Two projects for everyone!

The investors of the 2projects4all project.

Human and behavioral characteristics of the Investors.

A project only for those who believe.

This section is dedicated to those who wish to undertake a substantial, different, adventurous and intriguing investment, with a strong community and feeling load. As you have read in the previous sections, here there is no question whether there will be gains or not, for those who understand this type of planning, and have perceived the characteristics of the writer, they have already intuited that the remuneration is substantial and that in Any case is subordinated to the commitment that one puts in his own company.

The project 2projects4all is designed for Men and Women with the balls and not for those who mean themselves, or have to be towed in tow in any operation or event that may arise along the way. I express myself this way, because in my career I have lived multiple experiences in the corporate issue with my clients, and I can guarantee that from the kind of big rascal to the crybaby, I have seen all the different types and models. There is no age limit for the funders of the 2projects4all project, from 20 to 90 years old there is no problem, the important thing is to have the capital to invest on your part, energy, passion, perseverance, believe in yourself and win to live an intense adventure for a great project that must be done by real people.

Unlike other announcements, to avoid wasting time on you, and especially me, of course, here in advance, I highlight the characteristics that the potential investor must have in hand to work with me, and in order to avoid both Famous phrases: "Ha! But, you did not tell me!" and "Ha! But, I did not know!" Since this always and constantly happens, I highlight the salient points of the characteristics that the future partner should and should not have to join this project. So we go fast to concrete, bread by bread, wine by wine.

The most important characteristic of course is:

1° Have a well-supplied wallet.

Here we are talking about a project of several million Euros, so if you cannot bear the weight, avoid going ahead to avoid finding yourself and not putting anyone in trouble. Facing only this company without having the capital in its entirety, is a real suicide, tells them one that has seen dozens of people go to ruin by taking the longest step of the leg, then, in addition to the fixed point that I would reject them, surely I would not allow someone so irrational to lose their feathers with such a jump in the dark, except, of course, that they are not part of a consortium.

2° Be able to get your hands dirty.

To get your hands dirty, you understand the intention to work in the future company together with your employees. If one intends to only put money and nothing else, depending on the number of funding partners, their fee will be modified. Translated into simple words: if you get dirty, your hands will win more. This characteristic will be reported in the contract.

3° The maximum quota that will be distributed among the financing partners is 30%.

None, whether a consortium, bank, company or sole individual, will receive 50% or the majority of the future company. I am the mind of the 34 projects that they will produce in the company and that are born of my dexterity. Research, studies, experiments, continental and intercontinental trips carried out over the years have been carried out by me. So, if they have business thoughts that clash with my ideas, they already know what to do.

For each member, basic and anti-mafia controls will be carried out, followed by the fiscal and financial ones, so as not to have bitter surprises later. Each member will have insurance to compensate the company in case of problems of this type. This rule will occur in the contract. The remaining percentage is for the company itself, in such a way it can have a greater amount of tools to immediately re-invest in the project itself, and to provide the necessary financial assistance in the opening of other industries, for the other groups that are will form.

4° Travel and trips.

They do not have to have problems moving quickly and anywhere in the world, whenever it is required. The work will be carried out almost immediately in two continents, therefore, also to the passive members (that is to say, who only puts money without working) could be asked to dislocate quickly to help the company. There is no talk of transfer of residence, but interventions. This will also occur in the contract.

5° You are one who immediately gets tired of the new toy.

This type of people, are the ones that I define: Affected by the cell phone syndrome, in other words, he is happy because with great enthusiasm, he has just bought the latest cell phone model, this enthusiasm however, while he is still opening the new phone package, it is already fading because on television you are seeing the latest model of your beloved mobile phone. With the new company this cannot be done, so think it over. On the boat, you row all together, and when you start you cannot back down.

6° Jacket and tie.

If you are the type, who likes movies where you see mega companies, with spooky meetings with fantastic desks, with super cute secretary in a miniskirt that brings you coffee showing your ass or mega cars with your cell phone $2,000 or $4,000 dresses, know that in this company you can totally forget it. If there will be $6,000 to throw in the toilet on cell phones and dresses, these will be used to help someone in difficulty and not to amplify the ego of the hominid on duty. So, the message is: if you're an egotistical egocentric, avoid moving on, even if you're a fantastic billionaire who could fill my garage with money. This will also occur in the contract.

7° Behavior and Women.

