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Many people keep sending me emails that indicate that the site is very long and not very effusive. I repeat to all, that this is a technical site of a project, and not a place for entertainment. Most of you are now accustomed to reading little and nothing in shrinking websites and reduced to the bone, here we explain and clarify the issues in depth. If the Human reading is a waste of time for you, avoid venturing into this subject. For those who culture and knowledge are part of their personal wealth, I am at full disposal. Good reading ...

The project house 2projects4all.

Hello everyone and welcome in the portal of human opportunity! This website was born with the intention of giving a decisive change of route, in the muddy, surpassed and monopolistic world of industrial production, opening for the first time the doors to the common citizen, to workers and consumers, making them live above all, the realization of a company starting from scratch.

Yes, zero total. I am the first to start, Roberto Ranzani (an artistic name invented of purpose and then I will explain why), Industrial Consultant, expert in production strategies, designer and analyst, with veins of computer science, programming and electronic development. Further, I will describe my work pedigree so that you can get an idea of the character.

Said in a few (lie) simple words, after 30 years of career and after the recent adverse events that happened to me, I decided to completely abandon my old and outdated clients, because I could not take it anymore, besides not being paid regularly. , how customers, employees and collaborators were treated, the tremendous lack of brightness with regard to the near future, their lack of perspective, their continuous and voracious desire to continue piling up only money, even though they have enough to spend in 7/8 lives as nabobs, their absolute lack of interest and care for those who suffer and for those who need, in short, for all the dirt that has become the gigantic machine devours lives that is Industry 4.0.

Although we are one of the most technologically advanced nations, these new types of old and emerging industries always exalt the same deficiencies, that is, an owner and partners who devour everything, mistreated, dissatisfied and marginalized customers, employees who they suffer poorly paid and absolute disinterest in ecology and social.

Several years ago I coined for them an appellation, calling them incubindustries, (industry nightmares), an expression to emphasize what these entities have become, that is, 2 cats that fatten their pockets with the profits, and 4 mice that they earn a good salary, keeping in life all the electronic tool that infuriates inside these companies, replacing in contemporary all the human personnel in everything and for everything.
The media and the consequences.
We have the brain so drenched of television stupidities that we do not even notice, that they are putting us out of the door with extreme elegance, little by little they will take everything away from us and we will be left alone with empty pockets and with a cell phone in our hands.

Many have gone bankrupt, and in the end we are out of work, a sea of debt, slaves without illusion, but, with the inevitable inevitability, to have a brain full of media crap, in order to keep us distracted, calm, deluding us with beautiful false hopes, reassuring us and frightening us with terrible news in a way of having no reason for rebellion.

Leave your country.
All this, is being replicated in each nation of the world, have they realized that the method is the same in each country? Is it because of this that it is absurd for a young man to leave his country, and then go where? Just because he begins to receive a salary in another nation and believes that they treat him better, they do not realize that unfortunately it is all a false illusion.

The salary you receive will have to be sanitized from the taxes (which in other nations you have to pay, because otherwise they put you in jail), you will have to pay a rent, you will have tickets to pay, you will have to eat, you will have a It will be Christmas, Easter, the bride, the cinema and all the nonsense that we have been accustomed to for years. And of all that salary that you have left? What unforeseen we do not tell?

Please do not keep lying to ourselves. Unless you're not an engineer, overpaid of a multinational that poisons us with their products, kill us with weapons or any fantasy tool that you can imagine, you can never tell me that working away from home is a good reason to say "There is better!" When two years ago, I began to say that the United Kingdom was going to start to falter, everyone started laughing. And now? It is a fact; there is no longer a safe nation.

The truest thing is that the entire world banking system will collapse in 2/4 years, it may be sooner. Do not forget, too, that the famous financial bubble that exploded in 2007, if all the media are silent, has never been solved, and they can bet everything they have, which will soon be presented again, most serious of the first, and obviously, have to attach to all this, all the debt of the last 10 years.

Many always take as an example Germany, the famous locomotive of Europe, the pillar of economics par excellence. I have nothing to say about the productive and organizational capacity of that country. I can but assure, having experienced in the first person that everything that is seen and heard is not always corresponding to the truth.

As always, they are free to believe or not, and since this site is not the right place to discuss politics, we are going to leave it there, also because talking about others, as is the case here in Italy, we will never find solutions and In particular, it will not fill our pockets. In this epochal moment that we are living, to introduce Politics in each area, means that everything will be destroyed, since it is too many years that it is used as a weapon of mass annihilation.

The discredit weapon of persuasion.
To conclude this political parenthesis, for you to realize that the mechanisms are the same, you can have total certainty, that will come out on the touch fantasists, who will immediately try to cover me with mud, with the usual cantilena of, I know who you are here to get money, you are lying, you do not know how to do your job, you know how to do only damage, you have stolen, you are a reptilian, you have violated your neighbor's sheep, etc., in short, everything that can be invented as media teach.

