

For example, everyone knows that our Nobel, Guglielmo Marconi, is proud of having invented radio and radar, only that this citation has an ugly taste of falsehood. Why? Marconi cloned the idea of the radio from Nikola Tesla (after he explained everything), and the radar of Christian Hülsmeyer, great German inventor who invented it in 1904. Also Nikola Tesla, who remains the greatest and outstanding inventor of the It was modern, took in lending and inspiration gives the ideas of Roger Boscovich (1711), who was a great magician, ten times firmer of all the inventors of the planet. He was the first to write the atomic procedure, and all the basic concepts of electricity, which allowed Faraday and Nikola Tesla to revolutionize their inventions and discoveries. Many do not know, that Boscovich, in the middle of the 70 and you pass books that he wrote, there is one, on the relativity and several factors of the theory of the unified fields, theorized more than a hundred and some years before Albert Einstein, then this it means, that also the most famous and publicized German Nobel, has taken out, or taken in loan, the ideas of another scientist.

Obviously there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, also because there would be no progress and evolution without this method. All ideas must always be re-elaborated from other minds. A gallant and magnificent thing, it would be, that at least names and modalities of what is invented, in order to pay at least an intellectual tribute, who gave you the inspiration to perform your work. This, too, is a form of social education.

I will conclude this part, with a personal example mine, an invention, which I made together with a dear friend in the year '83, which has been patented in 16 countries of the world and is installed in the cars of many automotive brands. What we have done, has been to take a standard element installed in cars, we have reengineering, modernized, completely transformed into electronic and changed the design, thus obtaining a fantastic new product, innovative and fashionable. You, who are intelligent, will understand that we have not really invented anything, and yet they have patented it as invention. You make the most logical evaluation.

Principles, values and resources.
We do not have to forget, that, on the other hand, this one wins to reach the much coveted wealth, over to bruise all the values and fundamental principles of the human being, they are crushed, or to say better, they are completely destroyed, the values of our average environment and all the resources of our beloved Planet.

A Planet, which everyone thinks is just a cluster of earth, explodes or undoes its own whim, only that no one notices, that this is a living Planet and pulsating with life heterogeneity, that hosts us giving us everything we need for our vital survival. The problem is that the human being distorts and understands the issues in the most congenial way.

Continue to seek to exploit resources with a defined capacity, is a true suicide. The entrepreneurs of today think that the resources of the planet are infinite, that it will be possible to continue for centuries to drill, extract and undo anything on this earth, with the intent of transforming it into a product.

All this obviously, only to be able to continue to glorify the god money, since the advantages for the population, it always stays the same and never changes. They have to know, contrary to what they have always made him believe, that one of the resources that at this moment is not missing at all, is that fantastic raw material called Oil. I respond to the touch, to those who could emphasize some chronic events, about some Criminal Nations, who have the habit of always going to steal oil in other countries. This raw material obviously is not found everywhere and coincidentally in that country there is little, then, and they have a global public debt, and they are totally bankrupt worse than us, they do not find a better way, than to adopt systems of export of democracy, to solve its problems of drug supply and commercialization.

Remember always, that anything happens on this Planet, in all fields, as beliefs or any other conjuncture, and that always, is the cause of any disastrous event, it is always totally imputed to the thirst for money. Any negative event is hidden behind ghost facades, such as homicides, religion, massacres, aggression, terrorism or any other bullshit, with the sole purpose of not making them understand that it is only simple theft and theft, committed to subtract riches from another population.

It is the old motive as the world, and it has been since man exists on this planet: if you do not have to pay, you steal, everything there, nothing more. Everyone is free to say and give their opinion in all the sauces and with the justifications they want, in short, the result of the equation does not change: money. And if afterwards, process the means, they make them believe that terrorism, religious fanaticism, natural diseases, deviations or any other aberration can be invented, the motive, behind, beside, up, down or in the background is left always the: money. The tragically funny thing is that everyone believes all this garbage in a total way.

Bilateral consciousness.
It is an ugly thing, but the human being, rejects any other form of truth, that is different from the emanated from the television god. I started to hate money, when 10 years old, I had to suck each time a paternal brainwashing, about how much it costs to earn it, what you have to do to get it, about how many sacrifices you had to make, each time you asked for 50 or 100 Liras (0.025 and 0.051 Euro cents for our new generation).

The parents, not at all aware, of the guilt feelings that mark the mind of a baby with this silly stuff like money, invented on the other hand, gives idiots of the past to subjugate the human being. Imagine then, how was a baby reduced, when he came to ask for Mil Liras! (Joke!)

A word that always feels repetitive, especially today, is rubbing one's hands. So it is with certainty, the easiest, unloads the consciences, less weight on the backs, and offers you that false sense of freedom, freeing you of possible guilt feelings that you could have because of your unconscious social parasitism.

I have to say, that I am in a position, of not being able to totally condemn, a person who pursues this philosophy of life. Indeed, any way of living, thinking and speaking, is totally imposed, and if they stop for a while to reflect, we who want to live free and in absolute autonomy in our decisions, are forced to submit to a forced adaptation, in order to be able to live in this society.

All this leads us to have a continuous internal conflict, a continuous battle between what you want to do right and good, against the total detachment that causes the unconscious parasitism, to damage those you want to help. I imagine, that, until one does not manage to break the lock of social prosperity in which he lives, and that would open the door of human sharing with your neighbor, he will be condemned to always carry inside his soul, the unconscious pain that intoxicant the life of those who live in evolved societies. I do not have the habit of judging any, so I will not continue on this topic and I leave to you what deduction is extracted from all this.

Reach the limit.
In the totality of all these reflections and thoughts, and with this picture so disgusting, in which I found myself for many years in this work environment, I reached the saturation of my being. See that, despite my intense attempt to teach method, instead received only total disinterest for the human being and full prostration for the money god, I decided that it was time to pull hard and decisive hand brake and leave to lose time with who did not deserve more my help and professionalism.

It was amazing to see in his eyes, disorientation by the announcement of my abandonment, "But now how do I have to do it? Yes, but how do I do it now? What will happen to the company now?" My answer has been the same for everyone: "Have you always told me that you are here, are there, that you have done this, that you have done that, that you are the company, then? Where is the problem? If I am also an external consultant, I am a number like their employees; therefore one more or one less makes no difference, right? Try only to do in a way and manner that is well imprinted on fire in the brain, that your employees "are" the company and not you".

I already know that things will not change from a coma, in fact, after a certain period of time; I learned to know that the first defections between satellite companies and employees began. Another thing that was true that was not going to change was that the arrival of my competitions, as good vengeful businessmen, delights in distracting the requests to cancel the previous one.

At this point, after finding myself out of work, after being criticized by many relatives and of all friends, shocked by my decisions, and after having pondered well the idea of continuing in the industrial field, I decided to go back into the I play using a completely different strategy, using an approach that someone will not like (you know who), but I'm sure you'll find many consensuses also for the ideas themselves.

What is written so far, is only a condensed part of the motivations that pushed me to make this decision, go further in the story, it means that it could begin to become an extremely heavy brick, and until now it is enough. Believe me, you could effectively write a romance dedicated to everything I've seen and experienced in the industrial world, but talking about them at this time is just a waste of time, and otherwise they do not deserve our attention. Let's leave them to the waves of their events.

Let's now see if the end can be to your liking and if the passion for the creation of a new world, can tickle your interest.

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