Intelligent men will have immediately noticed that I wrote with a capital "W". If you are one of those who think that men are the bosses of the world, that they have to earn more money, that they enjoy the most prestigious places, that they are the first to go on vacation, that only they deserve the reserved parking, that only they have the right to raise their voices and you're one who raises their hands and annoys women, you know what to do. If you are also full of money and can help me found 10 companies, use that money to have you check the valves for the best specialist in the market. The internal rules of the company will be rigid and inflexible with everyone, especially for eventual managers and / or employees, who will tarnish their honor by not respecting people and especially Women. The law will do its part, I will do the rest.

8° Decisions.

If you are a person who does not know how to make decisions quickly and, above all, you have difficulties to understand possible business responsibilities, regardless of the money, it is better that you do not face this path. You have to be aware, that I do not want to find myself in the position, of having to breastfeed who works or collaborates with me. Your shoulders should be strong and not just be used as a lachrymatory support for someone. Ergo must know how to load yourself from the responsibilities of your competition. If by chance you are very young and you still have to learn, then the speech is different and I will be happy to show you the business path with me.

9° Solidarity and company.

Within the company you must be able to support any person, each of your employees may need you, and I do not mean only money. All employees should feel at home, safe and protected from the person who gives them work. If you are one, that always carries with it the idea that the person who puts the money is in principle the company itself, then for me you are one who has seen too many episodes of Dallas, you definitely have to make a change in reality. The company is formed by a group of living people, who are the pulsating heart of the company, if you do not value these people, the industry does not exist and it dies, and you will collapse along with them. The employee not only needs his salary, he also needs a heart. If you do not give it, you will not have it.

10° The Captain.

The Captain in the sailboat there is only one. If you are an unconstructive person, who does not like to get involved in the game, who knows only to attack without knowing how to show it, if you are one that contradicts only for the pure pleasure of showing that you exist and cannot corroborate your contradictions, if you are one who understands that the future is only yesterday and that you cannot contain your anger in the face of adversity, then this adventure is not for you. The 2projects4all project needs financiers who are Women and Men of pulse and of the correct nature. Your fragile character and your weakness will not be part of this project. You know what to do.

Other features.

There is also the characteristic 0, which I left out of purpose for the end because it is the one that affects 90% of the investors, in fact, if you are one who is in this world and only lives to count and accumulate money, and the Human feelings for you are an optional and an annoyance, so neither I nor these projects are for you. The human factor is the most important, if you do not have it worse for you, you will fatten your pockets and you will bury your money elsewhere.

If at this moment I have shocked their sensibilities and were annoyed to read these lines, then, obviously, I touched a nerve discovered, then as I pointed out before, avoid following, because they have not yet begun that they have reached the end, ergo they need of the basic elements to follow in this way. It is important for me, to emphasize what I ask of a funder, the arrogance of claiming absolutism just because he puts the money, it is in perfect contrast with who is the soul of the 2projects4all project, born with the essential foundation of creating companies and work for human beings.

Now you know, haughtiness and empire are something I do not like in any condiment, so do not give it to me. With these two projects, we are in dance with the hiring of more than 60 people and with the life of the people we do not joke. Although for lenders with a hair on the long abdomen a palm of hand, it seems superfluous to read these lines, I believe that giving all these explanations to those who want to take this path, for the first time, is due, in order to give it the opportunity to understand immediately, who and what he will have to face.

I do not play when it comes to the lives of human beings and with equity I do it with those who want to invest the savings of a life. Seriousness on both sides against everything, if this is not there, the thing will not be done.

And to finish, and to make clear to all the potential sick financiers of the "I can finance only the inventions of the century", I say to put the heart in peace, I will never give you such inventions, what I will surely give, are products that in the market they will not find them with the characteristics, innovations and qualities that I have designed.

So think about it well, because if everyone also says that there are always endless ideas, I do not see them in an industrial context for a long time. I only see old nonsense, ground and against chopped, built with obsolete and poor materials, but useful things in the true sense of the word told about the fingers of two hands.

Who can be the Investor of the 2projects4all project:

Singular and lonely.

That is, a natural person who has availability in the pouch, the money to invest, or in alternative, have such financial and banking support to support the characteristics of the 2projects4all project.

A great industry.

It can be a unique industry, with a sales volume of more than 8/12 million Euros, which is already active in the industrial field, and which decides to expand its markets and its range of action, not only in the national scope but also to international level. I emphasize a note, and that is that for no reason the structure of the project will change, and the internal activities of the companies that will be born from the project 2projects4all, will remain as I designed them.