All this, to discredit in pure classic political style, that is, destroy the credibility of a person. This, for example, is one of the reasons why I use a stage name. You who are reading, do not ever forget the very thin, robust thread that connects industries to politics, then, if in social and on the Web you will read garbage, you know how the method works. I also want to make you present, that this operation I want to put on the road, you can be sure that it will be a great annoyance for many colleagues, and above all, it will bruise a lot of calluses, especially when you are going to touch the thing that they have most in his heart: money, in fact, will never find an industrialist who publishes all his secret industrial practices, and especially, sharing everything with everyone, they will tell you that it is pure madness!

I have too much nausea of all this, all these people make me feel sorry and disgusting, and I have no intention of supporting the game of these subjects. Little by little they will realize this decision of mine.

The inconsistencies.
We are living a totally stupid moment, where, also who made the decision to leave them without work (the industrialists), they do not think at all, that they are giving the hoe alone on their feet. Why? Simple, if you do not have more work and clearly have no more money, who will go to buy your useless devices? Exports abroad? Where? In the other nations that are sinking like us?

Can you have all the super technology that you want, but, if after you have spent a lot of money, do not charge, what will be the destination of the company? It's very simple; it will be in the pile of more than 450 companies that close every day in Italy and obviously, as it happens in the rest of the world. On television, they always hear that billing is always increasing, that exports have increased by "n" percent, but, you yourselves, have asked if all these data are true? I will answer: no.

Are the classic lies and banking statistics that you have heard to this day, where they first exalt you by letting you know that the "x" bank has been refinanced, the capital has been increased, its shares in the stock exchange have gone to the stars, and then? Suddenly in a moment, you hear the same journalist (in all TV channels they are always the same as the news) that the bank "x" has made CRACK despite the injection of liquidity! In the industries it is the same, every data that comes out on the television screen is a total and absolute lie! The real solution, which is to win something to the client, and not just make it spend, none takes it into consideration.

Everything is unnatural.
Already, we do not stop to reflect any more for a moment, everyone has haste, nobody speaks with the neighbor and we communicate only through social networks and cell phones. If before, the cultural level of a person was well manifested in a marked way, by means of a letter, a well written message with warm and clear words, now you have to become an interpreter of hieroglyphs and strange symbols that have flavor of everything , but that nothing squeeze or manifest.

For you this can be called evolution? Everyone walks down the street like zombies, always looking at the ground; our young people are unmotivated and have no purpose or project in life, obviously leaving aside those who are born only and exclusively to harm others. They do have a mission to fulfill.

Do you want to continue like this? I do not! I have been around the buoy since time, but I still have a lot of energy, ideas and strength to continue in my work, but this change of route energetic and totally modifying the working method, with these two project ideas that I have basted for all of us.

To understand the 2projects4all project.
It's fair to tell everyone that if they want to understand the projects clearly, they HAVE the obligation to read everything I've written (I know, it's boring!). This will be for you, a sign of interest, maturity and confirmation of having the desire to truly do something magical. Keep in mind that we are not talking about projects that will be carried out only in Italy, these projects are structured to be executed in every city in the world, where groups of people are formed with balls and that will be added to us to transform these ideas into reality.

This is also a way to change and improve the future, since industries are the main cause of the great environmental disaster on the planet. He is commenting, one who has participated in this catastrophe. These and more reasons are the reasons to help me translate this message and the entire website, in all possible languages, so that the message reaches everyone and as far as possible. For this, and for sustenance, I will need the help of all of you. In the section Collaborate you will find all the references, but, it would be better, read the whole site in chronological order, in order not to lose the thread, jumping from one section to another.

The text to read, will be rich and abundant, and then arm yourself with the interest and all the necessary patience. Quite a few things will be detailed, so that you can better understand everything I want to convey to you, social and life anecdotes, will mirror my way a bit arcane, and why not, also a bit clumsy in detailing the project 2projects4all. To find the necessary benefit for reading, they have to immerse themselves in the same attention that they put into reading an adventure novel, in fact, at the base of everything is this, life experiences that lead to a drastic decision to change, making sail towards other shores.

If you are concrete people, with excellent abilities and mental solidity, who love life, your neighbor, nature and the living being at all, then, you have to know, that in your hands, the opportunity is closed for you and for whom needs, the possibility of integration in a new work reality, created by ourselves, finally to the human being.

Do not go directly to read the pages of the projects, doing so, they will not understand the whole message and the true nature of the projects that I am trying to make reach all of you. I have written everything, in order to be as clear as possible and coherent. Keep reading the site and the ideas, also participate, collaborating and spreading this new vision, these two new projects for everyone, 2projects4all.

Open the mind, but above all put the heart and deepen the idea. I count on you.

(I kindly ask you to please point out possible typing or translation errors. Thank you.)

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