In other words, there will be no job relocations or several mixes of the activities of these two new companies with those of the industrial partners, either simply to save money, either for equipment already available or for any other reason. This is also to avoid that, if we were to hide that we have a partner with hidden financial difficulties, the two newborn companies are disastrously immersed with the same company of business partners. Therefore, there will be no merger, labor or financial between the companies of the 2projects4all project and the company that wishes to join us.

A group of companies.

On average, with a turnover of between 500,000 and 8 million Euros, they join a group to finance the 2projects4all project. This type of operation could unite the artisan companies in a single whole and enjoy greater benefits, as already explained in the section Motivations. The advantage of this type of Investor is that it would allow me to put in rapid succession, multiple articles to be produced at the same time, proportionally increasing the billing of all the companies involved.


Associations of municipalities that together decide to invest in their own real estate, offering an alternative to all its inhabitants, for the restructuring of dozens of buildings at the same time, renovating the housing stock and adapting it to fantastic security schemes and preserving the territory of the wild cementation. In addition, the work regime in the municipalities would increase, with demolitions, elimination of cement, the transformation of it into other raw materials, the creation of special foundations of the 2projects4all project and all those auxiliary works that the project needs.

Then, not only would the 2projects4all project benefit, but a lot of induced work would be done that would allow the municipalities to reimburse the money invested in the 2projects4all project. In the case of this type of financing, the 2projects4all project would report the contractual clause, which secondary and induced work would be mandatorily assigned to the workers belonging to the municipalities participating in the 2projects4all project.


In particular in the most disadvantaged areas, subject to conflicts or in any case that are regaining possession of their territory, there could be Governments interested in this type of project. The possibility of rebuilding houses, in complete urban areas, with fast and efficient construction methods, could be an excellent form of investment for those Nations that want to change their way completely to their people. It would also give the opportunity to those who cannot buy a house, to have a roof over their heads, avoiding with a single expense, continually charging the less rich. The advantages are the same as the financing operations of the municipalities, and human beings would have another element available to start working again and face the future with greater serenity.


The associations of people who are all added together to finance the project 2projects4all, can be normal people who want to make an investment or a group of people who want to build a new home, in this case, their share of capital translates into a simple anticipate the cost of the house. In other words, it is like a particular operation of Crowdfunding, you finance in advance the product that will be delivered to you after the opening of the companies.


The distribution companies, who want to distribute all the products of the two companies created by the 2projects4all project. I clarify it well in advance, to avoid the famous two phrases, that being all these articles produced for the benefit of all, to which everyone has the right, no one and for no reason will receive a national or international exclusivity in these products.

This decision, even if it will cost me a lot of lost funds, I have taken to avoid any kind of monopoly or as a possible weapon of blackmail against me or against the companies of the 2projects4all project. You will understand very well that if a distributor is upset by every little stupidity, and decides to obstruct us, refusing to distribute the product and we have signed an exclusive contract with him, this when and how he wants it can truncate the useful life of the product when he decide, and this of course I cannot allow it.

Banks and financial companies.

These entities are admitted as partners, with strong limitations. Since they are currently in great difficulty, they will have to undergo a special regime, which is not in the public domain and which will be discussed only if one of these organisms will be presented. Obviously it is something that I doubt very much, since at first they do not believe in anything, much less in the human factor.


As I have already described extensively in the section No Crowdfunding that of raising funds through this medium we will leave it as a last resort if we do not find the funders as described above. The collection of such large amounts of capital, involves a lot of work and, above all, we must first gather many affiliates and collaborators to help me in the dissemination and promotion of the 2projects4all project, which will start immediately. As reported in the Collaborate section, your support for the success of this operation is imperative. Without the help of volunteers, as in all things, it would not be possible to achieve the established objectives. In short, after we will have a negative result with all the attempts I have indicated above, then together we will begin the Crowdfunding operation.

To be evaluated.

There is also one last form of financing that I am considering in this period. At the moment I cannot say more, because I am still reporting and collecting elements to make a correct assessment of this new financial instrument. The mere concept of being new and innovative, however, will lead to long delays in its execution, something that, unfortunately, the 2projects4all project cannot afford to lose. However, I am always optimistic, so let's see how events evolve.

In conclusion.

Well, up to this point, I would say that I have illustrated exhaustively the methods and characteristics of the potential funder. I also remind you that the investor has nothing to do with the supporter, that is, the donor, who gives financial support to the dissemination and implementation of the 2projects4all project. If you have any questions about this, or need further clarification, I invite you to read the Collaborate section again.

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